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  2. I believe she will represent our country well in MU. Israeli women can relate to her, she being a soldier

    • True. She should include her military training as part of her back story, and include the fact that she is openly LGBTQ+. That should raise her profile in Israel. And a warrior queen national costume will suit her also.

    • Fyi she’s technically not a “soldier” she is still a civilian. Please know the difference sundalo father ko. Kaloka

  3. Beautiful, well-rounded, modelesque…

    Medyo me issue lang ako ng konti sa kilay nya… Sinadya ba yan? Medyo asymetrical ng very very slight… Paki ayos please?

    Go Bea Gomez! Make us proud! 😘

  4. O okay ang leeg nya dito. Pag maglakad na may tendency nang umuna ulo niya. That should be checked. Paging mama Jonas. Pangit yung bagong pasarela trainer ng aces very basic ang turo. Pang 1990s galore na sobrang pabebe.

  5. Sana mag Top 5 unlike the more articulate former Miss USA Army reserve Capt. Deshauna Barber landed only top 9.
    Di nga lang ako makaget over sa best in swimsuit kc merong mas deserving sa award na Yun. Hihihihi
    May sinasabi na nman Ang haliparot na Tutubi, bokya daw tayo sa Israel this coming December 😱🤭😊

    • Kung prelims siguro nagbase ng swimsuit, deserve nya but the finals is definitely for Steffi

  6. My choice for MUP was not Bea.

    But after watching Bea in different interviews (both formal and casual) post coronation night, I am convinced we are sending the best girl among them. Let us not talk anymore about beauty and physical presence since all of the five are beautiful. The mere fact that Bea won best in SS and EG means the judges saw something in her to make her stand out.

    What I am pleasantly surprised about is that she can speak on her feet while still giving natural, unaffected answers. Very level headed and sincere way of speaking.

    Her being a multi-faceted person (Navy reservist, community development, model, beauty queen, and less we forget, LGBTQ with a girlfriend for seven years) will only bode well for her in Israel.

    Some advice for consideration:

    > Learn to balance and inject a little fierceness as well. While I truly admire the humility and level headedness of this girl and I really hate the over confidence vibe of her predecessor and other queens (“MW or nothing!), a dose of fierceness will always be welcomed.

    > No, I repeat, no facial and boob enhancements please! If there is something she can improve on though, it is the much repeated comments of others, the tendency to appear “hukot?” – – that can still be remedied (see suggestion of Paui).

    > No Look Book. PLEASE. Don’t let yourself be the school project of 100 “artists”. Just choose three reputable designers who will not make you their science experiment and ensure they are aligned with your vision of yourself (ex. Catriona going freelance instead of being at mercy of the desire of Jonas Ganid).

    > The MUP and Bb. Pilipinas national costume competition produced a handful of good national costumes. There is nothing wrong with borrowing or tapping those handful talented designers. PLEASE no feathers (Ala Victoria secret), no tribal tattoos , and no sun rays emanating from your head (Ala Virgin Mary). All tired concepts.

    > Measure, measure, measure! The angels are in the details. A very large headdress that wont fit at the last minute because they didn’t have the time to measure (and yet they had the time to leave a month ahead for the US to gallivant). Three teddy bears as a background during a crucial , pre taped interview does not scream Ms. Universe at all. Lol.

    Overall, I have a good feeling about this girl. Good Luck!

    Luigi, Gomez, Beatrice, The Queen (LGBTQ).

    World Peace.

    • May I add, no to Rain X Em.

      We all have trauma from their poor styling choices of Rabiya during Universe.

      Tapus they suggested pa that they just took direction from Rabiya’s taste. In which case, di sila stylists. That would make them personal shoppers or personal assistants. A stylist would provide direction & elevate the client’s style and taste.

      That’s all I got.

      And now to plagiarize Thomas, but in emoji form 🌏✌🏽

  7. gwapa man kaayo si inday beaLuigi… nindot ug barog, kung mo paso murag nag lutaw sa hangin, mura ug himos nga alibangbang, di makapura ang bayho … gihulat n siya ni andrea para koronahan 😂😅👸👸

  8. Wow buhay
    I hope she improves in the coming days
    When I watch Those 5 girls on stage , my eyes go straight to Katrina . When I look in the middle , I see a lousy dresser with no face
    Pls get help from Katrina and the previous winners

    • as viewed on youtube, diane castillejo averred that ALL judge was unanimous to pick beaLuigi as the winner… “unanimous” meaning it was no contest at all..

      • the contest was on the other girls to fight for Second place… and Katrina won 💪🏾

    • Weren’t they unanimous with Rabiya too?
      The winner had been determined even before the finals .
      Go back to our discussions with Tito Norman in the past . I was already complaining about it days before the finals

  9. She is very statuesque and she has commanding presence. That would be her strongest assets at the MU stage if she makes the semis.

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