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  1. OFF TOPIC :
    last year , last May , MU2020, we saw the debut of Miss Cameroon at Miss Universe

    this year , this December , MU2021 , we will see the debut of Miss UArabEmirates at Miss Universe

    Maybe MU2021 will be less boring than I thought , good job MUOrg !

    • @ jaretwrightlover And just like MUCameroon, we can hope MUUAE’s NatCos will be tackled by a Filipina/o (but as @ scorg said in the newer post, living and working there).

  2. Sa mga commenters dito, you really don’t know the local pageant scene here. Most municipal/barrio/provincial beauty pageants are named as “Hiyas or Mutya” since it is a Filipino word.

  3. May announcement na ng Miss Universe United Arab Emirates!

    Can you believe that?

    Kung ang Egypt nga hindi na nagse-send ng delegate sa MU, biglang eto meron!

    Well, Ang National Director ba naman eh Pinochio din so ano pa bang mahihita?

    Bakit ba kasing kailangan ipagpilitan yung mga hindi naman major event sa bansa ang beauty pageant? Sa totoo lang nakakahiya mga Pinoy!

    • “Any UAE residents” can join which means these will not be locals because no emirati woman will ever join a beauty pageant. It’s just not acceptable to their culture.
      Any nationality with a UAE residence visa can join.
      Is this allowed by the Miss Universe organization?

  4. Cebu being the base of the pageant makes a lot of sense. Hindi magiging issue sponsorship niyan since they can tap Cebu based companies like IPI, the makets of efficascent oil, etc etc. They can even tap brands made in Mindanao like RDL from Davao.

    • @ Lymaraina And there is no brand more Cebuana than Cebu Pacific Air, the very name of its host claimed as though its own. Hope the Gokongwei-owned carrier becomes the official mode of air transport for the ‘non-natives’ to the island.

      BBP has PAL. MUP now has Air Asia. Let the airline brand bragging begin!

      • Hmmm pangalan lang naman yan. Cebuanos doesn’t pride Cebu Pacific as being a uniquely Cebu brand. What is Cebuano brand is bioderm ( the soap) efficascent oil, omega ointment, basically brands under IPI. Virginia hotdog, which is the preferred hotdog brand of vismin. Marami talaga. And Cebu is also home to lots of budget and 5 star hotels. A lot of touristy place too. If managed well, this brand will go far.

  5. redundant-
    Mutya ng Pilipinas 👸
    Hiyas ng Pilipinas 👸

    sana ano n lang-
    Magandang Dilag ng Pilipinas 👸


      • @ WillYam Huwag ka. Noon, may post si Uncle about ‘The Most Beautiful Girl in the World’.

        Believe it or not, it was a pageant. Di ata natuloy… Or if it did, walang balita dito sa blog kung may rep ang ‘Pinas.

    • Dilag ng Pilipinas
      Lakambini ng Pilipinas
      Dilag ng Pilipinas
      Diwata ng Pilipinas
      Diosa ng Pilipinas
      Kagandahan ng Pilipinas
      Kabogera ng Pilipinas
      Lamonera ng Pilipinas

      • @ Kiri Te Kinawa Sumakit tummy ko sa fudayacin. Kahit Google, di kinaya. All it gave was about some substance against a germ that causes fatal diarrhea.

  6. Ms. Ilene de Vera is the FACE of the brand.

    Atty.-in-waiting Eva Patalinjug is ND and I wonder if the winner of Miss Cebu will rep the island at this new National. Does that mean Phillip Rodriguez bought franchise?

    They should also get the Miss Progress International, based in Italy (Puglia). Core values such as leadership and community service are something they apparently share. Philippines has won there before, as we all know.

    Miss Tourism World, Great Britain-based… Sounds like FINALLY the female counterpart of the male derby in the Dominican Republic later this year. Uncle, is this Maria Preciosa’s, GotPh?

      • @ Norman Note, too, an organizational parallelism with MUPO, with individuals in charge of Legal Affairs, Charity, and Communications. Would the Presidency/Chairmanship and PR correspond to Jonas Gaffud and Mario Garcia, respectively?

        (Uncle, it is unclear what exactly is Albert Andrada’s function at MUPO. He is Head of a ‘Designers’ Circle’ yet not one dress/ensemble did he make for Rabiya last May! I hope this time around we see greater visibility/participation from him. Nad, of course, drafted the Contract…)

      • Since there’s Mdme. Eva, we can safely assume KF will be again tapped to helm this new brand.

        Uncle, Krizalleen Valencia & Noy Mabuhay Campos. Quick! Tell them to sign up pronto. Sa tindig at tangkad (respectively) pa lang nitong dalawang to, NO way they can be declined. At wala pa naman ata silang camp. @ Ana Winter-Lund said both show potential & just require training. G!

      • @ Norman Uncle, I saw the review made by a local pageant vlogger about MWP 2021.

        Your buddy is considering resignation as GM? He would be the second after the Ashtie fashion designer…

        I recall you were asked in one of your interviews which national pageant you would like to personally oversee if you were given the opportunity. I will no longer mention your choice here…

        But it does point to you. That maybe when you (finally) feel the desire to go beyond reportage, you can become a Manager, too. And at the very least from all indications you seem to treasure the experiences had and friendships made. How about it? Give it a go in the not-too-distant future?

        Kasi, yung isa mo pang besty, naging ND tas you took over yung function niya dun sa dating ‘office’ niya. Para kayo-kayo rin lang! I mean, who else do we trust other than those who have been with us forever?

        Or, you prefer the relative simplicity that neutrality guarantees? But we cannot be fence-sitters for long. There comes a point we jump in and actively engage, if not direct. Your thoughts in a new blog article, maybe? Kasi, it’s the next best thing to actually mounting your own pageant, which anyway you already ruled out in an article back in 201_.

      • My bad. My apologies.

        More than ‘Director’. But ‘haligi’ (pillar). Re the besty…

  7. I hope this pushes through. Good luck to Eva on her first foray as a national director

  8. In seeing the most prestigious and iconic institution Bb Pilipinas break up ( not entirely but MWP broke off first , then MUP broke off , for the two largest pageants in the world , add to that the Supra ) , other beauty pageant entrepreneurs saw an opportunity … I won’t be surprised if the Tiffany pageant in Bangkok becomes very very popular in the world and becomes a major major pageant in the world …

  9. Ay! Magandang Filipinas VS. Hiyas ng Pilipinas? In fairness parang BOMBA ang datingan ng mga pageant na to. Mapangahas! Antaray ha! Pambansang Hiyas ang title ng mananalo. Kinikilabutan ako. Last mo na yan Eva! 😅😅

    • @ Lemontree Seems lumipat lang din dito yung dapat ay titles/franchises ng MF…

      I wonder if Katherine Topsnik, Mary Josephine Paaske, & ‘eager-beaver’ McDonnell will jump over. Kasi parang di na ata tumuloy… I may be wrong.

      (Sheika Calapatia ‘bailed out’ just in time. But did not go very far at MUP. Her next move is anybody’s guess.)

  10. so instead of pageants losing appeal and relevance as predicted, through the years, new pageant organizations have been mushrooming left and right. we just need to look at the recent MWP coronation night na isang dosenang nakahilerang nakasuot ng korona..are pageants and its franchising the new resilient business model?

    • @ Marvin1978 May it be so! It’s a nice alternative-if-complement to other popular entertainment modes such as show business, sports, & music. And at the very least, guaranteed livelihood for service providers who, indeed, also must put food on their family tables – beauticians, fashion designers, hoteliers, bus drivers, security personnel, photo/video-graphers, etc.

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