7 comments on “Jack Titus: This Thai-American aims to become Mr Gay World U.S.A. and Mr Gay World

  1. Oh, talk about timing. I had just watched MUT 2021 initial picks by Dani Walker & Davonna Finley.

    Why do Pino/ay pageant fans like Kasama (#23)? And yes, Tharina (#2, who is Thai-South African biracial, pala) & Maylynda (#29, the Leren x Maria Isabela Galleria).

    Kasama, daw, is borderline MGI in her stage performance. But at least not like current MGT Nutnicha of the ‘tornado walk’ fame (Sam 3.0 needs to come up with something equally theatrical).

    Guys, ANG GANDA ng ‘Passion’! The new Mouawad crown for MUT, in brown-orange topaz (?).

    Jack Titus reminded me of our @ Dino, who appeared at the height of our discussions on MrSupra. He said he was biracial Filipino-Puerto Ricano, TALL, & asked suggestions for his next visit here later this year.

    RL will teach pasarela & grooming? Betterfly Academy (c/o Paweensuda) will tackle wardrobe/style? He is very lucky to get this exposure; it will add to his PUNCH. All the best, po.

    (Speaking of ‘po’, naalala ko tuloy yung pag-guest ni Kathleen Paton sa PN’s. Uncle asked her to greet her Thai fans considering she was crowned Miss Teen International in Bangkok. Que horor! Instead of a ‘sawasdee kha/khup’, she says ‘po’. Which I think is a blunder… More care next time.)

    • (Cont.)

      And for that matter, is RL subcontracted with Betterfly?

      Ay. Former MG Surat Thani pala si Kasama. Kaya pala. Her cape material! MUPO needs that! Uncle, tell Albert Andrada about it. I’ve not seen anything lighter & more subtle before. Dye that black and we have the next ‘degree of difficulty’ for future editions of the Runway Challenge.

      Anchilee (#27) is practically a Mitch Gumabao doppelganger.

      Naalala ko bigla si Areeya Chumsai, MUT 1994 (ka-batch ni Charlene). Wasn’t she born in the Philippines? So, Filipina by birth and so holds a dual Fil-Thai passport? Or, di yun automatic?

    • (Cont.1)

      Grabeh. Ayaw na ayaw ni Uncle mag-post tungkol sa MUT gayong mamaya na Finale…

      Maayos din si Wanida, #20. Kim Docekalova x semi-Kulsoorntornrut came to mind.

      My Final 5 will consist of Wanida (4th RU), Kasama (3rd RU), Maylynda (2nd RU), Tharina (1st RU), & Anchilee crown. I believe the 183cm tall ‘volleybelle’ captain ball is an upgrade to Obdam!

      Si Jareerat (2020 Top 20 finisher) pala yung kasalukuyang MTE. I am still hoping Maya Wanvisa & Emy Sawyer will get their respective appointments before long. Kahit saan – Aura, Elite, Globe, etc.!

      • @ Norman Caught a whiff of PN’s S6E9 just now, po.

        Kayle Hofer looks and sounds like Amelinckx! Napa-Google tuloy ako kung may shared border ang Austria at Belgium.

        I, too, passed by her town (from Metro Cebu to another city before Carcar).

        Am looking forward to which BIG Jannarie Zarzoso will join! Also, Jasmine Omay. Will Alyssa Nichols also?

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