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  1. Residency vs. citizenship. For now, let’s not talk about DNA/ethnicity in the name of ‘wokeness’.

    For all intents and purposes, VVV is NOT a Filipina (born & grew up in NZ, said she) but has apparently racked in enough months in the country to satisfy MUPO’s requirements. Mas marami pa akong nakitang objection towards Katrina’s obvious ‘already-very-much-American’ aura (she being native-born but migrated), mine included. I think it was @ Closer2Fame who was adamant from the get go that we not crown anyone who is not FULLY HERE.

    Si Karen Gallman lang ata ang walang dispute. Kahit very obvious na banyaga ang mukha at pangalan, dahil dito pinanganak, lumaki, at marunong mag-Bol-anon, swak sa lahat. Winner pa!

    Now, what of Kim Layne of Idaho whom no less than Uncle suggested as a future MUP candidate? When will she begin racking in the required months? As early as now, any objections, guys? Para magawan ng paraan nina Voltaire in terms of a spin.

  2. If Miss Universe UAE will allow non-citizens to compete in their national pageant, doesn’t this violate MUO’s citizenship requirements? If MUO is open to bending their rules to accommodate UAE, wouldn’t this open the floodgates for other countries to follow suit?

    • I don’t think muo has citizenship requirements really. Kung meron man it’s not religiously implemented. UAE maybe may special exemption since we all know the background of the country. Kung totoo sila Jan sa citizenship rule nila, then they shouldn’t allow girls who use other passports getting to the contest. Example majority of Miss Venezuela. Mariam Habach used her Italian passport going to pH, Gabi Isler used her swiss passport etc etc.

      • Miss USA, which is part of the Miss Universe Organization, requires its candidates to be citizens of the United States to compete for the Miss USA crown, either through birth or through naturalization. Applicants to Miss USA must provide documentation (birth certificate, passport, naturalization papers, etc.) to prove their citizenship status. If Miss USA requires this of its national candidates, it would follow that the Miss Universe organization would also require the same of its international candidates.

  3. The headline says Miss Universe UAE for Miss Universe… (does not say Miss Universe will be held in UAE)… Miss Universe will still be held in Israel, where there will still be a swimsuit round. I guess no problem with that at all if an Expat wins, no problem also with Bea.

  4. Okay, this is what I’ve read about Miss Universe UAE:

    “Miss Universe UAE does not have a swimsuit competition, instead incorporating a fashion couture round instead. Applications are open to all residents of the United Arab Emirates, rather than solely citizens.”

    Approximately 90% of UAE’s total resident population is made up of expats, so conceivably Miss UAE could attract a high number of expat candidates not bound by strict religious or cultural norms.

    It is rather ironic, however, that UAE’s first ever foray into Miss Universe would occur in Israel, lol.

  5. If you cant hold a swimsuit competition then how could the winner compete at MU with swimsuit?

    • Don’t worry. MWP has swimsuit round but MW there is no swimsuit round. I’m pretty sure they considered that already.

    • I think the conservative no-swimsuit rule applies only to UAE’s national pageant…

      …then all hell will break loose when Miss UAE sashays on the MU stage in Eilat wearing a skimpy 2-piece.

  6. Working in Arab countries some years ago, I witnessed how beautiful Arab women were when their faces were uncovered especially in Qatar which is more lenient. In Saudi Arabia which is stricter, women’s faces are really covered, even the eyes are covered with thin fabric. So I think beautywise, Miss UAE can’t be be ignored.

  7. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in the United Arab Emirates face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT people. All sexual relations outside of heterosexual marriage are criminalized. Punishments may include jail time, floggings, death, fines, deportation, chemical castration, forced psychological treatments, beatings, forced hormone injections, and torture. Adultery and fornication are crimes punished with death, and a person convicted of homosexuality may also face charges of adultery if they have an opposite-sex spouse while having sexual relations with a person of the same sex. Homosexuality is illegal in the UAE, and is punishable by the death penalty under sharia law.

    Patay kang bata ka, Bea.

    • I know the MUPh wants to make noise by sending a girl with a story. But an LGBTQ+ story may not be the best considering the culture of the host country. Let’s see how this unfolds.

      If the pasabog they have in mind is getting Bea to rally for the secret Arab LGBTQ+ community (if there’s even one – baka individuals lang sila who can’t and won’t gather because they fear for their lives), the host country might find it disrespectful. I say don’t push it. We might see the first and last Arab hosting of Miss Universe.

      Imagine if Bea succeeds in getting the secretly gay Arabs to take courage and get out of their closets – they’re going to get jailed and/or killed. And if Bea’s campaign for LGBTQ+ acceptance fails and walang pumansin there because it’s a touchy subject, then kakahiya pasabog na waley. Either way, this campaign is going to be a ghastly spectacle.

      Miss Spain’s token inclusion was okay because the host country is openly gay Thailand. I have a feeling Jonas is going to gamble on this one. Publicity is publicity, noise is noise. Good luck, Philippines.

