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  1. Good Sun AM, Uncle.

    (I got Lalela right, at least here… Sigurado na bang sa MU ang winner? Said so at Missosology.)

    Sumabit na naman tayo. This time, with Catherine Groenewald. GROAN.

    Why does Lalela strike me as not stereotypical-to-foreigners/outsiders ‘poor black Sud African’?

  2. the way I look at it ,… if there will be 65 contestants only in Mu2021 and there will be 21 semifinalists, then Bea has a good chance of making semis , and if it is by region, then better chance ….

    Now, if there will only be 15 or 16 semifinalists & it will not be by region, I worry about Bea very much. If it will be by region, then maybe she has a fair chance

    But if there will be 70 contestants or more, then all bets are off … her edge is that her nerves of steel will be her advantage in the interviews and also her historic LBGTQ background. However, she can only display her good interview skills if she makes it to the semifinals, and that its tricky…

    *KJD on the other hand can zoom into that semifinals in any scenario with a 99% chance

  3. Based on their appearances on TV , Katrina would have had the best chance to do well at MU and this is merely based on the physical . Her long lean body amazing skin and beautiful face is a stand out … What more if you add the communication skills ?
    This is the second time that I have become doubtful of the MUPO’s decision
    I hope Bea improves in the coming weeks .

    • Bea could easily win in a staring match, lol 🤣. Hoping she could switch on the Cebuana charm Filipinas in that part of the archipelago are famous for. But I still have serious doubts she’ll get past the second cut. It depends on the selection too this year. Or perhaps an all women panel could improve her chances. Let’s see, maybe Miss Universe would also want a new following, a new advocacy.

      • Watch Katrina and the rest of the top 5 on tv . You can see how streamlined her overall presentation is .. compared to Bea whose face I can’t even see

      • IMO, Katrina’s out there personality might repel an all female panel.

        I like the smaller panel of judges in 2015 and a few past editions.

        On the other hand, Bea is a bit shy, so I hope she shows a little more personality so she becomes memorable during interviews.

    • @Fabian_Reyes, @nunyabiz1991 >> Bea has a formidable challenge ahead of her, knowing especially that her org will go out its way to over promote her, pre-arrival. Maybe the MUP team sees or knows something we don’t. Lol.

      Katrina was my choice for MUP in 2012. She is one who definitely knows what she wants, but it could be this eagerness which would possibly derail her chances if she had represented us this year. Steffi is likewise a strong physical contender, she just has to get that Pia power mindset of humility, confidence & composure. Lol.

      Yes, I also believe an all female judging panel would influence the selection very much. Kat and Steffi would both be instant favorites once they land in Israel.

      • I think so too .
        Kat seems very grounded
        As for Bea, it’s questionable . Though the stigma is not nearly the same with a gay guy , I think a straight woman may still feel uneasy next to a lesbian. I know Israel is a liberal country

      • @Fabian_Reyes, I think it will all depend on the reduced number of contestants – it will be a factor, Lol. Bea Luigi might somehow stand out in a sea of Latinas & fair, blonde Europeans, She could engage the judges in a staring match, lol. Maybe she could speak ia little, tiny Cebuano or Tagalog, and shift into English to create more impact with her answer. She has to try something new.

        I noticed with other Sputheast Asian countries, like Thailand and Vietnam, their representatives are no shrinking violets. They never lose hope. Always in fighting form, no matter what.

        Steve Harvey is also key. We’ve seen how poor rapport with Steve sinks a candidate in a second.

  4. Have read in one article that Pia W. is one of the judges in MU-SA 2021. How true?

  5. Medyo weak batch nila this year. I only see two ladies worthy (kung beauty ang) pag-uusapan

    • @ Bleh There’s the black candidate with dermal pigmentation condition. I think she’s promising.

      (I have a relative with such skin.)

      In the grid of the MSA 2021 Finalists’ Documentaries video, lower left-hand corner. In the class photo, rightmost. I forgot her name. But saw her Introduction Video yesterday. With the big ‘afro.

  6. @Andrew: the former First Lady’s speechwriter just lifted the phrase from popular thinking in the West– as a smokescreen for the brutality of martial law. But note she did not include “Justice” in the 4-point ultimate values of humankind. That would have been very obvious that she is talking nonsense in the midst of extrajudicial killings, disappearances and other human rights violations during the dictatorship days.

