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  1. Yung last two standing with Rabiya in the middle. SORRY! MATONA talaga ang dating nya…para bang ready na manuntok kung Hindi manalo, shet!💪💪🦾

  2. I have said this before and I will say it again: I think the pageantry community should be grateful that a show approximating a normal-year pageant is successfully mounted. I think pageant enthusiasts should be thankful that in this time of unpredictable lockdowns and strict health and safety protocols, a pageant of this magnitude is still held to entertain us in our home quarantines. Let’s get real: who among the pageant organizations showed the same agility, innovativeness, business savvy, and never-say-die attitude in the face of gargantuan logistical, financial, and operational challenges of this pandemic? Others skipped a year, postponed coronation events several times or simply blissfully hibernated. But one organization moved mountains and hills, went from one contingency plan to another, to give the country the yearly chance to still celebrate beauty in the midst of an ugly menace!

    • When the history of pageantry will have been written someday, we know that one organization adroitly navigated its way through the treacherous waters of unpredictable lockdowns and alarming health hazards just to keep pageantry pulsate with life. When others cowered in fear, retreated in a blissful wait-and-see stance, and simply snoozed in their bunkers, here is one organization that broke stereotypes and went head-on to mount a show that approximates a normal-year pageant. In normal times, business pacesetters are called “Industry Captains”. In abnormal time like this, they are called “Industry Champions”. They save the industry frm absence and irrelevance in the public psyche, and from the likelihood of eventual extinction

      • @ scorg Daghang salamat daw sa imu, dong! Said @ jaretwrightlover (below). Di daw siya bored dahil sa MU country franchisees. MUP, MSA, MUT, MUSA, PI, MUColombia, etc… All are BOLD.

        Sunod na uwi mo sa ‘Pinas, mag-host ka, ha. Kahit 999Php pa yung ‘pay-to-view’, we will watch U.

        (Contact-in mo kasi ang MUPO para i-presentar sarili mo. You’re too modest~kind. Puwera biro!)

      • @Andrew,

        Thanks for the kind words. I simp;y am doing my job as a responsible member of the pageantry community: congratulate innovation (MUP and MEP) and risk-taking (MUP), an gently poke on complacency and fence-sitting (I’d rather not mention names for fear of attack dogs/ trolls in the cyberspace). If we don’t do that, this pandemic may also exterminate this industry, the spectacle that Filipinos love since the colonial period, the celebration of beauty so imbedded in the Philippine culture and history.

    • I think this write up is still skeletal to a yet bigger narrative that documents MUP’s journey through this pandemic. I suggest the organizers of MUP to put up a documentary that other MU directorates can benchmark on. It may sound presumptuous– but let’s get real here– other pageantry organisations may learn a lesson or two from MUP experience on managing a spectator event business during perilous times.

  3. I think Steffi is the closest match to Miss Universe standards. Katrina would be “maingay’ but is the type who would place up to the semis. Steffi’s beauty might take her to the finalist position, but her manner of formulating answers would stick out as her weakest point Katrina’s over-eager, pick-me demeanor is just a turn off for a major pageant. Sorry, not trying to start anything here. Just sharing some observations.

  4. I am still feeling bored while waiting for this December’s MU 70th pageant … It’s as if there is nothing to look forward to that will get me excited while I follow the events and final show for the new queen

    • @ jaretwrightlover MUO must heed your sentiments. That you would pass other brands along the way for them makes you a loyal customer. They should make content available for you; we cannot solely rely on the national franchisees for this. Paula Shugart also needs to move her as_!

      What can Beatrice do on her own between now and December to whet fans’ appetites?

      • Thank you for your question

        It is not about Bea , although because my fav for the crown KJD , was beaten , she is probably a factor

        I am sure that Bea will do very well but I am not sure if well is good enough to enter the semis for her. BUT if she does enter the semis, I am sure that her Q&A will be her big plus factor. She seems to have nerves of steel , maybe because of her military training. Politically maybe, LGBTQ may also factor in.

