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  1. Marami na accounts. Catriona isn’t what she appears. Yung mga admins ng fan club niya na tumulong mag-campaign sa kanya since 2016 umalis na sa group and are not even friends with her now. After winning in 2018, ni ha ni ho wala. So unlike Kylie who made efforts to thank her fans and connect with her fans even after she won. Once Cat is done with you, bye ka na. It’s a pattern.Dig deep at her history. She doesn’t know how to look back and be grateful at the people who helped her.

  2. The way I see Cat, she is an extroverted introvert or– ambivert, one possessing a combination of the traits found in introversion and extroversion . While introverts are energized by their own inner thoughts and feelings, extroverts are fulfilled by focusing on other people and the outside world. While introverts are characterized as being reserved, withdrawn, and introspective with small social circles, extroverts are typically described as being outgoing, fun-loving, friendly, and talkative. Ambiverts exhibit behaviors common to both: depending on the circumstances, they might prefer to spend an evening alone or be the life of the party. But I honestly believe, in a rare opportunity such as this gathering of current and recently-crowned MU queens, a gregarious and outgoing personality is more suitable than a reserved demeanor. She may not owe anyone an explanation, but as a public figure with so much still ahead of her career, she has to manage her personal brand adroitly.

    • @ scorg Ang tagal ko nang hindi naririnig yang ‘ADROIT’. Ikaw na talaga. Kahit Grammarly, ma-be-believe sa yo.

      Maangehan man lang kami sana niyang ulan mo sa Sud Afrika. Para gumanda rin wika namin d2.

      Hindi ka nanood ng MSA??!! Mag-share ka naman, please. Thanks.

  3. Catriona, coming from experience like 1st hand is not a warm person, not typical for a Filipino. She is more Australian in values. That’s the tea. Miss Philippines with Australian character.

      • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 anong ahas and Queens ka dyan I hate that camp too. Hay naku totoo yan. Magpapicture kami sa cubao dati 2018 pagod na daw sya her uber is there na. Huwaw di pa nananalo yin ha. Compare that to MJ or even Pia. Juskolord delusional fans. How do you explain Aber the rift between cat and Jojo??? Ha??? Aysus ko.

      • Why not explain the good relationships Cat has with many other people? HAHAHAHAHA. Focusing on one instance to suit the narrative.

      • Aysus throwbakla are you even close Todo tanggol ka sa kanya. She is a major MANGA. As in MANGA gamit. Pakibayaran nalang yung utang niya nung preparation in 2018. Ooppps. 😆

    • @ Lymaraina That has been discussed here to death before. Catriona’s ‘off-stage’ demeanor.

      Michelle Van Eimeren made it very clear already. We should be more understanding. And most of us here are older, therefore we must be more open-minded/flexible kasi we are expected to have experienced more…

      Kung ayaw natin sa isang tao, huwag na lang bigyan ng traffic. It will only backfire on us and we end up the ones looking silly (‘tang_’). Besides, in all probability Cat just wants some peace & quiet now and who doesn’t relish that at some point?

      She may be the MU template for many but she is now pageant history. Focus now on new stories!

      • Peace and quiet and yet she joined showbiz. Okay that doesn’t mix really well. If she wants peace and quiet she should’ve return to Cairns, Queensland and enjoy the company of her fellow white people. Agree?

      • @ Lymaraina Now that you mentioned it, I remember she said she would like to save up so that she could comfortably settle her family down… I take this to mean they are not too well off.

        I guess this is why Cat resonates with the Filipino/as of this/her age. If she were thoroughly Aussie (read : Western), she would be expected to conquer far afield (maybe another country, like ours?) and not look back…

        But yeah. If that cushy post-showbiz life will take root back in Cairns, being a citizen by birth she has every right to do so and haven’t many Philippines show business giants retired abroad (USA)? My point is : regardless of provenance or ethnicity, and especially in this day of virtual connectivity and affordable travel, the young-&-vibrant* can very easily carve out their increasingly global identities. That’s not their fault. Everything came together for them, as @ scorg always says.

        * – In another/earlier time, they were the ‘young-&-restless’.

  4. Just looking at these photos, I just realized how disproportionately big Andrea’s head is LOL. I guess it shows having a big head or a short neck is no obstacle to winning Miss Universe…

    Pia is so much lovelier with just light makeup on, as the photos above will attest.

    And where is Cat? Missed photo opportunity with three other Miss Universe queens.

  5. I think every body already knows Cat is an introvert
    It does not make her a bad person
    While she showed so much character during her MU quest, she did what she had to do in order to succeed
    Again , it does not make her standoffish or snotty .
    So pls give her her space and allow her to enjoy South Africa

    • Fabian being an introvert is not a bad thing but during these rare opportunities to be with other queens, they can also be extrovert just for sometime (me included).
      Even Pia has admitted in one of her vlogs that she is actually shy and introvert as well but she made a point to be with the group since she knows that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will leave unforgettable memories not only as a beauty queen but also as an individual.
      I can name several introvert celebs who at times very sociable when the circumstances call i.e Heart Evangelista and many hollywood celebrities.

    • 😂 Fabian just to add context Sam Milby dated Pia who is by the way Catriona’s current boo. That must be very awkward imagine no.

  6. Isn’t amazing that all of them are the “3rd” Miss Universe of their countries!

  7. Hi guys. Medyo chismosa lang now lang po
    I heard nasa Cape Town na rin si Catriona pero bakit hindi sya sumasama
    sa mga outings ng mga queens? Nag sailing ang buong grupo mga past and current SA queens. Andrea, Pia, Tamaryn and Zozi included pero si Catriona wala.
    Hmmm may attitude problem ba talaga si Catriona?
    Nagtatanong at curious lang po.

    • Bekle, shooting si Cat for two straight days for the pre-show. Research2x din bago mag-conclude. Sa IG nga ang dali tingnan.

      • But I think Zozi is with Catriona during that shoot since they are both backstage presenters and yet Zozi was in the group when they went sailing.
        Pia has so many events too like meeting with the candidates etc and yet she made it a point to be with the girls during outings.
        Not only Catriona is the busy bee in Cape Town.

      • And don’t get me wrong and don’t too defensive coz believe me I love Catriona as much as I love Pia but based on my own observation, there is really something off with Cat. Do you ever wonder why Cat is not a bestie to any of our queens? Maybe it’s just her personality I dont know

      • Bakla, pre-show host and backstage host si Cat. Backstage host lang si Zozi. Tanong ko din question mo pero before I posted it, I researched and checked first. Hindi yung first thing to do is think bad of a person especially Cat.

      • Another thing, Cat arrived 3 days before coronation. She does not have a lot of time given her roles. Galing pang Mauritius and Kenya, remember? Why malign the person agad Mamshie? Research2x muna. Si Cat, hindi Mama J levels ha na evil and greedy since producing a win in Pia.

    • Masyado kasing pa hard to reach celeb si Catriona kahit si Pia naman talaga yung mas indemand 😂 Tignan mo kahit 2015 pa nanalo si Pia, hindi parin nauubusan ng mga ganap hanggang ngayon. Ni Catrionians nga dedma na ni Cat ngayon haha. Wag mo nang pansinin yan si Caloy este si Throwbakla pala

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