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  1. Alam na alam ni Faith kung gaano kakapal dapat Ang make-up para manalo😱😊
    The first Rup Miss Romania will join another/her third international beauty pageant MI. The first is MU2020.

  2. Off topic: Bongga naman talaga ng Miss South Africa beauty pageant. Having two Misses Universe from the Philippines, Cat and Pia, make the pageant most prestigious among the national pageants in the world.

    Miss South Africa Organization has seen in Cat the potential of becoming a good backstage host, while BPCI has proven Cat’s excellence in pageant hosting. Cat is the type of a girl who can think on her feet and talk about everything under the sun. I remember I mentioned here sometime in 2018 that TV networks in the country can invest in Cat to be the country’s version of Tyra Banks in a talk show. I’d love to watch her in a talk show, para naman tumaas ang quality ng talk show sa Pilipinas. Knowing the creativity Cat may put in in a show, I believe we can have the best talk show in the land then.

    Above all, Cat has already showed us her creative mind when she prepared for the Miss Universe 2018 pageant. I think that quality is something a national pageant from the Philippines can take advantage of. Cat can be a pageant consultant in that aspect. I am sure she can make another girl a Miss Universe.

    That’s all.

  3. UAE po pala. Sorry, nakalimotan ko na ang sinabi sa whole article. Nahanap ko ulit at binasa ko. UAE daw pupunta.

  4. Kuya Norm, nabasa mo yong latest article sa Esquire Middle East na pupunta daw ang MUO sa Dubai? Ano kaya ang negotiations don? Kung may nakuha ka mang mga insider stories, please tell us. Thank you.

      • @ Norman Buona evening, Uncle.

        How is ‘Hiyas ng Pilipinas’ connected to ‘Jewel of the Philippines’, po? Which has the United Continents franchise now? More importantly, why is this being revealed seemingly semi-secretly?

      • @ Norman Good Sun AM, Uncle.

        Anong paksa today sa S6E8, po? ‘Crispy’ ba? Magugulat na lang kami? It’s THAT good?!! WOW.

        Oh, btw. Paweensuda IS MWT 2021. Close pa ba kayo? Ma-i-interview mo pa siya? If so, pls ask if her appointment is courtesy of her Betterfly Academy (pageant camp). Di ba requirement ni JM ay national pageant? Puwede na pala mag/ma-appoint? Or, is the franchise rate different between appointment- & pageant-basis? Kasi, if I took the franchise and I paid more, I should expect from Mdme. JM a higher placement, maliban na lang kung talagang sobrang lakas ng field. Tyvm.

      • Andrew, I am feeling under the weather since last night. Today is supposed to be the solo guesting of MUPH Bea Gomez but it was called off due to a last-minute instruction for a Presscon with all 5 winners. Sadly, it was also postponed due to IATF regulations against a public gathering. That left me hanging and I could not make instant arrangements for replacement guests. Bawi ako next Sunday.

  5. Out of topic: Sir blogger/ @Flor Tula…is it true that the 70th Miss Universe will be held in the UAE not in Israel?? Salamat

      • We will know the result of the meeting on Thursday auntie, October 7. Probably, the MU2022 might be held in UAE. Baka October 8 pa ilalabas Ang news kapag sinipag Ang mga Pinoy chismosas na affiliated sa UAE newspapers🙂
        Actually, c Tutubing haliparot at chismosa Ang may Sabi nyan😊

    • I don’t think that any beauty pageant will ever take place in the UAE.
      Emiratis are too classy and elite for such unless they are trying to appease the majority of its expats that are mainly the masses from impoverished 3rd world countries like the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc. and yes Philippines remains to be one of the impoverished nations despite the current administration’s lies that all things have improved 😉

      • We stay impoversihed because it is our own local politicians and oligarchs who are creating poor people in each of their territories which has been ongoing for the past 3 decades… We may not be as improved as you want but at least the current admin is trying to create change compared to the past admins who are more in favor of the status quo.

