15 comments on “The Weekend of Miss World Philippines 2021

    • @ themermaidtravels Meron na po.

      Some posts back… It’s also in his Rappler submission back in July, ata.

      • I’ll look for sir Norman’s final prediction for MW.
        I want to read that again.

  1. i dont feel SPARK at all… i cant pick ..💪🏾 at mup i picked bea to win, and she did.
    this time pass muna ako 😁😁

  2. Grabe Miss India… pinaghalong Sushmita Sen and Charlene Gonzalez… tapos si Paraguay naman pinatangkad na Demi Leigh and Karen Galman….

    It’s still a beauty pageant.

    • Are you talking about universe? Their world delegate is very beautiful as well. Prettier Charlene Gonzalez. Parang magkapatid sila. Nakakaloka at walang mga pores. Ansave? Hahaha

      • Yes, sobrang ganda ng mga kalaban sa MU…I hope maging malakas din pambato natin…

  3. Uncle, kompleto? Walang nag-back-out? Sana naglagay ka na rin ng ilang Arrival Looks; your faves.

    Malamang, rehearsals agad to.

    Honga, pala. I’ll expand my initial 10 to 13, with the addition of Ambriel Pascual, Tatyana Austria (another ‘tore’), and my love – Sade Nicha.

    Mara Ruiz looks like Rousanne Bernos somewhat…

  4. Here are my revised title assignments:

    World: Vera
    Eco-Teen- Lewis
    Environment International- Martinez
    Miss Multinational- Pangandian
    First runner-up-Guetierrez
    2nd runner-up- De Mesa

    • Reasons for my choices:
      1.World-Vera- talented, very smart, and well-proportioned, she could reach semifinals in MW by winning any of these challenges; talent, head-to-head, or top model
      2. Eco-Int’l-Paton- smart,Pretty, and mestiza, MEI appears to prefer Caucasian beauties
      3. RHA- smart and pinay beauty, RHA appears to prefer Pinay-looking lady(case in point- Wynwyn Marquez)
      4. Eco-Teen- Lewis- facially gorgeous and smart, she stands out from among the teenager candidates in this year’s MWP
      5. Environment International- Martinez- gorgeous but still newbie- choosing her as our representative in MEI is experimental considering Miss Envt International is the newest International pageant and we still have no clue as to the type of girl the organization is looking for.
      6. Tourism- Krishnan- pretty, with her sunny disposition she is fit for this title
      7. Multinational-Pangandian- Smart and sexy, after 2 attempts, this lady deserves a national Beauty title

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