6 comments on “A Cebuana wins Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2021

  1. Weekly pala yang contest.

    Next week, Hiwaga Klasiks Digital Queen ang kokoronahan. The week after next, Wakasan Diigital Queen naman.

  2. Is it gonna be another Cebuana in the coming pageants ???
    I hope the org gives the crown to the most deserving , not because she is from Cebu
    This insanity needs to stop!!!
    Pls exile MJ Lastimosa from pageantry especially from MUP!!!

    • @ Fabian Reyes Sir, MJ Lastimosa (notwithstanding whatever pronouncements she has made in this regard) did not serve on the AFDQ Board of Judges. See the tagged article (above).

      And the only other pending Nationals are International Queen, Fit, & Bikini Philippines. Team PHL for the BIGS is already complete.

      Are these three interesting enough for you? As for Cebuana titlists, I don’t know if any of the following trace Cebu extraction.

      Kevin Balot, Trixie Maristela, Louise Theunis, Malka Shaver, & Chelsea Fernandez.

      (I think Louis Theunis made Top 10 of MPE recently. Her sash was ‘Carrascal, Agusan del Norte’.)

      But know this. The VisMin queens usually support each other. This happened at MUP; the reps from Mindanao were allied for the Cebu City-&-Province last push in the Final 5. And note how Gabby Basiano (who hails from Eastern Samar), greets Cinderella as ‘dzai’ (current sward speak among today’s youth for ‘inday’) in the BBP Send-Off for Maureen (Montagne) & her… OC ba? Lolz.

    • im a cebuano… i just hope that capabilies or qualities of girls from our region to compete big time to win won’t cause others from different region to get ire… respect begets respect👸🙏

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