3 comments on “Miss Universe UAE: Second 10 of 30 Official Candidates

  1. Anna, Asher, & Karolina for me from this cluster/matrix. Daria ain’t bad, too…

    Semi-OT, Uncle. Dito na lang para magkalaman naman ‘tong post na ‘to.

    You may have noticed that NONE of our three BIG Nationals – MUP, BBP, & MWP – seem to have made any effort to invite the reigning BIG3 titlists (Andrea, Toni-Anne, & Bint) to grace their Finale EVEN VIRTUALLY. KAHIT MAN LANG MESSAGE, OR QUESTION (sa Q&A). Ganu’n na lang ba ‘yun? Suddenly, tumaas ang TF na sinisingil para mag-appearance? Last year lang, naki-Zoom si Zozi with the MUP 2020 candidates! Pineperahan na lang ba tayo ngayon? I hope not, considering the amount of traffic we give global pageantry. Mercury Retrograde notwithstanding.

    So, MSAO can expect a placement this year kasi Toni-Anne, Andrea, & Chanique were invited?!!

    If we are being marginalized for now to give the spotlight to other countries for a change (as @ paul says), then I’d rather we divert our attention to those who can give us some love! Aura International was a start… Let it pour Pinoy power on the 2nd/3rd tier, then – (The)Globe, Intercontinental, Grand, Supranational, RHA, Cafe, Tourism- & Culture- pageants… Let’s help build these brands!

    If the BIG3 feel they no longer need our business, then simply let us take it elsewhere. Mind you. If comments in this blog in the past few years are any indication, then these big guys are struggling financially and, in fact, some of the smaller derbies may just be better funded. Speaking for myself, I’ve been around long enough to understand ‘going where the money is’. And just maybe some old loyalties are simply no longer feasible.

    PS. Advise MUUAE to invite Andrea to their Finale in some form/capacity if they want to be guaranteed an inaugural placement. Or what we like to refer to as ‘beginner’s luck’.

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