      • @ JustPassingBy That’s interesting, your final point. Being that as it may, neither have I heard nor read that taxpayers like being told things are getting worse. And if they were told, I wonder how they would take it. Just musing.

        It’s like this interview with the boss of a top real estate development company I watched just now. They were asked what sets them apart; their stock was apparently well-received not long after being launched. That question – ‘what sets you apart’ – sounds like ‘why should you win/be MU’.

    • Puede rin. Tatanungin ko Muna c Papa Mohammed bin Rashid Al maktoum kung part ba sa Dubai Expo Ang pagbisita ng mga Miss Universe candidates🤫🤭🙂

  6. Sa sobrang puyat yata ni sir Norman sa naganap na MWP, hangga ngayon wala pa siyang ibang updates!😂

    • @ miss tissa At the very least, he is currently among the judges/assessors at ADFQ 2021. Alam mo naman yun, up to his neck in work. Waley na ang love life…

      With MUP, MWP, & Aura International just days of each other, this will be a week or so of Press engagements. Pero unahan din ata… Maybe Uncle just let the others take it. Siya, cool lang.

      There will be enough updates once Cinderella, Montagne, and Vera leave for their respective campaigns. Yung kay Trisha daw sa Lebanon, ‘sooner than you think’ but hopefully not virtual, no?

  7. Josketch! Naalala ko tuloy ang jowa kong Pabo na tuwing hawak ko ang kanyang ano eh hindi nagsasalubong ang point at thumb finger ko at nakakalimang veces sa buong magdamag! Kaya tuloy by the time na mag-35 ako tinanggal na almuranas ko! Charotela eklavu!

  8. Guys, tingnan niyo si Maureen Montagne dun sa naka-tag na post from 2018 – Ageless Beauties for CTS (above)… YOU WILL NOT RECOGNIZE HER.

  9. Huwag kayo. Usually minor pageants with local brand sponsors mas malaki cash prize kesa sa bigger pageants.

    • @ Yna Chanique Rabe got 35k USD. Varo Vargas got 15k USD. Is Supra big or small for you, po? No nega, no hate. Just to get some idea how much we are talking about… Assuming some of the smallest international pageants can charge as low as 500 USD annual franchise. Pero pag ganun ata, parang nagbakasyon ka lang at sa hotel ballroom (lang) ang Finale.

  10. Ang babaeng pinagkaitan ng korona noong patimpalak sa Bb. Pilipinas 2021 ngayon nagwagi sa ibang bansa. Kayong mga talunan sa mga patimpalak huwag kayong mawalan ng pag-asa. Malay natin kayo naman ang magsusuot ng korona.

  11. Oh, wow! Congratulations for winning Aura. Alexandra is now privileged to go in and out of SM Aura in her own gusto, with her berk Awra. Char!

    I saw the video of her winning, but was a bit disturbed by a videographer guy wearing tees and shorts roaming on stage. Such an unprofessional production. Parang videohan sa birthday party lang sa gilid-gilid. Nakakaloka. Lol.

    That’s all.

  12. need makilala ng organization na to kaya need ipanalo si Ms Philippines

    haha Congrats po

    joke lang yan bka ma high blood na naman kayo

  13. I was hearing some Russian being spoken in the background announcements , I am now confused as to whether this is a Turkish sponsored pageant or a Russian sponsored pageant …

  14. Wow! Another victory for our country in the international stage. Congratulations.

  15. used to be called Miss Kremer International. What does Kremer means? Kever?

  16. Ilang Turkish kaya na-awrahan ni Faith para manalo sa timpalak ng awrahan. Charot! Congrats gurl!

  17. I was surprised. I thought Turkiya would be semi-arid. But the ‘Highlights’ video showed lush hills!

    I thought Romania (1st RU?) would win.


    Uncle, why did it take us so long (16 years?) to finally join this pageant, anyway? You have tea?

    • Turkey’s topography is very diverse; lush mountains, stunning beaches, ancient hills and valleys, magical lakes and rivers etc that is why it’s the favorite destination of European holiday-ers. After all, it’s the only country in the world that actually straddles the continents of both Asia and Europe.

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