85 comments on “Ganiel Krishnan resigns as 2nd Princess of Miss World Philippines 2021

  1. She did not get the crown she was aiming for, so she resigned. And what is wrong with that? If you applied and interviewed for a specific job you wanted, and was instead offered a lesser job, wouldn’t it be your prerogative, even your right, to not accept it? That is essentially what Ganiel did. She does not want the 2nd princess job, end of story.

  2. She could have written it better because if you read between the lines, had she nabbed the MW crown, she would have for sure, resigned from ABS-CBN. Didn’t she say after all, that it was ‘MW or nothing?’

    I think she’s being brave- know your worth! Don’t settle for less! But I do get how hard it is to write a statement, where you want to put this across and still appear humble, not arrogant. At the end of the day, nothing is worse than being stuck with something that you never wanted and will never want and having made that choice will make you sleep better at night- who the f_ck cares what other people think.

    So moving on- what are the winner’s chances? NO COMMENT!

  3. ABS CBN employee. kaya naman pala ang daming drama.
    anyway, 2nd princess is like 11th or 12th place sa sobrang dami ng titles

  4. Natalo kasi sya. She ended up as 2nd princess lang kasi. She couldn’t take it. Ang lame ng reason. She should have thought of it at least before she joined the pageant. Bakit nagjoin pa sya? I am sure it would have been a different story had she won Miss World.

  5. In case sya ang nanalo, mag resign din ba sya due to the same reason?

    Bakit hindi nya na consider yung reason nya when she joined? Parang dapat sa umpisa pa lang nakita na nya yun.

  6. Guys,

    I already saw the schedule of activities of Miss Earth virtual pageant. For the second year, the pageant goes virtual again. I just don’t know why the Miss Earth Organization continues this set up. It’s so boring to watch the pageant at that.

    It only shows that Miss Earth Org is not capable of producing the pageant during pandemic. Instead of doing virtual, they should rather postpone the pageant until live staging is feasible.

    With that, I reckon, Miss Earth drops from the Big 4 circle in pageantry. Miss Supra or Grand deserves the slot.

    That’s all.

    • I will argue that staging a virtual is costlier than a normal pageant with all added safety protocols in place.

      Now, does it make economic sense for the pageant based in the Philippines that is still struggling in containment of the virus to hold it here? NO.

      So inasmuch as you want an in person pageant, the economics is just not there.

  7. It was her decision to make, alright. And a lot of nice words can be written or said about her move, but it doesn’t take away the impression that the act itself bears conceit, arrogance, and a lack of sportsmanship.

    When you signed up your name for that competition, did you expect a sure win? Or probably a “conditional response” based on the outcome, i.e.

    – IF Miss World crown, THEN participate fully and enjoy the glory;
    – ELSE, resign and use the “I have a job” ticket.

    Sounds too self-serving to me. Quite affirms the outcome that she wasn’t found worthy of a crown by the judges/organizers. (Reminds me of Gumabao)

  8. This would have been a better version (from Mr. Vegafria)

    “I do not regret to inform you of my decision to let go of our Miss World Philippines Second Princess 2021, Ganiel Krishna.

    As you very well know, she claims to have a thriving career as a lifestyle and entertainment news reporter in ABS-CBN before she willingly entered the competition and claims to have never kept her intentions to go back to it a secret, regardless of the outcome of the pageant. Char!

    While we have made all efforts and did a lot of arm-twisting to have her named a 2nd Princess in this year’s MWP search, sadly she really was not even close to win even as girl-Friday to the eventual MWP. Now, she claims that her contractual obligations with ABS-CBN will not allow her to serve two masters. which begs the question, had she won a higher title, will she still do the same? Being told of this AFTER the coronation led me into thinking that this girl is such a hypocrite and sour-graping and made my decision to let her pursue her dream which she claims to have greater impact to actually serving her fellow Filipinos through broadcasting. Char. A possible future offer from GMA-7 that has bigger platform than ABS-CBN would surely make her the same decision.

    I wish to thank myself, as well as the entire MWP Organization, for our patience and in taking good care of this hypocrite girl along with the other more-worthy pageant participants by giving them wonderful experiences that I hope they will surely cherish for a lifetime.

    I truly am grateful to have made this decision to let her go as second runner up , which hopefully also marks her last foray into the world of pageantry. It was one big learning experience for me which, I know, will help me score even greater triumphs in the future pageants. Char!