        If you look online , it looks like this year will have the fewest number of delegates ever in modern MU history. I fear that latina dominance is again in the horizon. When I think about it, I feel really bored and I refuse to watch that happen again. For me , KJD was supposed to be the shield against latinas filling up all the semifinals slots. I don’t know, but this year’s MU show just smells dull and boring…I hope not

        I am not sure if you are a member of the org behind Bea but appreciation to you for your question

  5. I never thought that VVV is actually quite tall … she will be a great asset to MUPorg , however , for me her beauty of face is more for Miss New Zealand (with Maori heritage). I think she should take a shot at MUNZ , and then if opportunity knocks again, MUP is worth another try …

    • @ jaretwrightlover Hers is Irish extraction. And that she would only try pageantry once.

      Besides, she only recently relocated here.

      (I think I heard her say these at her interview with Luis Portelles… Or Uncle… Not Adam Genato.)

      • Irish Flipina is a good combination … that gives her that Maori type beauty, like New Zealand 1981


  6. At this most challenging time, it indeed takes a lot of guts to stage a beauty pageant in the country. The unpredictable reclassification of lockdown policy per region every 15th of the month gives the pageant organizers a headache on what best plan they have to consider. Good thing, MUPO always had a buffer, and their outstanding connections to the powers-that-be made everything possible.

    That is why I commented here after the pageant coronation that I would not further comment about the MUP production. I thought it would be very considerate to despise saying negative feedback about the stage, lighting, blocking, sound, etc.

    Nevertheless, considering all the experiences MUPO had in mounting the pageant, it is safe to assume that next year’s production shall be more improved and glossy. We expect that the MUPO will have more time to brainstorm on the logistics for the next episode of the pageant, so they would present a much better pageant next year.

    That’s all.

  7. Makumpleto sana one of these days sa iisang ‘class photo’ ang ‘pillars’… Wala sina Mdme. Lia & Atty. Nad.

    This reads like an election campaign launch. Are any of them running for Senator?

    (Speaking of which, may nasagap akong chizm dati, sa Fb page ni Uncle mismo (!), na isang lady figurehead ng isa pang national pageant ay tatakbong Senadora. Matutuloy ba, guys? Tea, pls! Ty.)

    • I’m fairly certain Beatrice can finish better than Rabiya, if the latter’s performance at MU is basis.

      I hope we can get crown #5 within ten years. Better if this current group of pillars will be intact by that time, their vindication.

      (Above sentence doesn’t sound very rosy, I admit. I mean, in 10 years pa… It’s just that I was expecting MUPO, as a basic courtesy, to have gotten the reigning MU some involvement like Zozi last year. That this did not happen smells fishy-ish… Now I feel a little sorry for Andrea Meza!)

      Who will train her in Q&A~Public Speaking? Atty. Nad or that lawyer nephew of fashion designer Renee Salud? The latter is with A&Q, no? Or, Gerry Diaz (the guy who recruited Maureen Wrob)?

  8. Kudos to Jonas and Company for successfully holding and executing the Miss Universe Philippines!

    Here are the very commendable achievements of the organization:

    ** Being able to get a large number of sponsors despite the pandemic

    ** Very transparent selection process! They showed the different challenges! I don’t see any favoritism at all! The winner earned her title!

    ** The Evening Gown are all superb!

    ** The winners are all tall! Kelan ba tayo huling nagkaroon ng set of winners na puro more than 5’8″ ang height? Marilen Espino batch?

    ** The concept of the Swimsuit is great!

    ** The Questions they ask from the girls from the QnA challenge to Prelim Interview to Casual Interview to Final Interview are all logical and rational!

    Looking forward for the same screening to live show next year if not better!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson I miss Downy, though.

      They have not told us yet what prizes Beatrice gets. In addition to copper masks, barley dietary supplement, & BioFlu for one year, of course, and which are thoroughly wonderful. No?

      (At the very least, an SUV from Morris Garages. This time, blue as her Finale dress. Rab’s was red.)

