8 comments on “The Emmanuelle Vera send-off for Reina Hispanoamericana 2021

  1. She has a good chance of bringing home the country’s 2nd 2nd RHA crown. I wish her luck.

    • @ serge With all due respects, after Teresita Ssen the organization will expect nothing less than someone who can talk the language.

      We had already two in as many recent years that had at least a grasp of basic (Madrid) Spanish – Maria Corazon Abalos and Paola Madarieta Ortega. ALV needs to find a way to get such ladies to instead join his pageant! And I don’t know if RHAO requires franchisees/ND’s to mount a pageant because if not then he should appoint.

      (Elder sister to Paola Gabriela did and in fact competed on the same year as Teresita. Exactly what happened with her is curious… But are we complaining? Certainly not.)

  2. Walang kadating-dating ang sting MWP .
    Sana mag-ala Janick sya . Kasi mas ba gay sa kanya

  3. Trisha Martinez is the STAR~DISCOVERY~REVELATION of this batch, imo.

    I look forward to her international assignment. May she get her vindication there.

  4. Sana sya na lang mwp ang galing kumanta at sa sports yan. I’m looking at the bigger pic alam Naman natin na dapat may fastrack edge sa wok w julia

    • 2 of them are “Ms. MIAs”, apart from Kathleen, Ms. Eco-Teen International Philippines 2021 is not in the picture as well. Hmm, are they taking turns for photo-op? Tracy wasn’t included in the 1st group photo (small left insert) Ms. Tourism Philippines 2021 was there (the one wearing “emerald/ocean” blue gown) .

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