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  1. Congrats to ALV for withstanding all the pains of pageantry alongside his other projects. 👏🏽💐👑🕊

  2. It’s obvious that the MWP Org is just itching to crown Ganiel Krishnan. They put her in every Fast Track event even though she has no business being there, like in Top Model and Beach Body. Just get it over with.

    • @ REGINA Refer to @ charlotte york’s comment (below). RHFilipinas is the real prize! I wouldn’t be surprised if the title came with a major sponsor ambassadorship, if not a showbiz contract.

      I think something similar to what ‘befell’ Katrina – just short of the top crown – will be Ganiel’s fate. Talks are probably done so that she will be given the Bolivia assignment.

      And, yes. MWP 2021 may be someone few of us expected, or a dark horse at best.

      This is necessary, imo, so that fans’ interest will be REIGNITED. After all, predictability is boring.

  3. Wow. I am excited about this news.

    Here are my title assignments:

    World: Vera
    Eco-Teen- Lewis
    Environment International- Martinez
    First runner-up-Guetierrez
    2nd runner-up- Pangandian

  4. Tama na. Ibalik na kay Miss Cory to provided may tiwala pa siya sa MWO. Baklaan na lang tong org na to…wag na tayong magbait baitan ha…kawawa naman kasi ang mga girls.

  5. Bakit pa kasi binitawan to ni Madam Cory, ang ganda at class ng MWP nung hawak nya, walang padrama straight to the point kung sino pinakamaganda, yun ang mananalo which is how it should be

      • True. She was obviously hurt sa ginawa ng org kay Cat. She even said na interview na kaya niyang pakawalan si Cat oara makasali agad sa BBP.

  6. At this point, we’ve lost interest in MWP. They can appoint whoever just to finally get it over with. I feel sad for all the girls. Okay, no. I feel sad for the girls who are there to perform and win with grit, skill and natural beauty. Not sad for whoever is there to win using influence and manipulation. I don’t even know which girls are which because it’s all a mess – frontrunners accusing darkhorses, darkhorses accusing frontrunners, filler girls watching in the background. Nobody knows who deserves what crown anymore.

    Miss World is possibly the most rigged pageant in the big 4. But there’s still prestige in being hailed Miss World. MWP, on the other hand, whoever wins gets to be Arnold’s next artista. Too problematic, this org.

  7. Didn’t the ND of MWP just filed his intent to run for Mayor of Olongapo? I hope this twice-postponed crowning event isn’t going to be a political rally.

    • @ scorg We will know soon enough.

      But one person who, out of courtesy on the part of MWPO, should at least be invited to watch if not serve on the Board of Judges is Sec. Hon. Harry Roque. He is the IATF’S ‘go-signal’ guy as far as live pageants are concerned.

      JB Saliba, MrWP 2018 & your co-alumnus at (beep!), will probably be, since he’s running for Councilor there, according to @ AWL. Sa kanya natin nalaman, di ba? Na tatakong mayor si (above).

      Pero yaman rin lang at na-bring up mo na, if I may say so, OK lang sa akin. Just me.

      You said din naman na dala na nga ng pandemya, the pageant industry had to be pragmatic.

      If that pragmatism involves tapping into your ‘political resources’, why not? At least, pera mo lang (assuming hindi ng bayan) ang nasunog. And surely not illegal to do so. Basta, the best win!

      • @Andrew, I first learned about ALV’s political plans from @AWL’s comment a few days ago. I did not know how to react because just when one pageant organization is literally moving mountains and hills to give us fans a pandemic-standard-decent-show, here is another big pageant that just screeched to a halt on the penultimate day because of the lack of contingency plans to circumvent the unexpected pandemic roadblocks. And it seemed the captain of the ship simply waited for the murky waters to clear for his stalled vehicle. I hope during those times he was was not busy charting his political navigational map.

    • But even then, hindi pa ata nagsimula ang campaign period. So, yeah. Ingat-ingat lang sa galaw.

    • @ scorg Good Mon AM from (+8-GMT).

      Saw no placards.

      How do you feel about Sens. Miguel Zubiri and Ramon Revilla, Jr.?

      Sec. Hon. Harry Roque was there. But this is expected.

  8. MWP > either Ganiel Krishnan or Emmanuelle Vera. Balance will be RHFilipinas.

    Eco-Fil > whoever Dr. Rezk anoints. But I hope it will either be Riana Pangindian or Tracy Perez. Balance will receive ambassadorship (read : with compensation) from a major sponsor as a semifinalist. But now I feel like Anne de Mesa could…

    EcoTeen-Fil > Dannah JOY Tempra.

    Environment Philippines > Michelle Arceo.

    Filipinas Pariwisata (aka, MWP’s equivalent to Katrina Dimaranan’s post) > Dra. Trisha Martinez, the Charlene Gonzales 2.0.

    Princessa Primera > Megan Campbell. Afterwards, cross over to either MPE or MUP.
    Princessa Segunda > Shannen Manzano.

    Well, that’s (Top) 10.

    Yung twin ‘tore’ (tall) – Danica Dhilla & Kim Babao – can resurface anywhere. Like MUP-Antique.

    (Bakit di ko ma-appreciate si Asha Gutierrez gayong pasok naman siya sa Top Model?)

    PS. Mr. Vegafria, PLEASE reserve future slot for Tyra Goldman, po. May you win your next ‘journey*’.

    * – Source : one of the normannorman.com commentators.

    • Miss you my friend. At least nabuhay ang katawang lupa mo my dear. Welcome back!

      • @ Pierro Rocco Buona serata!

        You like Asha Gutierrez, right?

        Parang viable option siya for MWP. Hindi ko ma-appreciate, but maybe precisely that’s why – she is just beyond radar, getting ready to pounce.

        Not only is she with A&Q. She bagged three Fast Track shortlists – Top Model, BWAP, & Sports.

        At malay natin. Baka she’s svelte na. Baka nag-todo work-out nung ‘break’. If only to see who has been lax and who has been vigilant, gives me cause for excitement.

        Also, this year Mdme. JM might just pull a surprise and give us a higher placement than Michelle Dee’s for as long as we send a decent rep. Kasi, I’m nervous for Shudufadzo; Mdme. JM is known for wasting early favorites. Eh, apart from Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and a few other Latin American countries, parang walang gaanong promising. If we get the Continental/Asia-Pacific prize, I’m hapi!

  9. The most exciting pageant for MWP is Reina HispanoAmericana. Only one.

  10. So, Uncle, you will go? Or, you are on the way to Zambales as we speak..?…

    You will conduct PN’s S6E7 from there, po?

    The MWP 2021 ladies are now on a bus en route to a confidential ‘holding area’?

    (@ Jonalyn Hernandez, latest update (SMS) from Mdme. Flora – ‘Spilled my morning coffee today. So upset and sad, what I feel… On the verge of lacrima. But got a grip just in time. Sucked me in’.)

    • Sadly, I might not be able to join them in Subic. Aside from hosting Pageantry Norms (which I cannot do off-site unless MWP is the focus), my sister’s birthday dinner is on Sunday. Besides, returning to Manila during curfew hours will be a major hassle on my part. I will be sending my photographer instead.

      • Uncle, in reference to @ ILOBOY’s comment (above), sabihin niyo po sa MWPO na kunin na lang nila yung prime time Sunday evening slot na dapat ay for MUP 2021, anyway c.7 din naman at by this time everybody already got wind of all that transpired in Panglao. Masasayang lang yung TV ads kung walang manonood…

        Live pa yun, if ever! Or at least delayed by a few hours lang, kaya di pa bilasa.

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