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  1. Particularly memorable to me was Jessarie Dumaguing’s NatCos for the 2019 Bb Pilipinas pageant. The peacock plumage was so beautifully executed and just eye-catching 🙃

  2. I just hope they have used a light fabric for the cape, yung parang lumilipad. And I thought the diwatas wear flowers on their heads instead of that metal crown-like head piece.
    But over all maganda yung costume especially the concept. Good luck Cindy.

  3. the costume looks great in this picture, but on the video of the contest, it did not have the stunning effect …

  4. Great pic
    Very awkward execution
    Why make a costume out candidate cannot carry well ? Or should the blame be on Cindy for not doing enough practice?
    NC should go to Indonesia who had a very fluid presentation
    Win or lose., Cindy should join MUP

  5. although this natcos is truly remarkable for its craftsmanship, in terms of impact, i believe her natcos at BbP has more ooomph… may the stars align for Cindy and make her win… 👍👼

  6. Stunning details and craftsmanship!

    Without reading the write up, I assumed this was Manny Halasan’s metalwork.

    Kudos to the designers and makers of this costume.

    As for the theme, I did not see the Diwata inspiration because the ensemble appears to have more Catholic signatures.

    But who cares?! The costume is so beautiful and it fits Cindy perfectly. I just hope it isn’t too heavy for her.

    So what happened to the costumes of the girls during the nationals? They are also fantastic. Can’t they just reuse it?

    For Beatrice, I just hope that they just reuse the Bakunawa so she could focus on matters other than the costume.

    • @ nunyabiz1991 The ‘Bakunawa’ was the purple pair of ruffled trousers for the MUP ‘Carnival Queen’ concept at Clark flughafen? If so, I agree! It may be a refreshing change of pace to do the ‘Filipiniana’ in pants instead of a skirt.


      • (Cont.)

        Oooppsss. I spoke too soon/late… Lolzzz.

        Happy Halloween in advance, guys!

  7. Beautiful pic
    But she had a super awkward presentation
    Why do a costume that our candidate can’t carry well ? Or should the blame be on Cindy for not doing enough practice ?
    Award for NC should go to Indonesia

  8. There is really beauty in simplicity.

    The costume doesn’t look heavy or garish. And yet its simplicity does not mean school-project for foundation day. And at least it’s new to our eyes. I especially like the falling different-colored leaves representing the changing of the seasons.And the circular thing-y at her back that does not steal attention from the candidate. If anything, the simple circle all the more emphasized the focus on her.

    My only beef (and may be a major one at that), is that ANY candidate of any nationality can wear this and one can not instantly say…oh, its a Phillippine costume. I am trying to see where “the Philippines” is in that costume. Tales of fairies (diwata to us) and gold are common to all cultures.

    World Peace.

  9. Can someone tell me na bakit mas maganda pa ang mga local natco nila pero pag lumaban na sa ibang bansa naging pipichugin. ano ba talaga???? may bayaran ba jan? may palitan ba ng keke.

    • @ Chuva Chuchu Now, I’m worried kasi Montagne’s Nick Guarino at BBP was THE BOMB.

      It may simply be that in the interest of mobility and convenience, their international versions are toned down.

      Being that as it may, I did say (here) that Maureen’s head piece should be reduced in circumference for easy packing and transport. Not to mention less weight once worn.

      But you’d think Europeans would jack up once a pageant comes to their part of the world. Nope. Instead of using the proximity to their advantage, they continue with the usual looks. It’s sad, because some of their ‘traje tipico’ can really be intricate~magnificent (Poland, for example)!

  10. I love the concept, I love the shape, I love the presentation, I love the inspiration… The execution is almost perfect(overstatement)… only problem is the choice of frabric and lack of cohesiveness…

    I wish that cape was not a rectangular bedsheet tucked behind her shoulders at the middle…
    This would have been more impactful if they used a shimering gauzy fabric that doesn’t have corners and if possible intricately ruffled at the edges….

    Plus the transition from the leafy pressed fabric to the intricate torso would have been more cohesive if they sewed those shiny leaf shaped sequins of different sizes in all the empty spaces particularly the lower part of the torso upto the hem of that skirt…

    Anyway I still love Cindy even though this is a tad bit mediochre for my taste.

    • @ Closer2Fame Great idea, that the ‘leaf sequins’ vary in size. As if shed by the same tree but, of course, in varying degrees of dehydration so there are big, medium, & small… Autumn feelz…

      • @Andrew

        Yes, that is exactly what I imagined… I hope this picture was taken as a red herring so that the real final ensemble would be way more impactfull. I hope and pray she wins.

