11 comments on “Panama-bound for Mister Grand International

  1. If what I read online is correct, Mr. Grand International’s branding is towards male athleticism. Michael has proven himself in that department– Southeast Asia’s best in Modern Pentathlon. His physique is very Filipino– and good looking at that! To be top in a competitive sport connotes a discipline and demeanor that is solidly anchored in moral principles. It;s now high time that this male pageantry choose someone who is really athletic– a bemedalled sportsman, not modelesque, not body-building buff.

  2. Kahit twinky-ish, basta TALL. Good recent example is Abdel Tefridj. 5’10” is good. Abs are A+++!

  3. Michael Comaling is 5’10 which is quite tall for someone who’s pure Filipino… and his looks, proportion and background is one of the best compared to all our past representatives to any male pageants… He is very relatable and charming therefore I am sure that he could either win or at the very least have a runner-up finish.

    Go Michael! I know you would make us all proud!

  4. He is multifaceted, talented, and has a lot of personality. He will be a very good representative of the country in MrGI.

      • Ano naman ang crab mentality diyan, I’m just realistic. It’s i yan kay Brazil, Greece magmumukha lang yang fan !!! Very short at 5’7 for male pageants

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