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  1. Bea is beautifu. Hindi lang siya mestiza kasi yun usually ang maganda sa mga mata ng pinoy. Matalino siya pero hindi siya may accent magsalita tulad ng laking America.
    Plus siya ay bisaya usually mababa tingin ng ibang “alta” pagsinabing bisaya or probinsyana.
    She’s humble and kind. Prove them wrong Bea.. 🙏🏻

  2. Earlier i made a harsh comment against her. So im taking it back, my apology. May you have a fruitful and wonderful journey in Israel.

  3. If there is one thing this pageant has proven is that we have plenty of Catriona -calibre girls in terms of comm skills – Katrina VVV Maureen Janella Falconer and Miss Siargao.

  4. Katrina was so stunning that night
    The only one who was prettier than her was Kisses
    Steffi was breath-taking as well
    If Leren did an updo , she’d probably have made top 5 regardless of her answer
    Still not getting the hype on the winner

  5. Iba talaga yung pageant when it was with Ms Stella Marquez de Araneta.

      • I think it is because of the pandemic that MUPh org. was not able to stage what we expect in terms of presentation.
        Pintas tayo ng pintas and yet eto pa rin tayo nag-aabang sa mga pageants.

    • Charlotte york… It wasn’t that long ago that pageant fans wanted Stella’s head on a silver platter because none of our queens had been placing, esp. in Miss Universe. She even dethroned Venus and it took a lawsuit threat to reinstate Venus. Venus’ placement at MU saved Stella, literally. Then there was all the screaming about Stella only using garbage bag clothes from her Colombian designer friend. It wasn’t until Pia that she finally “allowed” Filipino designers into the BBP fold and Pia wins. Don’t remember any of these things or did you “forget” just so you could have a moment in the spotlight where you thought you could/might be witty?

      However, kudos to Madame Stella for all the years and hard work she did put into the Filipino pageant world. At times, she was our only pageant world. And she continues… Blessings to her for her work.

      Now, it’s a new world, a new scene and we go forward. It’ll have it’s ups and downs but it’ll continue to move forward. Either move forward towards the future with us or get out of the way. Your choice…

      • You’ve got the nerve to talk that way , Who the h—- do you think you are ???

      • None intended. There is the saying, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way”. It’s in deference to indecision and confusion and making choices. Some people choose to stay with one thing, others move on to other things, yet others just stand still, ergo, lead, follow or get out of the way. Some see that as “get out of your own way”. It’s all a matter of interpretation. Problem with reading posts and emails, there are no vocal intonations – what is meant to be an innocent statement can be “heard” as something offensive when no offense is intended.

        Hope that clears up my last statement …

        If the poster wishes to stay with or return to a former way, then so be it. If so, please step aside so others may move on would probably have been a better way to have posted.

        You must admit that there are some posts on this site that are truly offensive and, at times, vulgar. I don’t see too many objections to them, if any. Then again, sometimes, there is no way to communicate with someone who truly feels comfortable posting something so offensive. What is the repercussion? They hide behind a computer and just go to town without consequences. Oh well… not much one can do about that.


      • @Fabian

        Who the hell do YOU think you are to accuse anyone of “nerve” when the majority of your comments are cringe bombs from whatever crypt you happen to be posting from?

  6. Congratulations to this remarkable woman. The stars aligned for her during the coronation night. I know she will represent our country well in MU. I wish her luck.

    • Agree with your comment. While she was not my bet (I had her in my top five), she definitely wowed me during the pageant. She worked for the title and she deserved it. Congrats to her and I hope that the light shines on her and the stars align again for her on MU night.


