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  1. You know what kung ano ang major na kailangan isyos ni Bea? Her posture. Maganda na sya at matalino. 2000-2021 MUPs I only know of her and Teresa Licaros having terrible posture. Sila balangit at Andam kahit maliliit ay sobrang ganda ng postura ( I mean the back and neck) walang issue. So I hope that it’s not a major medical issue yung leeg nya tumatago pag maglakad.

  2. Mga Vekla! Kahit anong hairstyle bagay kay Bea!

    Straight Pocahontas look which she did at MUP, bagay!

    May BTS siya with large voluminous curls, bagay!

    She has low-bun hairstyle at Binibining Cebu, bagay!

    Kasi maliit ang mukha niya kay keribels lang!

    Mas worried ako sa posture niya kasi parang may deformity yung spinal chord niya that limit her movement or talagang normal na niya yon because otherwise she will not endure the military training!

    I’m not worried with her QnA dahil consistent naman itong si Inday!

    Mas worried ako sa Evening Gown niya kung sino magde-design! I hope it’s locally made and customized according to her body measurement!

    They modify her pasarela, at may “kick the ball” strut na rin sila which is ideal sa swimsuit competition and kung malaki yung stage!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson I’m getting mixed views here in the blog, kasi ayon kay @ Yna hindi dapat curls pag bilog ang mukha kasi it makes the head look bigger… Ito namang si @ Fabian, di daw niya makita mukha ni Bea – dahil lumiit with the curls?

      Ano ba talaga ang ideal sa pageantry??!! Big, or small face? Ay, ambot….

      • My Dear, limited kasi ang mga pica dito! If you’d seen her other pictures in Instagram, very versatile naman itong si Bea! Hindi mahirap pakisamahan ang hechura niya! You also need to view yung live or moving or BTS and you will be able to conclude.

  3. Others may not like it, but I actually like the curls on Bea – it gives her hair volume and frames her face nicely.

    The other 4 winners look great also, especially Katrina and Steffi.

  4. Well, it looks like the 70th Miss Universe in Dec 2021 has hit 70 delegates ( at least ) … I hope that Bea will do her 1,000% best during the preliminary interview and presentation show … this contest will be very very tight regardless of whether they will have regional/wild cards semis or they will continue the 2020 selection scheme that is without regard to region …

    leading candidates right now are Korea , Paraguay , Finland …

    • @ jaretwrightlover Saw MU-Korea 2021. TALL? Parang yung MS-Korea nitong huli (though I don’t think she placed).

      And the posture. Very Miriam Quiambao, Krizalleen Valencia!

      Korea is another country that needs to get back in the pageantry spotlight (like India). After Jenny Kim at Supra, they again faded into obscurity.

      Happy they hit the 70 mark. I was settling on 55.

      • not sure about Korea’s height but she looks really lovely … she is being listed as Miss South Korea , which make me wonder excitedly ,,, could it be possible that there will be a Miss North Korea in MU2021 anniversary 70th of the pageant ? ( was hinted by Chavit a couple of years ago … )

  5. Bea’s look here reminds me of those queens during our dark era in pageantry the 90s
    Sorry but I dont like what I see.
    Better stop this now or else Bea will be a Rabiya in the making.
    Did she do something with her nose at parang namamaga pa?
    Good lawd puhleazee. Never again

  6. People need to be more realistic now when there’s still time .
    I cannot see her face
    That hairstyling only works if you have a certain type of skin and nose
    Clean look is key , what is so hard to understand there?
    Jonas used to be very good at doing makeover … what happened ?

    • I couldn’t agree more. I did not recognize her instantly. The overall looks feel like 1990’s.

      Is this the work of Rain and Em? They did not do a great job last year, I hope they don’t style Bea for MU this year.

      I was going to say Steffi looks really fresh.

      I think she’s in a better position now compared to Alyssa last year.

      • So as not to cancel Rain and Em completely. I really love Rabiya’s look during her departure from PH and during her arrival to the pageant venue.

