17 comments on “Virtual Sendoff for Cindy Obeñita and Maureen Montagne

  1. Go go go Cindy

    Ang laki talaga ng ginanda…

    Been following her socmeds…

    She is totaly in fighting form.. from face body and wordrobe …. She could easily knockout the competion!

    I believe she is the smartest girl we’ve sent to that pageant… If she wins this lower tier crown, or at least land as a runner up, She’s on her way to win Miss Universe!

    Go go go cindy!!!

  2. Binibini better be on its toes. MWP and MUP were competitive in their hosting & production values. Cat and Nic were overexcited & overconfident hosts, thus rendering inferior pageant hosting. The production team Binibini hired was also quite amateur; it showed in the shot planning and transitions. The writing needed professional editing. The entertainment segment was ambitious, but didn’t get its message across successfully. And yes, the new theme song managed to outdo the gayest of gay pageants with its camp ultra-birit outro. Horrible. Just sharing observation and opinions.

  3. .. so irritating, that “birit” in that iconic BbP theme song… hayy, so cheap..!!

  4. Cinderella will be a clapper while Maureen will be a runner-up and I thank you!

  5. Cinderella, 29-10. Maureen, 5-11.

    For Maureen : as long as Mdme. Nias Pilar Alcantara likes you, you’re safe.

    For Cinderella : 1) Do away with the ‘actually’ when you’re there, 2) Can/Do you sing? For the Talent Fast Track, memorize “Masha’er” by Sherine. She’s a Pan-Arabic pop vocalist. The lyrics are in Egyptian-Arabic, the rhythm bossa nova, and the theme universal, which is FEELINGS.)

    (Yung isang pageant media, talagang binuksan pa yung sugat na naghilom na… Grabeh. Hhmpp.)

  6. Congrats, and most importantly, the best of luck to both our queens.
    p.s. hope Binibini gets rid of that ultra-birit song. really,it’s so cheap. Lol

  7. I know both will represent our country well in the international stage.Good luck to both of them

  8. I think these two have a really high chance of winning ! particularly Maureen

    • In fairness.. parang laki ginanda ng make-up ni Cindy… as in nawala pagka siopao ng mukha nya…. Magaling-magaling… I highly aprove.

    • “Cindy Obeñita for Miss Puñeta Intercontinental 2021!”

      And Mr. Tinio allowed this kind of posting.

      • @ Jack O’Llero Good Sir, it’s trolling and is tolerated to generate traffic, both for the blog and that particular commentator.

        Next time, don’t reply. Simply rate down. With enough rate downs, commentator can be up for quarantine/removal, like the many who have ‘gone ahead’.

        Let’s keep our ecosystem classy by not giving in to the provocateurs. It can only result in a more profitable venture for all important parties concerned; there’s no way merit can lose!

      • Are u kidding me ??
        You are complaining About this post ???
        This is a bible verse compared to the most salacious and sexually explicit posts that Tito Norman allowed .. even seemingly endorsed on this blog
        I don’t see you or other people complaining abt them

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