    • @C2F, Knowing your interest and expertise (at least in this blog), I expected you will comment on the lack of local or ASEAN color. or even historical/ cultural underpinnings in the design. @MIss Tissa correctly noted the traditional conception that “diwatas” wear flowers as headpieces, not metal crowns. @Thomas was justified in looking “where the Philippines is” in the costume as “any… nationality can wear this costume”. While all cultures interestingly have “diwata” stories handed down to generations, each has its own concept of the appearance and attire. An African “diwata” as realistically depicted in the costume of Miss Kenya in a recent ME, is garbed in anahaw-like leaves and flowers. Unless the traditional imagery of our indigenous “diwatas” have been changed during the Spanish colonization to depict a European goddess with a European attire. @C2F, please educate us on this.

      • Sorry i was already late in commenting hence I don’t want to contradict the other commenters in their beliefs…

        But since you mentioned it,… FYI, the flower theme and headress on diwatas is due to the western interpretation that Diwatas are fairies which is connected to Nymphs, in Greek mythology who are any of a large class of inferior female divinities. The nymphs were usually associated with fertile, growing things, such as trees, or with water. They were not immortal but were extremely long-lived and were on the whole kindly disposed toward men.

        Fact is Diwatas(Devatas) were originaly real historical figures revered as Deities for being avatars of divine beings in Hinduism and Buddhism who’s stories were muddled in oral histories and that turned into legends… it was the colonizers who associated them w/ lesser beings to hide our history and make their beliefs and culture far more superior than ours.

        Actually dami pa ako alam in relation… but kakatamad mangolekta ng thumbs down from Feeling- Americanized Hispanistas who are brainwashed by the Catholic Church and Western media. 🤪

  11. I really love everything about Cindy…call it bias, but everything about her is just oozing with positivity! Basta I love her! ❤❤❤

  12. A different attack on national costume focusing on rich Filipino beliefs. This is also a good strategy given that venue is in Egypt which known for their gods and goddesses.

    PS. A high pony tail is more suitable so when she walks back we can see the details at the back.

  13. At BBP 2021, I was leery about back pieces. The one Thea Cenarosa (Pototan, Iloilo?) had was, imo, really unnecessary as her ‘terno’ was busy enough (but nicely).

    Uncle, you MUST INSIST on the creation of an international beaucon to cater to queens up to 33 yo! This lady, a teacher and therefore will have a soft spot in your heart, is TALL. But she had to withdraw because the pandemic-induced delay of BBP made her ineligible even for (The) Miss Globe*. UNLESS, CTS resumes next year and she qualifies for the ‘Ageless’ division.

    Cinderella’s halo (here) reminds of the (Spanish Pre-colonial) Indian influence in our shores. @ C2F can surely share/elaborate on this subject. Yun ba yung ‘Majapahit’?

    Clearly a re-work of the ‘goldfish’ (at BBP, that CDO City was founded on the back of the beast), the NatCos video of which was deftly shot in the middle of a stream (thanks to Dani Walker for pointing all of this out!), probably one of the many that feed the Rio de CDO & drain the Bukidnon central Mindanao highlands. Gold discs/coins (‘kuyamis’?) became now gold leaf.

    The brass is class, as it prevents ‘gold glut’. Nakakaumay din pag solid gold lagi. I’d have done away with the embellishment on the bodice and instead go with a metallic bustier or corset, a’ la Schiaparelli recent. Para ma-maintain yung pagka-brass. They can even etch the metal, as detailing.

    The gossamer-transparent leaves are what sheer fabric? Very ‘alta moda’ Josephus Thimister!

    Overall, GOOD. 93/100. And surely less cumbersome than the Carassius auratus. G!!!

    * – Turned 31.

    • (Cont.)

      I had in mind the Thimister ‘tattered romance’ Audrey Marnay wore at the Ritz in 1999. Google-d!

  14. Simple but beautiful. At least they did not over hype her NC, and it is not massive to the point she cannot move just like Rabiya’s NC

    • I don’t know but I find the whole ensemble wanting in creativity. It will definitely not stand out in the sea of colorful national costumes on the MIC stage. Huwag tayo umasa for Best in National Costume this time.

      That’s all.

    • Particularly memorable to me was Jessarie Dumaguing’s NatCos for the 2019 Bb Pilipinas pageant. The peacock plumage was so beautifully executed and just eye-catching 🙃

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