      • End of the placement streak of the Philippines. No other choice but to replace her now with a real Filipina woman with a queenly name of Katrina Jayne Rivera Dimaranan.

    • The UAE pageant is for MU UAE, am I right? What’s the connection with Bea and her being an LGBTQIA+ representative? Lol.

    • I hope this will blow up in their faces, MUP organization! Buti nga, they obviously wanted to create a noise by having a not-so-deserving winner as long as meron Controversy na Maton ang dating.💪

    • Hey idiot!
      Read the headline slowly and carefully so you’d fully understand it 🥴
      Israel is the host of this year’s Ms. Universe.
      Lemme guess, you’re one of those who failed their entrance examinations to kindergarten when you were a kid 😅
      Reading comprehension 👎

  8. Figure it out: Expat population in UAE in 2021 is 8.84 million out of a total of 9.9 million, or a whopping 88%. Emiratis account for only 1.1 million. India tops the expat population with 2.75 million. The Philippines ranks 4th, with 0.56 million, after Pakistan and Bangladesh. Based on statistics alone, UAE may well be represented at the MU stage by a non-Emirati.

  9. With my second post still deleted, now it’s clearer more than ever that inclusivity of ideas in this blog is nothing more than just a talking point.

  10. Mga Vekla!

    Si Paweensunda daw ang Miss World Thailand!

    Kuma-Catriona talaga ang bilat!

    Anyways, paakyat ang trend niya! Miss Earth Top 16! Miss Universe Top 5! Ano kaya ang Miss WOrld?

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Daw.

      I STILL want Tracy to get the MWAsia-Pacific sash man lang! Kahit mag-Princess pa si Fahsai, I don’t know that Princesses do anything. Continental Queens get some assignments somehow.

      May maganda sa MUT, hawig ni Praeww! #17, ata… I also like 2, 18, 24, & 29.

  11. Few months ago, after stringing along Covid, CCP and Hong Kong protest in a sentence, my post got deleted.

    Now few minutes ago I managed to string along Qatar World Cup, rowdy and flamboyant Brazilian soccer fanatics and “ultra conservative” in a sentence, my post got deleted. What gives?

    Well, c’est la vie!

  12. The Ines Ligron-tagged article… NO CROWN for MUUAE. A religion thing, apparently…

    (Gosh, I suddenly felt young. The blog ecosystem back then…Folks I met just as I was coming in.)

    “Yesterday when I was young, the taste of life was sweet as rain upon my tongue…”. – Charles A.

    • Bouquet at sash lang.

      Admin, why not jewelry, too? Parang sa Ford noon. Neither crown nor sash, but bouquet & a diamond necklace courtesy of the sponsor at the time (which, judging from @ XYZ’s comment above is probably a jeweler better left unspecified due to long-standing political issues.)

      Speaking of crowns, PLS TELL MUPO TO STREAMLINE THE ‘FILIPINA’ ALREADY. As you read in the comments of the 2021 Coronation post last 30-9, the ‘coronitas’ were even better. Hayysstt!

    • Admin, medyo confusing nga dating ng pagkasulat mo ng article. @ paui thought UAE would host and Israel hindi na… Ganun din ang unang pumasok sa isipan ko. I had to re-read kasi sabi nga ni Uncle dun sa isang earlier post na ‘unless there is official word from MUO, Israel stands’ (similar).

      Ang akala ko nga, si Ines Ligron ang ND kasi you tagged the September 2015 article. I only came in afterwards, so even this hindi rin immediately nag-register sa’kin.

      Siguro, yung ‘MU UAE for MU’ played mind trick…And, oh, tinanggal mo na pala yung article, lolz.

  13. Considering the how ultra conservative Arab society is when it comes to women’s demeanour, I doubt if native borns will ever join. The contest is open to “all UAE residents”. It is not far-fetched to expect that contenders will come from the expat community. I’m sure there will be a lot of Filipinos and Indians who will sign up.

    • Hello there scorg. I think it will follow the malaysian system wherein “Malay muslims” are barred in the competition. Just for context, the last Malaysia, though Malay is an indigenous christian. So here you go.

    • Scorg,
      Emirati women are not allowed to join. It’s against their religion and culture.
      The press release says application is open to all UAE residents which means its expat community.
      Anyways, there is a chunk of pretty Eastern European expats in Dubai who might join.
      I’m not sure about MUOs rule on this since citizenship is totally different from residency.

  14. With the World Cup in Qatar barely a year away, it should not come as a surprise that neighboring “socially-moderate” countries are making efforts to increase their tourism visibility. At the same time, it might be a subtle way to desensitize the “ultra conservatives ” from the incoming rowdy and flamboyant Brazilian soccer fanatics.

  15. So paano ang score ni Miss UAE sa Swimsuit? Ligwak na kaagad? Parang si Miss Israel na di rumampa sa EG sa prelims kasi bawal daw pag Shabbat


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