38 comments on “VVV: Wasted opportunity or loyalty to the Philippines?

  1. I admire her for this, pero sana she didn’t completely close the door sa pagrepresent sa New Zealand sa Miss Universe. Pwede naman kasi next year. Sa statement niya kasi parang ayaw niya irepresent ang New Zealand.

  2. hats off to you VVV… As the others have already said.. she has DELICADEZA!!! Some bashed her for her “loyalty” to the country, but isn’t that admirable, she has dual citizenship but chose to “stay” with us.. whatever your bashers may say, you should be admired VVV for sticking to what you believe is right for you.. Hindi ka oportunista..

  3. Wow she’s really hoping for a prestigious Philippine crown?! Learn to speak Filipino 1st! Hangang ngayon uutal-utal ka parin magtagalog… Mas bagay ka sa New Zealand! You barely experienced the Philippines and yet you want to represent us?! Puhlease!!!

  4. If the fans are wanted to push Maureen W as MUP-Charity, so they are pushing VVV to take the MU-NZ crown and compete against Bea at the 70th MU? Maybe 71st MU could be better for her to compete if VVV wants to end the 30 year placement drought for NZ at MU?

  5. To be a Miss Universe candidate and to be a participant in the most prestigious international pageant in the world is a once in a lifetime opportunity. To be handpicked, to be asked to represent one’s country should absolutely be an honor.

    So too bad she felt she had to turn down the opportunity to represent New Zealand — the other half of her identity on her father’s side.

    Nothing wrong with acknowledging the whole spectrum of her identity — Filipino and New Zealander — because that is who she is. Not just Filipino, not just New Zealander, but both.

    It is indeed a missed opportunity for her to have declined to be the flag bearer, to be an ambassadress, of the growing Filipino community in New Zealand. She could have carried the Filipino spirit proudly, as well as put a bright spotlight on the growing diversity of New Zealand.

  6. Yung mga nambabash sa kanya na wrong move ang ginawa nya to decline the MUNZ offer, sila rin yung mambabash had VVV accepted it. *eyeroll*

    • True. Let’s support whatever her choices naman. For me that what really matters. Pero personally, I wouldn’t mind talaga, and I am sure the MUPH will be supportive of her .

  7. Sobrang impressed ako sa decision nya at kahit ako rin naman, kapag sobrang mahal ko ang Pilipinas hindi na ako mag a-attempt na magrep ng ibang bansa kahit sobrang dali pa ng process. Hindi kasi oportunista yan si VVV and I can’t believe a lot of pageant pages on IG are saying na wasted kuno, ganon ba talaga? tinotolerate nila pagiging oportunista?

  8. She’s a real Filipina Queen!
    Pasensya na sa mga nagba bash sa kanya, di po kasi siya kagaya nung merlat na nagsisimula sa letter K ang namesung na bet ninyo, na namamangka sa 2 bansa pero luz valdez pa din hahah.
    I salute you VVV! MUP2023

  9. Goodluck na lang girl, sana mairepresent mo sa international stage ang pagiging filipina mo one day, kaya ka nga sumali sa MUP para sa inaasam asam na MUP crown at rarampa sa MU stage diba ateng? Andyan na oh, binibigay na sayo🤣

  10. Miss V. prove your worth as a woman not just being loyal to your country. This is an opportunity that you should grab. The fact that nakita ng MUNZ ang kakayahan mo at naignore ka ng MUPH, mag isip ka if your loyalty is appreciated by this organization. Prove your worth.

    • VVV would had been a Madison Anderson 2.0 (lost in Florida, moved & won in Puerto Rico and beat would had been competitor at Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst) and you will compete against Bea at 70th MU?

  11. V is for VEKS, Good move. I think your patience will pay off.

    Don’t be like Ganiel where you might be perceived as an opportunist. Her representing NZ will not really impact her future career in NZ. But staying here, she can be signed by Lola Jonas (they seem to be very friendly to one another).

    I think her career is here in the Philippines, like Catriona.

  12. Sabi nga nila ” Opportunity knocks only once. You never know if you will get another opportunity.” Maraming mga beauty titlist ang sumikat at nagdala ng karangalan ng Pilipinas kahit hindi nila suot ang Philippines sash. Huwag na tayong magpakabayani sa panahon ngayon.

    • O-P-O-T-U-N-I-S-T-A

      But can’t others for pursuing opportunity in other countries, gusto lang nila umangat sa buhay, but for VVV she spent the past weeks discussing how proud she is as a Filipino and its culture tapos biglang tatanggap ng offer mula sa ibang bansa 😂 Ang balimbing kaya ng dating, nag-iisip ba kayo? I bet kayo rin yang mang ba-bash sa VVV kung tinggap nya yan

  13. Okay v after 2 years come back to NZ and enjoy the life of obscurity. Charot. 😆😂😆😂 Heritage conservationist sya diva? She better go to Europe to work there. It’s the least of our priorities here.