    Maraming salamat po.”



    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS As @ Padede Boy would say, ‘Powhtahh’…!… Ah-hahhahah-ahahhha…

      Talagang may ‘char’. And twice! YOU WOULD DRAFT A RESIGNATION WITH ‘CHAR’??! Loco…

      We love you, po. Kaming mga readers ng Norman’s Blog. Sana dumami pa ang mga tulad mo, po.

      • Thanks Andrew. I am tats. This blog is the only venue wherein I am appreciated more for my humor and intelligence more than my good looks. Char! Lol.

        World Peace.

  9. I have nothing against her decision pero mas naappreciate ko tuloy ang mga gaya nina Meiji Cruz at Steffi Aberasturi na mga 2nd runners-up din and sobrang lalakas din sa mga competitions na mga sinalihan nila pero tinanggap ng maayos ung mga placements nila at wlang mga excuses para lang umayaw.

    Hopefully, ung mga gaya nila ay mabiyayaan din ng mga opportunities para makapagcompete internationally… just like the ultimate 2nd runner-up ng Philippine pageantry na si Samatha Bernardo.

  10. Saying “it is MWP or nothing” means she only had her eyes on MWP title. There is no problem with that. But resigning for the reason that she cannot serve 2 masters at the same time seems hypocrisy. I would have appreciated her by being honest in saying that being a newscaster is more important than being a 2nd runner-up.

  11. Last off topic for this post: Kirsten Danielle “Kisses” Delavin.

    To be honest, I had never been a fan of Kisses since she joined showbiz. I found her annoying at times because of her manner of talking and acting as well. Not only that, rumors have it that Kisses had people around her who would start mongering about her loveteam, co-stars and whatnot. Since then, I would skip watching Kisses whenever she appears on our TV screen.

    At the onset of MUP screening, there was a buzz that Kisses was joining. I shrugged it off and I even told myself, “What would she do in MUP if she isn’t that stunning?” I was never agog seeing updates on Kisses’ entry during elimination rounds in MUP, and even rolled my eyes when she made it in the Top 30. Like many others’ views, I thought she was just a spice in the batch so her battalion of fans would create more buzz with Kisses hashtags affixed to MUP.

    Though kisses is somewhat beautiful, I did not include her in my radar until the preliminary competition. Her transformation was phenomenal. She proved many (me included) wrong. I thought she belonged up there. In fact, during the coronation night, I was really stunned by Kisses in her swimsuit and evening gown presentations. She was a goddess in the Louis Pangilinan number. And the summit of it all, she blew me away in her answer with powerful conviction during the casual interview.

    Prior to the finals, there were also few good articles rounding the pageant world about Kisses’ discipline and deportment. Post-MUP, Kisses’ resilience has been talked about in local news, and she’s now growing more in me. I am convinced that Kisses deserves a pageant comeback and, of course, a crown.

    To her handler and Kisses as well: I know physical improvement is not farfetched achievable. So from now on, make Kisses’ figure lean and long. Her facial beauty is there already. She just needs to look tall. Also, I can see her succeed in other pageants, such as Miss World Philippines or Eco International, and not MUP.

    Best of luck, Kisses.

    That’s all.

    • Hi Ana,
      Same initial feelings here towards Delavin but during the finals, she really surprised me with her charm.
      That evening gown made her look clean, tall and elegant. She really deserves her placement.
      With proper training (icluding body toning), she can actually be another Maxine Medina with a better communication skills.

      • Hello JPB,

        My initial impression of Kisses in pageantry was she is somebody who won’t pull through the tough journey in MUP. Hence, I did not take seriously the news about her entry in MUP. Her pasarela training videos that circulated online were also purely entertainment… until the coronation night.

        Given more time to work on her body and pasarela, I think Kisses can easily win a crown. She is the bomb.

        That’s all.


    • I can see Kisses winning our second Miss World title. I think Lola Julia will like her, similar to Megan. Sana may magsabi sa kanya to join MWP instead of MUP.

  12. Can’t blame her. Being 2nd princess won’t put food on the table or pay the rent or pay the bills.

    I mean would you put your life and career on hold for what amounts to a runner-up crown that hardly means anything, with little financial compensation, especially if you were your family’s bread winner?

