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  1. Lahat na lang talaga ng pagkakaperahan, pinapatos na ng IMG. Sad sad state.

  2. @Sunny: Shamcey is the 1st nominee of the sector that vies for a slot in Congress under the Partylist system. But the sector she represents is the textile and garment sector. While I wish her luck in this political journey, I would have wished she represented an organization advocating for advancement of Philippine pageantry, a cultural and economic endeavoour that has been in the country since colonial times but yet still budding industry up to now. The pageantry community, no matter how frenzied and chaotic at times, counts to millions of followers. Someone should bring this legitimate sector’s voice to Philippine Congress. Ifvthat happens, SIR NORMAN would make for a very competent 1st nominee!

    • Speaking of Maria Ressa, the Philippines’ first ever Nobel Peace Prize winner, is something the entire nation should take pride in. Her award is a global statement that the creeping authoritarianism and muzzling of press freedom must stop, and everyone should join the fight to hold its leaders into account! She and her beauteous internationally-acclaimed human rights lawyer Amal Clooney are real phenomenal women (to borrow MUP’s branding tagline)

      • As we all know, she’s a bias journalist. She has a lot of international connection not only the press but also politics that supports rappler. Now you know why she won.
        But evil will never win. Whatever their plans are, I wish them good luck😊hihihi

      • Bias against fake news and fascism, yes. Are you more authoritative and credible than the Nobel Prize Committee? LOL.

      • Of course vecks. Her award is nothing. It’s like the award of Cory after edsa revolution because of LP connections 🤭
        Madaming tumulong Kay Ressa bcoz they don’t like DU30. As simple as that😆
        Wala namang napatunayan at ebidensya . It’s all politics vecks🤪

      • phenomenal woman indeed, Maria Ressa.. 👍👏 her Nobel Peace Prize is as @scorg says “something the entire nation should take pride” Bravo to this journalist with “balls”…

      • @ scorg – I agree, Maria Ressa’s Nobel Peace Prize is historic and is something all Filipinos should be proud of, regardless of their political leanings. This is a big recognition for the Philippines. Maria Ressa now stands alongside past Nobel Peace Prize winners that include Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr, and other luminaries who have sought to make the world a better place.

      • Why is Maria Ressa’s Nobel Peace Prize a relevant topic in pageantry community? Beauty is one of the ultimate values alongside Goodness, Truth and Justice that are central to the Greek, medieval and renaissance social and political thought. Her awards makes her stand “ten feet tall” among the world’s accomplished women– truly phenomenal! In all her a-little-over-5″ frame (at least taller than the average Filipina height of 4’11′”, she to me deserves an MUP Phenomenal Woman award, or the “Bagong Tapang” acclamation by GSM.

      • MUP Phenomenal Award? LOL. Using Maria Ressa to elevate the cheap MUP brand? HAHAHAHA.

  3. So Maggie, along with fellow Filipino influencer Josh Yugen, shows that the Miss Universe UAE franchise is actually controlled and owned by Filipinos. I suppose that’s good news for the UAE franchise being in good hands.

  4. Shamcey just filed a COC for Partylist, so the ND of MUP & MWP are vying for positions in this 2022 elections

    Congrats Maria Ress for winning a Nobel Peace Prize

    Miss Grand nalang talaga ang Title na hindi na palanunan natin Charot!


  5. Do I read it right that it is a Filipino group that got the MU franchise at UAE? Well. in a country where the locals (the native-born Emiratis) have no interest in beauty pageants, and religion and culture forbid public display of women’s body, the MU branding elements will have to adapt. SS competition will definitely be out. Pasarela is expected to be modest. Certainly, more on the EG as a number of FIlipino designers are making waves there. More on advocacy, maybe? But what empowerment issues/ concerns will sit well in an Arab society? Other than tourism, environment and children’s welfare, there are limited politically correct options. How this will play out is interesting to know– and a callenge to the Creative Consultant.

    • not interested? bakit 1000 ang applicants? Maka fake news ka, Ressa will spank you

  6. Let me guess kung bakit siya pinili?

    Because she live and studied in Jeddah during her teenage years before relocating to Manila to join the pageant! She is exposed to the Middle Eastern culture!

    Well, Puteri Indonesia doesn’t have swimsuit also in selecting their MU candidate. In fact, when the live MU is shown in their country, the body of the candidates where blurred during swimsuit round!

    Since UAE Resident ang puedeng sumali, that means puede makasali yung mga FA ng Emirates Airlines na marami-rami ang Ukrainians and Russians! So, hindi kataka-taka na isang blond hair-blue eyes ang magiging rep nila if not Indian or Filipino origin!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson It will look like MSA, the rainbow Nationals with participants of all skin tones.

    • Denise is currently the Managing Director of DoModels UAE.
      I bet some of her models will join. Denise will be a good choice too.

  7. Oo nga. Kaloka. C Furne One Ang designer sa Fashion Couture round at walang swimsuit competition. Sasali na Ang local woman ng UAE sa Israel. This is one step forward for UAE in embracing the changes of the universe🤭 cherette

  8. Josh Yugen is also Filipino pala.

    Lipad na daw bukas si Katrina sa UAE para sumali Charot

    Ayan may chance na ang mga KF girls manalo Char

    With all seriousness, Feeling ko Filipino ang mananalo sa Miss UAE


    • @ Sunny Well, in the first place Katrina isn’t a UAE resident, and never has been to the best of my knowledge. Secondly, she surely has a contract with MUPO as MUP-Tourism who ‘in the event the winner is unable to… blah, blah, blah…’ that could all too suddenly dispatch her to Israel if for a very remote possibility that Beatrice won’t be able to go. Kaya, kahit paano stand by lang siya. Indeed, bakit pa ako sasalang ng is pang Nationals (assuming puwede siya sumali) kung eto na’t practically nakaumang na ako sa pintuan? Quick! Place laxative in Bea’s coffee/tea, char/chos.

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