13 comments on “The “Darna” in Cindy Obeñita

  1. I wish to say something of Emman’s NatCos, this being the nearest~closest post on the subject.

    There is a (common) thread (running) through that, Wroblewitz’s ‘Carnival Queen’ at MUP 2021, & Gazini’s Cary Santiago ‘bird’ at MU 2019. Even the headpiece!

  2. Sexy
    But there’s nothing Filipino in the costume
    It s more like Ironwoman

    • @ Fabian Reyes There’s an ‘Ironwoman’? Saan? DC? Marvel? Pixar? Bago ata yan, ah…

    • siguro okay lang, it’s for a Halloween themed event lang naman. Lol.
      though I would do some edits on the costume para mas bagay pa sa kay Cindy, lol,
      I guess I understand what you’re pointing out? Baka some tribal designs & motifs on the costume. Bong Leal and Noel Flores design them into teleserye/fantaserye costumes. Much like WW/Diana had some kind of ancient Greek design elements on her battle gear.

      • @ Fabian Reyes Boss, please share with us your Pick/s for MUBrazil 2021. Baka, kasi, magalit ka na naman tulad nung 2019 na nanalo si Julia Horta gayong sabi mo maraming mas maganda/deserving…

        In particular, your opinion on the Northern candidates – Alagoas, Sergipe, Pernambuco, & Ce’ara.

        Or, do you prefer the ones further south (like Rio de Janeiro)?

      • That’s actually a good point. If a costume design reminds one of another superhero costume, thenn the designer better have a good explanation. Lol.

  3. I love it! from head to toe…
    I think this is a better national costume than the last one featured.

    • @ Closer2Fame Honga, no.

      Swap. Eto ang NatCos, tas yung ‘Diwata’ ang pang-Halloween. Ang galing niyo, po, talaga!

    • Yes I agree C2f, this should have been a better as NatCos. Pinay heroin is Darna.

  4. Sinong ‘Ding’? Akala ko ba, si ‘H’ ang jowa ni C?


    (Speaking of inspiring girls young & old, si Mdme. @ Flor, naka-book na raw siya ng return flight. Uncle, hindi lang daw ikaw ang aabangan… In your case, whether or not you will proceed to MG.)

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