  13. It’s Ganiel’s choice. Lahat naman gusto manalo, and may pinaghuhugutan naman si Ganiel kasi nanalo na sya ng minor award. if you find it mayabang sa ibang hindi naman kasi yun ang gusto nya eh. It is being focus so naintindihan ko yun. Perhaps nakita nya sa contract na hindi nga self sustaining ang pagiging second runner up, and dabbling the two would really be difficult so it is being practical. Syempre, kung kung nanalo sa MWP syempre i am sure i-give up nya broadcasting for the meantine kasi may pagkukuhanan tayo ng funds. So huwag tayong bully kay girl. Nangarap din sya, and unfortunately the starts do not align, yun kapalaran nya….magiging mapag husga pa ba tayo. Syempre ang sakit, let us not be an evil step sister to her. After all we should support them. Huwag tayong mean kahit kanino man…..let us also reflect as fans.

    • Ito talaga ang dark side ng pageantry, it bring the goodness and evilness among us. Aminin natin yan….We should change, baguhin natin ang yung treatment natin sa mga girls. Kawawa namaa sila. Gusto lang nilang magpasaya at maging proud ang bansa o pamilya nila. I respect and honor the choices of the judges be it MIUP or the super booooring MWP. I feel for the girls na nakatayo ng from 6 pm to 1 am or 2 am. Let us suppport the winners and console the losers. Hindi sila kabayo that you bet….Lahat tayo may bet, pero lahat din ng mga contestants may mga kwento din sila. So huwag tayong maging Ashtie girls. Again let us be kind to all the girls. We owe them the entertainment….not to the organizers but to them.

    • I think the reason it came off as “arrogant” was because Ganiel entered the competition in poor shape, with poor pasarela, and disappointing Q&A answers. Yet she had the gall to announce that it’s Miss World or nothing for her.

      The thing is we can all dream. And sure, let’s make the world a better place and support all dreamers.

      But for her to feel entitled to win the top crown without putting in effort in improving one’s physique, walk, and other skills, that’s going to annoy a lot of fans. It’s still a competition and fans want girls to compete, not bring themselves there and go, “hey, look at me, I deserve the crown, right?”

      What you take as panghuhusga is really just an outlet of disappointment from fans who expected her to be her best. We all saw what she brought to the table – it wasn’t her best.

  14. There’s no issue here. There is a replacement. 🕊️🤍💁🏼‍♀️

  15. Off topic: Roberta Tamondong.

    I saw a Miss World Philippines pageant clip wherein Roberta was doing her final walk. That girl is next in the can to be the country’s pride in the Big 4 international pageant.

    I thought she was Miss Universe 2015 First Runner-up Ariadna Gutierrez. Roberta is naturally gorgeous and I thought the Universe is calling her on its stage five or six years from now. I believe her beauty is gonna improve more, especially after reaching the age of 24. I just hope that she won’t resort to any aesthetics. What she needs to work hard on is her communication skills. She is currently 19 years old, and so if she joins MUP in 2026, we expect a well-rounded Roberta Tamondong.

    That’s all.

    • Hmmm. Looked like she already had her nose done. Ok lang naman, wag lang sya mag-settle doon sa mukhang namamaga na malaki typical of many of our pageant girls. Mas maganda yung retokeng artista. Subtle lang.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund She is the teen queen I prefer over Paton, physically and facially speaking.

      If both of them end up competing in the same MUP edition (but wow, that would be Kathleen’s 5th* to Roberta’s 3rd pageant stint), I can see Roberta (VVV) in Top 3 and Kathleen in Top 10 (Kirsten).

      * – Miss Teen International, Century Tuna Superbods, MWP, Miss Eco-International, &… MUP. On the other side, Miss Bikini Philippines (1st RU like Chella Falconer), Miss Eco-Teen International (appointed; naalala mo yun? Si Danielle Isabelle Dolk, ‘Netherlands’ ang sash?), &… MUP. 2026?

      • Roberta and Kathleen are orange and lemon in beauty pageant. I believe both have each own caliber that needs to be showcased on the international stage. But both still need polishing. One thing is sure now: I’ll watch their respective journeys in pageantry.

        That’s all.

      • CR_P! 6th pala. Sorry, po.

        Miss Manila din. How could I have forgotten??! LOVELY Agatha Romero was RU.