  8. Hoping na mala Ara Arida at hindi Rabiya Mateo ang transformation neto bago mag MU.

  9. Bea proves to be a relevant, refreshing, and an interesting representative of the country to the Miss Universe pageant. I’m completely sold on that foream tattoo! I’m sure she will do very well in Israel. 😁👍🏽

  10. Maganda naman sya sa ibang pics nya. Mama J, ilabas na Ang knife at umpisahan ng manghiwa sa dapat hiwain at dagdagan Yung dapat palusugin🤭😊
    Parang may tuberculosis nga lang at tumataas Yung shoulder nya. Cherette lungs.
    Pls consult Mama Osmel Souza for physical enhancement idea.
    Dahil bisaya cya kaya nakamove on na rin ako. Puede pa cguro sumali sa Miss World-Philippines c KD as surprised candidate. Parang wild card lang😳🤭😆hihihi
    Excited ako sa transformation ni Bea dahil Di ako confident na magplace sya sa top 5 with her looks at this time 😱 cherette lungs.
    Ang haliparot na Tutubi nawawala. hihihi

    • Hi @bong700

      Talagang di Mananalo si KD and no chance a all, kasi she is an “Independent Candidate” while the winner is under the camp of A&Q
      hindi talaga nila papayagang manalo and ibang camps nor an independent candidate, because ayaw nilang matulad kay Catriona Gray na once a upon a time na naging A&Q then naging independent.

      KD was once upon a time na naging A&Q during 2012 and now independent entry na.

      While Shamcey, is just a “Front” director kuno kuno but the truth is Si “Jonas” pa din ang over all na may “say”sa lahat!!

      Sorry pero yung winner talaga is napaka ordinary ng beauty and not impressive at all, walang dating or walang impact. di sya yung tipong aabangan mo to cheer kasi matatabunan sya ng maraming malalakas ang personalities na candidates, hindi sya yung tipong pansinin?

      and she is far comparison to Kylie Versoza as some are claiming, during Kylies time, you will see her stand out talaga versus Maxine na walang substance.

      • @ Mydin Independent si KD?! Eh, Uncle’s post on A&Q bets for MUP 2021 included her. At si Mr. Gaffud nga ang Philippines agent niya (through Mercator/EmpirePh), as one of us recently said . In fact, since 2012 pa (as BBP-Tourism) at may nabasa nga akong si Sir Jonas pa ata ang tumimbre sa kanyang mag-try ulit… Unless, she went independent nitong huli na lang, like Telle opting to leave The Camp midway into the competition; is this what you are saying, po?

        Therefore, KD winning could be misinterpreted as conflict of interest, given na alaga siya ng ND! So what is the way out of such potentially awkward situation? Create this ‘MUP-Tourism’ title that ‘in the event the winner is unable…’.

        PARANG MAY SCENARIO PA PALANG HINDI MAGAMPANAN NI BEA ANG TUNGKULIN NIYA. Ganun? Parang may something. And I suspect it has something to do with the Cebu City AP.

        In any case, it is clear we got the best Last2Standing. For that, we should be grateful. I am!

        I rooted for Magdalena Bienkowscka back in 2016. Strong as Kylie was, with an OOTD game plan that IMPRESSED, I had in mind our 2013 win with another Bea and I thought it would be too soon again. This Bea (of 2021) might get drowned by superior faces. But just maybe, MUO is looking for someone who can hold her breath underwater. And Ms. Gomez is a free diver, too. Slay!

      • Hi@Andrew,

        Yes Katrina J.Dimaranan is an Independent Candidate now, and “She was an A&Q camp way back in 2012 when she was competing @The Bb Pilipinas days, and up to this days.KD has her own new set of Team now.
        Kahit you do the research, you will only see KF camps entry for MS U. and A&Q entries too and Independent candidates.. Including Independent entries and “New Camp entries which VVV is included there.

        Kya KD is like Catriona Gray who decided to be independent candidate this time na.

      • Hi @Andrew,

        To Summarize you the different Camps in Ms Univ Phil

        1.Janela cuaton
        2.Steffi Aberasturi
        3.Ayn Bernos
        4.Princess Singh
        5.Grace Vendiola
        6.Jan Louise Abajero
        7.Meagan Digal


        1.Kisses Delavin
        2.Maureen Wroblewitz
        3.Corrine Abalos
        5.Michelle Okol
        6.Jasmine Umali
        7.Jane Miniano
        8.Beatriz Gomez
        9.Chela Falconer
        10.Joanna Rabe

        Independent Candidate:

        1.Leren Bautista
        2.christelle Abello
        3.Katrina Dimaranan
        4.Jedidah korino Hanah
        5.Simone Bornilla
        6.Krizaleen Valencia
        7.Noelyn Campos
        8.Isabelle delos Santos
        9.Mirjan Hipolito
        10.Yvonne Ortega

        The Camp:
        1.Victoria Velasquez Vincent
        2.Sam Santamaria

      • Hi@Andrew,

        Now you Analyze how many candidates each camps ang nakapasok sa top 16, and sino yung nag emerge amongst all.& who’s camp?