    • No. Maureen is 5″6 and Steffi is 5″7. The tallest batch I know was 2007. Nadia Shami, Maggie Wilson and Theresa Licaros are 5″8-5″9 silang tatlo. Yes. Close was 2009 I think bianca manalo 5″10 maan umali 5″10 melody 5″6.

    • Well if you exclude Steffi and Maureen, yes it’s probably the tallest set of winner in recent memory. Next would be the 2007 batch. Maggie Nadia and Theresa.

    • Marilen Espino is the tallest Bb-Pilipinas queen at 6’1. However, the Bb Pilipinas-universe that year(1992), Elizabeth Berroya and the 2nd runner -up, Michelle Buan, are only 5’6. The only batch in which all winners(including the runners-up) stand no shorter than 5’7 is batch 2019.

      • @ serge 6’1″? I doubt. Maybe 5’10”. I read/saw in an old article about a modelling tilt she joined.

      • @Andrew. Some sources say she is 6’0, other sources say she is 6’1, whatever, she is still the tallest Bb Pil Queen. She is taller than Melanie Marquez who is 5’11.

      • I don’t think Pinas has had any queen who is 6 feet or taller … I cannot think of anybody right off the top of my head … Gem Padilla and Joanne Quintas , both of them are not 6 feet or taller in my assessment , of course I am only thinking of MUP … Christy McGarry (Intercont) might be

  9. Excellent show.

    It is worth celebrating. No need for self praise, though.

  10. Yes Jajing, I agree.

    We need to defend Bea from desperate bullies like you.

  11. advertorial write up ba ito?! or wat..but of course, hats off to MUPO for successfully staging MUP 2021 edition and the continued experimental use of OPM songs for both SS and EG segments..and spiced with runway show blocking to appeal to new markets..may be for next edtion, time to ditch mr montero as emcee as he looks out of place, among other improvements.

    • also, way to go for the camera shots, angles, placements, sequencing/editing, etc..kung kaya nga ng parovidas gamit ang isang celfon, e kau pa sa dami ng cameras hawak ng production team..

  12. Beatrice — ang gandang kelangan pang idefend 😅😅 Look she already has the crown but she NEVER stands out. Well played, cooking show, Jonas. Miss Paraguay is Miss Universe 2021! Bea claps, as expected.

    • Yes Jajing, I agree.

      We need to defend Bea from desperate bullies like you.

    • Jajing, I think it is about time to move on from your end. The pageant winners were judged fair and square. Even if an ordinary pageant fan would say Bea is deserving because she nailed the question effortlessly and confidently.

      Huwag na kasing ipagpilitan sina Katrina at Steffi. On the first hand, Katrina was not in her best look that night, and she answered the question less impressively. Steffi, on the other hand, messed in the QnA. Kisses Delavin did even greater than Steffi during the casual interview.

      Bea is beautiful, has a ravishing sex appeal and x-factor. She is also intelligent.

      That’s all.

      • Well to be honest really kung pupunta to ng casting si Bea, hindi talaga sya magstatandout kung may ibang mas dyosa na kalaban. My point is first impression. Hindi mo naman malalaman na LGBT sya at navy reservist sya agad2. Ang candidate na head turner ngayon so far is Paraguay and India, face wise. Puerto Rico is just too much for me masyadong unreal looking. France too medyo meh for me this year. Thailand, I hope they crown Tharina. In South Africa, I wish they can send a blonde naman for a change. Frontrunner ng Peru ngayon I also don’t like medyo nakakaumay na.

      • @ Lymaraina YA-AASSS!! Catherine Groenewald, por favor.

        Tharina Bootes is the tall plus-size model who got the Golden Ticket after recounting how she was told at a young age that she had to lose 10 kilos if she wanted to model? Source is Admin George of ‘Pageant Empress’. He’s Thai, no?

        Si Nadia Ferreira ba ang MUParaguay?

      • @Andrew yes. Pwede din si Jeanne Mulder. Jowa ng Olympic swimmer at gold medalist Chad le clos. No Andrew yung plus sized model is si Anchilee Scott. 6 footer yun and plays volleyball. Ironically mas mukhang plus size model pa si Michelle gumabao kesa don. Kaloka.

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