        (Hirap talaga pag utak-tanders…)

        Kung nagkataon pala, contesera na ang peg ni Kathleen. Regardless of her fate at Eco-Int., if she’s truly bent on conquering MUP, as early as now she needs to ‘camp up’. It may be a while before an Independent (meaning, getting by with a lean-mean ‘team’) bet is crowned… Hhhmmm…

  16. Hindi magandang employee ito. Dapat sa yo ay self employed. Kasi may attitude. Hindi rin mapagkatiwalaan bilang journalist. Masasabi na nating bayarang journalist at sa abs CBN pa. Ganyan ba talaga Ang taga abs CBN🤭😱😆kasi makikita mo yan sa klase ng employee mo🤪

    • Alam mo, Madam Kembot!

      Palagi kong inaabangan yAng mga one-liner sarcastic statement mo!

      Napaka-bibo mo sa mga punchline!

      Madalas napapabuga na lang ako sa kakatawa pagkatapos kong basahin comment mo!

      Alam mo bang isang veces tumulo pa yung uhog ko dahil lang sa comment mo!

  17. As a Broadcast Journalist who has witnessed first-hand the chaotic an organization MWP is, a mismanaged organization without any contingency plan (how to explain the series of postponements, the last-minute cancellation of the coronation on the penultimate day, and the horrendous 7-hour finals?), I think it is within her rights not to accept a ceremonial title. It’s just like applying for a job and was given a non-functional post by the company one discovered to be dysfunctional, a person who knows her real worth can rightfully consider other pro-active endeavours that will utilize her talents and skills and yield more effective and productive results to society. After all, she applied for a job trumpeting the “beauty with a purpose” mantra.

    • I think people saying “MWP or nothing” (as in the case of Ganiel) or “MU or nothing” (as in the case of Catriona), declared those bravados in the context of the platform they were gunning for. Women of substance expectedly turn to other avenues to fulfill their purpose-driven life. In the case of Ganiel, the platform “beauty with a purpose” is where she can resonate her advocacy. If it was not given to her, she has every right to pursue her advocacy in other platforms.

      • Totally agree. If I don’t like my job and unhappy about it, why stay. People do that. I applied at a job and the position was rigorous that I have to stay until midnight doing my documention. I quit after a few weeks.

  18. Too early to resign. She could have waited for at least a month. Sabagay 2nd princess, malayong siya ang mag-replace sa MWP. Mag-balita ka na nga lang.

    • @ miss tissa Why this talk of a Princess being sent to MW? One of us commented of Riana…?

      And why ‘for…a month’? DOES TRACY TURN 29 SOON??!!

      (Or for that matter, are any of the queens up for exceeding the age ceiling of their respective tilts? Even then, isn’t Riana on the elder end of the ‘calendar’, too? UNLESS, the teen Janella…)

      • Janelle Lewis.

        (I somehow thought of Janela Cuaton, a MWP 2017 semifinalist.)

      • MUP-Pasig 2020, kapit ka lang, dear. May naghihintay na biyaya! ‘Ngiti lang’, sabi nga ng Colgate.

      • Ngayon ko lang napansin yung part where Janelle Lewis GLADLY takes over the position.


        Nemen. Ba’t nga naman hindi? I probably would, too. And by all indications, MWPO is only too glad.

        Mukhang may nakaabang na ‘projects’ for this teen candidate. Abangan!

  19. she did not only resign from MWP “position” but she applied for the ire of the pageant industry. honestly this triggered annoyance. “thriving” ka dyan. your attitude will be your shadow while you broadcast.

  20. Mabuti Hindi nanalo ito or else resign as Miss World Philippines siya.
    Joining a purpose-driven pageant should be deeply rooted sa core values ng candidate, and not sa outcome of the pageant.
    Kababawan lang

    • Ang bababaw nlng ng sumasali. Indeed ,it’s not a beauty pageant after all, It is a career. Just like any other profession, ang may passion ,sincerity lang ang mag tatagal sa vocation and profession chosen.
      Don’t look at pageant as a superficial activity driven by physical beauty and 30-sec Q&A moment. It is a craft, profession and art if you indeed wanted to be taken seriously by people

  21. Burning bridges.

    Tracy Maureen got many bruises from her falls (the first one was really ouch!).

    But Ganiel’s ego was visibly more bruised. She could’ve chosen to go quietly.

    But this was her choice. Maybe she also wanted to overtly voice out her dismay with her placement and the org.

    • @ nunyabiz1991 Yung ‘Tatyana’… Si Sen. Zubiri ba yun? @ WillYam shared.

