9 comments on “Ganiel Krishnan hits back at “insensitive” bully

  1. Walang nagcocomment dito oh, takot mabahiran ang pinakamamahal nyong BBP no? Pero kung employee ng MUPH yang Domz na yan, tadtad na ng reklamo at comments dito hays #Hypocrisy #Biased

  2. The cyber bully is not just “insensitive”, he is ignorant. When credentialed aspirants declare “MW or nothing” (like Catriona saying MU or nothing”), they say so in the context of the platform that the title carries. A Broadcast Journalist with a beauty title of another pageant already tucked in her waist, but which does not have a platform for a social advocacy, I am sure she was gunning for the chance to use the platform “beauty with a purpose”. The platform was not given to her. Any right-thinking purpose-driven individual who knows her real worth to society will simply look for other platforms for her advocacy. The professional and honorable to do it is to resign from the ceremonial title that will just bound her to a contract with no clear and specific function, much less compensation.

    • Because we’re all bullies LOL

      Anyway, this Domz Ramos is also the designer that MWP candidate Pauline Robles posted about yesterday on IG. He was also bullying Pauline, going so far as post her name on Facebook, telling her she won’t win, calling her ingrata and poking fun at her for having “no budget” for gowns.

      This designer must not know shiz about Cybercrime Law. What an idiot.

  3. If MWP respected her decision to resign, who are we to criticize her. If she eyed for MWP title and did not get it, she has the prerogative to resign. .

    • The only problem is the reason for her resignation stating that she cannot serve 2 Masters at the same time which is a little bit off. She could have stated that she would be more effective being a broadcaster than being 2nd runner-up.

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