  7. South Africa is at the center of a discussion on corruption, socio-economic and human rights at the moment. And it could be a relevant topic during the pageant. Like us, there exists a strong populist push among its voters. South Africa could learn a lot from us as a country with a populist president. That we will keep on repeating our mistakes through history when we worship our leaders as infallible idols instead of holding them accountable for their actions. 🙋🏼 💐🕊

    • State capture ang tawag don. It is when private individuals control vast influence to the government. Ironically, it is not a white south African that is involved, but is Indian immigrants from Gujarat ( the Patel brothers). Nakakaloka

    • Yes the mastermind behind all that corruption is Zuma and the Indian businessmen Gupta Brothers. State capture ang drama.

    • @jmgonzalezme: Even if it is not about South AFrica, socio-politico-economi issues are very much relevant topics in pageantry, although they get perfunctory treatment and relegated only in the Q&A. If we go back to the history of humankind, Beauty is one of the ultimate values alongside Goodness, Truth and Justice that are central to the Greek, medieval and renaissance social and political thought. Now more than ever, when a deadly health pandemic stalks humanity, and creeping populist movements erode the global social and political fabric, mankind needs to have a more meaningful celebration of Beauty, just as it needs to keep on celebrating Goodness, Truth and Justice.

      • @ scorg The good, the true, and the beautiful. May your ashes fertilize the nation’s soil.

        Quote attributed to a former First Lady of the Republic of the Philippines, the ‘Rose of Leyte’ who herself created controversy at the Miss Manila beauty contest, prompting then-Mayor Arsenio Lacson to bestow an honorary title-sash on to her, to quell irate fans of other front-runners.

      • The Nobel Peace Prize is the world’s celebration of Beauty (the holistic kind), Goodness, Truth and Justice. Maria Ressa won. If we examine its ideals, the Olympics and Paralympics are another global celebrations of the ultimate values of humankind. Hedilyn Diaz clinched a gold medal. MU is another global celebration. Pageantry has, in modern history , been confined to celebrating Beauty only. But by sending an openly gay representative, Beatrice Gomez, the Philippines is sending a message of inclusivity, openness and diversity– harbingers of Goodness, Truth and Justice. I hope she emerges triumphant, too.

    • I believe we have relegated Imelda and her contrived mishmash of philosophies to the dictatorial past. I simply can’t imagine Imelda and her sophistry in the same space or discussion as the Nobel Prize l. Lol 😂 Sorry 🕊️ no hate at all 🙏🏽

  8. Slightly off topic,

    Yaman din naman na South Africa ang usapan where Nelson Mandela also won the Nobel Peace Prize Award,

    Ayon sa website ng Nobel Prize kaya nanalo is Maria Ressa quote,

    Maria Ressa uses freedom of expression to expose abuse of power, use of violence and growing authoritarianism in her native country, the Philippines

    Which makes me wonder,

    Didn’t we have enough of the “freedom of expression” in the Philippines? As compared to say Singapore?

    Hindi pa ba sapat na parang mga Guardia Civil ang Commission on Human Rights na sa tuwing may mga arrest eh makaladkad lang o madaplisan lang ang isang citizen eh labeled as Human Rights violation na agad-agad and the nerve to say “use of violence”.

    Authoritarianism is defined as the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom. Didn’t we have enough of “personal freedom” to the extent that the COVID-19 cases in the Philippines is on upscale trend because the people remained unabated to do what they want!

    Two of the things I’d wish before for the Philippines that we never have for the longest time: To have at least a gold medal in the Olympics and to have a Nobel Prize Laureate!

    I’m glad it both happened under the Duterte Administration!

    • I pity your ignorance.

      No wonder your definition is limited to what you read online.

      • exactly!!! tanggalin ang comment nya..hindi na nga related sa post, umaalingasaw pa..

    • Funny how you give credit to the government for the Olympic Gold & Nobel won by two Pinays who were / have been harassed & intimidated by the administration.

      But then the country’s weak covid response (what was that–? last place in the global Covid-19 Resilience Ranking–?) is not attributed to those who manage the state & its resources, but to the citizens for exercising their “personal freedom” because … the government is NOT AUTHORITARIAN ENOUGH?


      Ok, noted.

    • the temerity to even attribute their achievements to the administration. To the owner of this page kindly remove her comment as it is not related to the post and based on apparent misapprehension of facts.

    • And exactly that “freedom of expression to expose abuse of power, use of violence and growing authoritarianism” is what cost Maria Ressa a string of cyber libel and other criminal cases from the Duterte administration, that even her freedom to travel is curtailed and her movements are monitored. And to ascribe the pathetic COVID 19 situation in the Philippines to having enough personal freedom to do what people want is completely deplorable. The country is the worst place now to be in according to reports of two reputable global health monitoring agencies. Why? The answer is provided by the ongoing Senate investigation on the corruption of government money for COVID response, when tens of thousands are dying, and hospitals are overflowing with patients. I’ve just visited the country and I noted that it is the only country where a face shield is strictly required on top of the face mask, lockdowns are still very much enforced, and one cannot enter restaurants, malls and some offices without showing a 2-dose vaccination certificate.

