13 comments on “Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas Emmanuelle Vera

  1. Malapit na mag 2022 pero sakit pa rin ng mga Pinay pageant girls ang addiction to chunky ugly platform shoes of the 2010s 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. If she had styled herself this way , I probably would have seen her as a potential MW
    Unfortunately , the Bisaya or nothing bandwagon is raging wild nowadays

  3. I am not sure if Miss Talent winner is auto semifinalist in this pageant , but I hope , for her , it is …

  4. Alright, I hope she reaches the final 5….
    Tapos next year… Si Daisha Jimenez naman ipadala para sobrang upgrade that they’ll be forced to give us a higher placement or maybe even the crown.

  5. Sya ang bet ko for Miss World kakabog sana sya sa head to head challenge at magaling nmn sumagot,singer pa so pasok sa Talent. Deadma n s Top Model at wala n nmn Beach Beauty. Kelangan lng ng Magandang Beauty with a Purpose project. Sayang sya.

  6. I was expecting her to win mwp since she got in all the fast track.maganda sumagot at maganda kaysa dun sa nanalo laging nakapikit

  7. I believe she will do well in Bolivia. I wish her luck in her quest for the country’s 2nd RHA crown

  8. Sa totoo lang kahit sino ang ipadala natin kung hindi bihasa sa salitang Espanol aasa na lang ba tayo lagi na mananalo siya. Harinaway magtagumpay siya sa patimpalak.

  9. a little of china? please correct that pakitanggal lang puhleeeze.

    But the rest okay ka. Proud ako sayo. Magaling ka

  10. Oh dear god, what people do to add height. 6 inch- Bragais shoes and 12- inch hairstyle. Lol.

    As Ru Paul would say, the higher the hair, the closer to God. Lol.

    World Peace.

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