18 comments on “Updates on Emmanuelle, Cindy and Maureen

  1. Emmanuelle doesn’t seem to be feeling the RHA pageant. I don’t see Emmanuelle in there. She’s better than what we are seeing. Baka she has other plans for the future.

    • I’m not sure if she belongs to a certain Filipino religion. Those prominent red crosses on the crown to be placed on her head would be the ultimate sacrilege, if ever she does belong to that faith. Idols and crucifixes have no place whatsoever in that faith.

      • @ charlotte york You are saying Emmanuelle is not Catholic?

        Came to mind Donita Rose playing the role of a (Catholic) nun/saint. She also wasn’t. Just saying.

        (That was long ago, of course. I think it was a movie, if not a stage play.)

        Those crosses on the RHA crown do seem odd considering the ‘concurzo’ looks very secular. Had this been Puteri Islamiyah (Indonesia’s home-grown Nationals with a clearly ‘no swimwear’ direction), folks would be furious.

        But in any case, RHA was supposed to be all about Hispanic global legacy. Whether Christianity needs to be inextricable~strongly-bound to all that is debatable. A crown re-design may help!

      • @Flor_Tula, I’m not sure, though people have assumed she belongs to a particular non-RC faith. In this faith, it’s a real no-no, as in absolute sacrilege to be anywhere near idols or crucifixes. To them, there is no secular way around wearing one on his/her person. Just saying

      • I’m sorry, I just confirmed she doesn’t belong to that faith. She had a post about Easter and that’s enough proof. My bad. My apologies for even raising it.

  2. Cindy and Maureen will do very well in their respective pageants with Maureen bringing home the Philippines’ second TMG crown.

  3. Maureen and Cyndi have very good chances of winning the crowns. Emmanuelle has to find a way to stand out from the rest. I have high hope she will place higher in the competetion

  4. Yaman din naman na marunong kumanta si Emmanuelle, sana nag-aral siya ng isang Spanish song, may I suggest one of my playlist,

    Una Reina Va Detrás De Un Rey by Roxette

  5. Om, she looks like a winner!
    I trully have high hopes for her…
    I hope and pray she wins!

  6. Buti pa sa ibang bansa may tunay na patimpalak hindi gaya ng patimapalak sa Miss Earth hanggang virtual pageant na lang. Ano pa nga ba aasahan natin sa Miss Earth sa darating na parahon?

    • @ Miss Queen Wannabe Kung nagtuloy MI, sila sana nag-iisang live pageant next month. Sad.

    • But on the bright side, despite being crowned on a Virtual pageant,

      Lindsay has the most trip abroad among the Queens of 2020 (i.e. Belgium, Greece, etc)

      Partida, karay-karay pa ang runner up!

      Kapag nakapag-corona yan ng Latina (say Colombia or Mexico), aariba ulit yan!

  7. My crystal ball says that the two among the three gorgeous representatives will have a big chance to bring home the crown. Good luck ladies!

  8. Vera’s saving grace is her comm Skills
    It will be an uphill battle for her
    On the other hand , Cindy’s and Maureen’s chances are looking up

  9. The hair of E. Vera looks tired and flappy …the other two Pinas beauties look fresh , Maureen sparkles

  10. Emmanuelle looks pagod…prang hindi p nkka recover s jetlag. I just hope she is conserving her energy and will peak at the right time (prelims and most importantly during finals night)
    Cindy is enjoying the journey
    Maureen looks fresh! Expected of a pageant veteran.
    I wish them all well and good luck 😊

  11. I go by the previous rep we sent. If our current is better over-all, barring politics we can expect a higher placement this time around.

    Is Vera better than Llegado? I’m unsure. Yellow-&-violet Gathercole ‘bird’ NatCos came to mind.

    Is Cinderella better than Tiglao? Hopefully. I don’t remember what Emma’s NatCos was… (Sigh).

    Is Montagne better than Rowee? Nemen… I also don’t recall the latter’s but I’m eager to see what revisions Nick Guarino did for the former’s.

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