    • Ayan na nga Ang maria ressa clones sa pag-iisip. Parang convicted cya sa libel at nabasa ko pa na Fake news queen. How true hihihi. My lips are sealed mga vecks. Kapag hindi sang-ayon sa opinion nya ay oppression of speech freedom na. At ipabura pa Ang comment. Utak rappler ba yan hihihi. Itong mga dilawan kung mag-isip ay masahol pa sa martial law Ang thinking. Sa kaalaman ng lahat kaya may martial law dahil sa mga communista kagaya ng mga anti-government na party list Ngayon na connected sa NPA. Kaya ayaw ng mga NPA Catholic church at Dilawan Ang martial law kc mawawalan sila ng power. Kumusta naman Ang Catholic church sa pangunguna ni Cardinal sin sa panlilinlang sa bayan para maiupo c Cory. Mabuti at may social media na Ngayon at nahirapan na Ang mga dilawan to deceive people again. Isa ako sa naloko ni Cardinal sin being so young then na gustong patayin c Marcos to the dismay of my loyalist parents. I live in the Catholic parish house with NPA for a few days. But now, natatawa na lang ako sa kaipokritahan ng mga dilawan at pakialamerang Catholic church sa gobyerno. I’m proud that there is DU30 who fight these evils na Akala mo naman Ang lilinis eh gusto lang naman na sila umupo at magpahirap uli sa mga mamayang Pilipino. Mga ipokrito. Mga Desenteng magnanakaw. Pweee.. cherette 🫁 lungs🤭🤪😊

    • “nadaplisan” and “nanlaban” are not the same.

      Don’t turn a blind eye on “nanlaban”. If they were able to shut down ABS-CBN (because of personal vendetta) with no absolute no chance of correction and prosecute Leila Delima with no proper due process, what makes you think they care about human rights?

  9. Buti pa mga ito…NO need of visible tattoos to express themselves!
    Clear and beautiful skin…Self confidence lang.💪

  10. (Nag-HK pala kayo for NY 2014, Uncle. This year, to save you from tears,… Where naman?)

    Reigning queens of MSA :

    1) I really think na-pulitika si Werner sa MU. At si Natasha ang naputukan. I feel bad.

    2) Thato Mosehle will be a tough act to follow, especially that Namibia currently holds the crown in that a ‘keep-the-crown-in-Africa’ movement may meet with much competition. Kung hindi mag-pa-pageant si ALV next year (in the event he is lucky in his political goals), Riana can be tried if pasok pa siya age-wise at kaya niya makipagbabagan sa SupraChat. Yung level nina Thato, Swelia (Netherlands), Trinidad & Tobago, & Venezuela. Body-wise, mala-Puerto Rico si Pasig City!

    3) I sense a ‘MW or nothing (read : Top 10)’ scenario for Shudu. Anyway, it’s now seven (7) years since Rolene Strauss’ win. Beauty-wise, Latinas for this year (pero, lagi naman, ata). Conde of Venezuela might end up like Maeva Coucke. Paweensuda could Princess. Tracy, AP sash, pls!

    (Asia-Pacific continental queen.)

    If Uncle’s 3-Pick happens, I would assign Lalela to MU, Bianca to MW, & Catherine to MS.

    Maliban kay Catherine as among my Choice/s, sino yung last sa Finalists’ Documentaries video, naka-black? Ganda. And…

    Sa group photo, my eye immediately went to the leftmost candidate standing. In up-do and blue-purple summer dress. Ganda. Mala-Chaling ang aura.

    OT. Guys, you watched the BBP Send-Off for Maureen & Cinderella? DID SAM P./ SAM 3.0 GET LIP FILLER? Or ganun talaga labi niya? Or magaling lang talaga siya mag-lipstick? Or filter?

      • Wag Kang manghinayang sa kanila Lalo na kay van de whatever. Mga Afrikaaner yan supporter of Apartheid malamang ang magulang at ninuno nyan. 😂

    • So far, confirmed participation for Eilat is woefully low. ~40…?…

      MSA, MUUAE, & MUT, that’s just 3 more. MUO will be lucky if they can hit 55; there’s just a little over a month left. Btw, has Asya Branch’s successor been crowned?

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