      (Buti na lang, buot si Tracy.)

      • @Andrew… it was the female judge for the top 15 Q&A… when it was tracy’s turn, the female judge greeted mistakenly as “hello how are you Tatyana” … (tracy clarified “im tracy”)

        eventually, the emcee speaked “you may now have your first walk Michelle Dee” instead of Tracy Perez… di tuloy pinansin yung emcee..

      • @ WillYam Oh, that’s RJ Ledesma. I’m disappointed. At the Press Presentations, he was fine.

        (There must have been a weird energy at the place that night. All the foul-ups & protraction. But Tracy was clearly lucid. Angels might have steered her clear off the land mines.)

  22. It’s Ganiel’s life so it’s her right to do whatever she thinks is right for her .
    However , I don’t think it is necessary to resign or make it in writing
    After all, what do second princesses do? Nothing

    • That is what professionals do, regardless of your job.

      She did the right thing. But the timing of it all was just too premature. She definitely came off as a sore loser in the eyes of many.

      Look at Michele Gumabao. Despite the backlash she had, she maintained a good standing with the org and is able to create a balance being a runner up and also keep her career.

      Maybe Ganiel’s decision was due to her bruised ego, as someone alluded to.

  23. I don’t fault Ganiel for her “It’s MWP or nothing” statement–especially with the other titles under the MWP franchise lol. But seriously, other candidates say similar statements, not necessarily to be arrogant, but to express determination to be given the top title. To me it’s similar to when our MUPs claim to be “the next Miss Universe” or “your Miss Universe 20xx”–no big deal.

    That being said, Ganiel’s resignation statement does come off a bit… self-aggrandizing. After all, would she have resigned had she won MWP? How about if she had gotten another title, would she then be willing to “serve two masters”? Wouldn’t it be more difficult for her to be a journalist while actually being a titleholder than it is now that she’s only a runner up? Then why compete at all?

    And even assuming it to be true, I don’t think she needed to say that her career as a broadcaster (“as [we] very well know”) is “thriving”–like she had just so graciously given MWP her time when she’s otherwise so successful. And while it’s probably true that being a broadcaster is more purposeful than being a runner up, when she said pursuing her media career will have a “greater impact to actually serving” her countrymen, it comes off as her believing that pageantry is beneath her and her form of service.

    To be fair, she might not mean this at all, but it can easily be construed this way, especially because resigning at all after not winning her desired crown already comes off as salty.

    Still, I hope she finds fulfillment in her career. There really is value in knowing where you’ll make the most impact, and accepting when a path is not for you. (Unlike some personalities who believe that good intentions alone makes them qualified as politicians, as if they have no other avenues to be of service.)

    • Veks she thought that winning MWP will give her better opportunities compared to being a broadcaster so in a way, she probably thought about giving up her broadcasting career had she won MWP.

      We all make calculate risks in life so I am not sure that she knows what she was going for. That statement of MWP or nothing is the validation of the path that she laid out for her future.

  24. When people see her om TV, she will be remembered as the overly confident beauty queen wannabe that boastfully said “Miss World or Nothing” and immediately resigned when was given the 2nd runner up placement.

    Kung newscaster pala talaga ang gusto mo gawin sa buhay mo bakit ka pa ngsayang ng oras sa pgsali sa MWP? Pati oras ng or sinayang mo. Yabang mo kasi eh, TBH di ka rin naman kagandahan. Sa true lang, mas maraming deserving makapasok sa winning circle over you.

    Kaya children, lagi tandaan, character is important. Wag magybang at wag maging arogante.
    When she said that “World or Nothing” chuva, I know it was over for her.


  25. As much as I love the confidence, her resignation definitely comes off as arrogant.

    However, let’s all realize that being a runner up is not going to give you any salary to sustain for the year. She needs to work and provide for herself din naman. So I get it that she has a “backup plan” just in case she does not end up winning so I applaud her for it.

  26. Maganda ang kaniyang gown. Sana ibinigay na sa kanya either ang Miss Multinational Philippines or Miss Environment Philippines. He, he, he…

  27. The sense of entitlement is strong this one.
    Girl! You’re just a bargain bin version of Sharifa Akeel in the beauty department.
    Know your place.