  14. 😆😂 I hate it when she repeatedly say she’s a Filipina. Hay nako. Oo na Pinay ka nga. Good luck sa pagiging pinay. God forbid she will share the same fate with Bea rose na nagkasakit balik ka din naman sa welfare state. Wag ako.

  15. Dang gurl! That speaks so much of your character and sincerity towards your advocacy. So tired of pageant girls making gimicks and telling lies to “empower” their selfish desires to be an “aspirational and inspirational” queen (so there you go! Lol). We love you even more and hope to see you in the future representing the Philippines. So sali ka na sa Hiyas ng Filipinas ni Mam Eba. Charot!

    • Was there a guarantee that she she will be winning the Zealand Ms U competing w the other girls? Or does she she mean that the search for Ms U New Zealand already cooked that she will win on that pageant! But i admire her loyalty to the Philippines.

  16. She is a stupid girl, bakit pinag-isipan mo pa ng 1 week kung talagang maka Pilipina ka. At tama yung comment ng iba, bakit chinika mo pa… this serves a purpose for you …In the near future she will regret her decision, for sure wala naman siyang mahihita sa MUP for sure mahaba na ang line-up nila na girls na kokoronahan…

    • Well that is a sign of a true Pinay. Yung nagdadalawang isip, nagtatanong sa nakakatanda, sumasangguni sa pamilya at kaibigan, higit sa lahat chinichismis sa iba. #proudpinay

  17. Right move for me.

    One word, delicadeza. What would it say about a person who just a month ago was swearing to high heavens to serve the Philippines and its cultural heritage to quickly do an about- face and will now represent (and serve) another country? It is mere common sense on her part to decline the offer. It would have been a lose-lose proposition for her.

    Look at these scenarios:

    1) At present, Filipinos love her and will think fondly of her even in the years to come. She can be true to her advocacy and really help in cultural preservation. Over in NZ, Kiwis are neutral about her. They don’t even know her.

    2) If she joins MUNZ, Filipinos will hate her, Kiwis will resent her (for being a mere second choice and maybe for being a halfie?);

    3) If she joins MU and win as Ms. NZ, Filipinos will hate her, Kiwis will love her. But honestly, what are the chances that she will win in MU?

    In summary, we have a name for pageant contestants who walk out after not winning (that name is Michelle Gumabao. Lol.) and pageant contestants who quickly resign after not getting the crown (that name is Ganiel Krishnan. Lol.). Collectively, they are known as Bitter Ocampo or Sandra Lemonade. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • Hindi magets to ng ibang commenters dito Sir Thomas 😂 Tinotolerate nila mga galawang oportunista, ganyan ba talaga kayo kagahaman sa korona? 😂 para naman ang laki ng recognition ng pageants sa buong mundo eh tayo-tayong pageant fans lang naman may pake dyan. Baka manghinayang pa ako kung Nobel Peace Prize yang tinanggihan

      • Last time New Zealand made it to the first cut at MU was in 1992. Maybe MUNZ org is apparently desperate to send VVV at 70th MU despite she already signed the contract with MUPH org.?

  18. For me it’s a strategic move. Since she has a contract with MUPH and to prove her claim of being a Pinay she chooses to stay. But I’m pretty sure she turn down MUNZ politely and did not burn the bridge with them. Since she is only 25 or 26 she still has 2022 to work out for MUNZ. It seems MUNZ is not choosing their rep thru an actual pageant but thru appointment only.

  19. Her decision to decline the offer of MUNZ Org was a respect to MUPH Org. What she did made her gain the admiration and respect of millions of pageant loving Filipinos which is as important as winning the MU crown.

  20. Hay nako v accept it once you are done with your not so useful reign. Nagaganyan naman ang mga miss Venezuela since time immemorial. Miss Portugal nga ngayon 1st runner up sa MV. Si miss Germany 2002, miss Poland 2006 miss Venezuelas din yon. Go na wag sayangin. Good luck Kung sasali ka next year at may Ahtisa manalo, et.al na.

  21. That is a very tough decision.
    The offer is already an opportunity to compete in MU and she declined it in exchange for her loyalty to PH. I salute you VVV! I hope someday you will represent the PH internationally.

  22. that is a shame ! she would have been a terrific MUNZ 2021 , and she knows that even if she tries to keep this confidential, with social media and people with loose lips, it will come out anyway , so she did it herself, announced it to the pageantry world

  23. V for vindication.

    I feel teary-eyed reading such a statement from Victoria. She has vindicated herself against naysayers, me included, that she indeed embodies the true characteristics of a Filipina. Thus, she is continuously growing in my heart.

    There are a lot in store for Victoria here in the Philippines. But, if her love for the Universe crown, or any Alpha crown for that matter, is her priority, then I’ll support her all the way.

    Good luck VVV in your journey in our beautiful country.

    That’s all.

  24. Bakit pa niya chinika?

    Napaka humblebrag naman, katangahan

    When preparation Meets Opportunity and you declined It.


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