5 comments on “Cindy Obeñita X Nicole Cordoves

  1. It’s fun to watch 2 smart beauty queens engaging in a conversation. I wish Cindy luck in her quest for the country’s 2nd Miss International crown

  2. Ay grabe kumakain ng mike…

    Parang pwede din ilaban to sa MU

    Tamang styling lang kailangan…
    Kaya naman….

  3. Another bully!!! She was a mentor together with Cat during the 2021 edition of Bb. Pilipinas.

  4. Nicole dear, I stopped watching the interview on its 3rd minute the moment you said “as a mentor, I am proud na naka produce tayo (ako)”…

    Cindy was already articulate even without you dear. I am amazed that you are still doing your pa beauty pageant expert vlog when your only claim to fame was a runner up position in a minor pageant that happened many years ago.

    World Peace.

    • She isn’t even facially pretty haha, just sayin’ For me, Si Sam Bernardo lang ang deserve yung first runner up or even the crown (kung hindi lang napolitika ni Angkol)

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