  28. On Ganiel’s “it’s Miss World [Philippines] or nothing” statement…

    Sa totoo lang, kahit ako medyo na-off kay Ganiel nung sinabi n’ya ‘yan. It’s like she was anticipating to win the crown early in the competition. And if the crown won’t be given to her, better not give any other crown on her head. Medyo airy ‘yun, ‘te. Okay sana kung dyosang dyosa ang ganda n’ya at slim na slim ang figure n’ya, pwede n’yang sabihin ‘yun nang maaga.

    I remember Catriona said that “it’s Miss Universe Philippines or nothing”, but that was after she was crowned MUP. Even if Catriona remarked that prior to her crowning, I think she was entitled to such statement. After all, she came back in beauty pageant a lot stronger. She ticked all the boxes before she trooped to Araneta Coliseum to get screened.

    It’s indeed not good to compare lemon to apple.

    That’s all.

    • It was Pia who said Miss Universe or Nothing in 2014. She even makes jokes about it in numerous interviews na nothing ang binigay sa kanya that year.

      Di ko narinig si Cat mag bitaw ng salita ng ganyan During Binibini 2018.

      Sana in the future may candidate mag sabi ng “Runner Up or Nothing” para maiba naman


      • No, Sunny. I can vividly recall that I watched Catriona saying that on TV, but that was after she won the crown.

        That’s all.

      • Yes, I remember it was Catriona who said it, Miss Universe or nothing.

        Julia Saubier said it din and lost. And now Ganiel with Miss World.

        I think what Pia said was, “babawi tayo sa Miss Universe” when Pacquiao lost. Many raised their brows because nobody was expecting Pia to win. Her preparations were kept secret.

        Rabiya also arrogantly said she’s going to win.

        “Top crown or nothing!” I think you’re only allowed to say this if you’re 101% sure you’ve prepared for the competition – physically, mentally, emotionally, and again physically. LOL It’s pure arrogance na lang if you’re walking into a competition physically unprepared/unfit and then claiming you deserve the top crown because your many other achievements compensate for your flaws.

        Confidence is different from arrogance. Confidence comes from a place of preparedness and strength of core. Arrogance comes from a place of entitlement and delusion.

  29. Hay. Bakit kaya pag bekle ang main honcho or ultimate head ng isang pageant org, daming issues. Look at MUP and now MWP. Why mga bekle? Why be like that? New generations of gay should change this.

  30. If you won MWP… would you have resigned? Sorry just asking, not bashing or being insensitive… Peace be with you

  31. Uncle, regarding yung comment ko dun sa nakaraang post na reply ko regarding ALV, di yun bullying, ah…

    I said, kasi, “… perhaps Arnold Vegafria is not the right person…”. Adding, “… a woman should…”.

    I replied based on what I had read in this blog, the negative reactions to the recently-concluded MWP 2021.

    And I used the example of Supranational as a pageant owned by a man – Gerhard Von Lipinski – but nonetheless we heard no violent opposition to. Not that there was reason to.

    In any case, I will simply say that if Mr. Vegafria for any reason found it advantageous to entrust the ship to someone else as General Manager, woman or man, while himself retaining ownership, he would have done so by now. And so I apologize if what I said may have caused anguish… Paz.

    PS. Uncle, ANONG NANGYARI KAY ANNE DE MESA? Did she even make 1st Cut? Or a sponsor prize at the very least? Or win a Fast Track?

      • @ Norman Gud Wed AM, po.

        Great! Then my future MPE Elemental Court wish is set.

        Patricia Babista, Anne de Mesa, Eloisa Jaoud, Angela Robson, and either Ybonne Ortega or Joanna Rabe (balance will continue from where she left off and bring her MUP journey to completion.) Five, di ba nga may ‘Eco-Tourism’ title?

      • Uncle, CONVINCE GRACIELLA LEHMANN TO TAKE THE ‘MINDORO OCCIDENTAL’ SASH FOR MUP. She is serving Christelle Abello x Apriel Smith vibe! I am positive sponsors will love her.


        Gud Thu AM.

  32. Oh, well…

    This early resignation gives a setback on her. That, she is not indeed sport in accepting defeat albeit her reason thereof.

    The Miss World Philippines Organization is vindicated to have not Ganiel as its eventual winner. Ganiel is not ready to assume her role as a beauty queen whatever placement she might have gotten thereafter. Her shortlived journey in pageantry is so far the ugliest I know.

    Sino ba kasi nag-hype sa babaitang ito?

    That’s all.

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