7 comments on “Virtually yours, Naelah Alshorbaji

  1. MI & ME bring to the fore some of the loveliest pageantry candidates from Africa (read : not the ‘Afrikaner’ white). This year, MEO has an opportunity to crown their first black African queen and a seemingly plus-size woman at that. She has a pleasantly beautiful face, not the jarring ‘alta moda’ edgy look.

    In true ‘tanders’ fashion, I forgot her name not long after telling myself to remember. But I recall her country.

    I just hope she is noticed and has the goods. All the best!

    • Marija Pervij of Belarus MUST be included in the Elemental Court! She’s a MI 2019 semifinalist.

      MEO needs to continue placing excellent Europeans in the Finale 4. From Alyssa Manjanok to Klara Vavruskova to Michala Rubinstein… Keep it up! Now I wonder if Bianca Tirsin will join. So G.

  2. Beautiful!

    I know she is a Filipina but I am curious what her ancestry is.

    Good luck!

  3. This pandemic can really be challenging to global pageantry industry, but can’t ME organization have the audacity to mount an in-person event this time? This ME search has shown innovativeness and broken some stereotypes in terme of selection criteria, but seemingly lacking in boldness and business savvy to mount the pageant format that interests the public– the in-person spectator event, or someting that approximates it. Other minor pageants can stage a crowning event, no matter how limited the activities and how austere the production are. At least, the personal interaction among the delegates and the selection panel makes the event truly a pageant worth watching. As MUP has shown lately, it can be done! On the business side, ME’s advocacy can in fact attract more corporate sponsors as environmental concerns provide strong emotional links to worldwide audiences that business brands can easily connect with.

  4. She has a good chance of making it into the finals, and probably win the crown.

  5. she has a shape of face and beauty that are shared by some MU winners … maybe we will see her in a future MUP …

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