    • Yes Fabian. Big curls or the same look is only bagay to the likes of Vicki Rushton, Angelica Alita etc. The mestizas.

  7. If VVV had accepted, this is like MU arrival pic with Miss Philippines and Miss New Zealand and they have a great battle between them in the AsiaPacificAfrica region …. beauty and interview both

    If VVV had accepted, I would suppose one of Maureen or Steffi will be MU Charities, and so I wonder who will be a new runner up … I bet it will be Leren

    • @ jaretwrightlover Leren is running for Councilor. And there was an article on Uncle’s FB that she is retired from pageantry (Uncle captioned with a ‘sad’ emoji).

      Let us be grateful that our generation beheld in the flesh who is arguably the most polished fully home-grown beauty queen of the Philippines of all time! She is now a legend… And a memory.

  8. I cannot see Bea’s face at all
    And the styling does not suit her . The nose is too big for that kind of hair . Para tuloy syang trans
    Maxine , when sporting that kind of hair , still looks very neat and streamlined .
    So pls try another styling for Bea

    • Bea looks great here. She keep this style. With regards to you Fabian – you are obviously a bitter fag. Get over it and take a walk dude.

      • Bea doesn’t look good here. 😂 She needs to stick with straight hair. In hair school when you have circular face you don’t wear curls kase lalaki mukha mo Lalo.

  9. Iba pa rin talaga si Kat VVV and Maureen – very clean and classy ang dating

  10. Bea’s styling is a scary premonition of what is to come in the next 2m
    Pls fire her current stylists

      • So she is supposed to be in dot visit pero may ganap sya that time kaya d naka attend? anong ganap po sir? sensya na po sa tanong sir. iniisip kasi ng iba na na disrecpect ng org si kat kasi bat daw d sya present don.

      • Uncle, E8 na pala… Another season nears completion.

        Na-miss ko bigla yung chat niyo with the ME 2020 queens – Michala Rubinstein, Stephany Zreik, Lindsey Coffey, & Roxanne Baeyens.

        Season break will be 7-11? Roughly corresponds with (The) Miss Globe weekend. How’s Montagne?

        Tas, si ano,.. Si Shannon! Kailan po ba Miss Elite? DALI. Updates please.

      • Uncle, 20 October (ITONG WED!) to 5/6 Nov ang (The) Miss Globe!!!

        Ano na??!! Nakalipad na ba si Montagne?

        (So, I guess this means you’re not going…)

  11. Maxine Medina was the last Full Blooded Pinay who competed in Miss Universe, so I welcome the change. Para ma iba naman

    Nice Styling, makes her more Latina


  12. Bea is flaming hot and oozing with sex appeal. The big curly hair suits her. I hope she sports that styling in evening gown, and the center-split straight hair in swimsuit. I am not sure if Jonas Gaffud has already checked on Bea’s posture. There is something that needs to be corrected in her. Medyo pahukot na parang model ang tayo n’ya. Kumbaga, hindi straight body. Alam na nila ‘yan. We have to trust the Team MUPh. Basta hindi ako magdududa na aabot si Bea sa Top 5. Lakas ng feeling ko.

    Tito Norms, can I ask you a question that I hope you should respond with an honest opinion? Seeing them up close and personal, how do you describe each girl? Is Bea really stunning in person?

    That’s all.

    • Ana switching from straight to curl is almost impossible in pageants alam mo yan especially in finals night. Name me a girl na nag straight tas mag curl. Wala. They don the same hair. It is possible during prelim.

  13. Oh, my gaz. Please, somebody confirm those are hair extensions on Beatrice. Bagay though…

    Ganyan din last year kay Rabiya. Sino kaya sa mga ‘haligi’ ang galit na galit sa bulaklak. Baka isipin ng mga AP, diyan napunta binayad nila.

    Nag-uwi ka ba, Uncle? Sayang, ang dami. Tatapon lang afterwards.

  14. Please keep this styling for Beatrice. She reminds me of the gorgeous Maureen Montagne here. Straight hair doesn’t compliment her

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