        That is all my take:👍

      • @ Mydin The Camp has 100% placement rate – Bella (1st RU), VVV (can we refer to her as ‘bronze medalist’?), & Telle-Alaiza-Ingrid (semifinalists).

        If I were them, I’d probably be smart and talk with Paula Shugart to revert to them once Mr. Jonas has broken even and is no longer interested. I could do it a’ la Ivan Gunawan – conduct my own selection protocol.

        KF nga, they dispatch wards to pageants everywhere. Magugulat ka na lang! May ganung pageant pala… Same with Dr. Harlijk Mirasol.

        I think The Camp just needs to sustain its A-game. Eventually, they’ll earn such prestige that they can match, if not exceed, A&Q’s record at MU. Parang dealership lang yan. Paiba-iba ng ahente.

      • Hi @Andrew,

        Bottomline here, what i was saying,You will have mo chance to get the main Tittle unless you are from the camp of A&Q on which still Jomas is the “Still majority owns the camp”

        Sadly KD was no longer part of their camp, That is why my only opinion on this was naapektuhan yung chance nya to snatch the main Tittle….Cebu City deserved also to win,it is just that parang walang dating or impact, However KD is much prepared and mas malakas ang appeal.
        I am not expecting this year’edition eh we will place high,nor makapasok sa semis,

        Look at last year, they crowned yung akala nilang papasok sa top 5 sa Ms Univ, pero and ending top 21 lang?

        Again to refresh, Pia and Catriona came from Bb Pilipinas while Gazini expected na talagang hanggang wild card lang sya because of her comms skills weakness.

        Pero si Cebu City kasi is too ordinary, but i think she lacks of a total package…

        Again sayang lang si KD, VVV, while Maureen can still join next time kasi A&Q naman sya..

      • @ Mydin No problem. Point understood.

        On my end, I believe simply designating one camp – WHICHEVER – to cater to MU will suffice. AND MU SHOULD, INDEED, CHOOSE WHO THEY WISH TO DEAL WITH, para hindi nila tayo balikan afterwards, saying “well, we weren’t allowed to work with the people we preferred”.

        But that ‘happy arrangement’ surely cannot be sustainable. Before long, factionalism and vested interests will fracture the camp because it can become so high-stake with the exclusivity. This is human history – when there is no democracy/openness, the comfortably-entrenched status quo will eat itself to oblivion not knowing any better… This is the stuff of many philosophical essays. Ingat.

  11. Mga Vekla! Bea didn’t grab the crown from somebody else’s head neither was it given to her on a silver platter! SHE EARNED IT!

    MUP has been very transparent with the selection process,

    From QnA Challenge to Prelim Interview to Casual QnA to Final QnA, Bea remained consistent!

    From Runway Challenge to Preliminary Swimsuit to Swimsuit Competition, she did well!

    Never in the history of Philippine pageantry na naging ganito ka transparent ang organization in selecting a candidate!

    Andame bitter sa Instagram! I must admit bitter ako last year ng hindi nanalo si Michelle Gumabao but last year was not as transparent as it is last night!

    Bago rin kayo magsabi na tapos na ang streak ng Filipinas, wala pa po ang competition? Duhhh!

    And kung matapos man yung streak then it is a learning opportunity for MUP to calibrate their selection process eh paano kung makabalik pala sa Top 3 and the threatening scenario na manalo ulit ang Philippines, that means that MUP has done a great job in selecting the candidate through those different challenges they require!

    It is normal for you to say that her face was an Average Eve or Plain Jane eh hindi ba’t in the last two years ang sinend natin eh parejo facially gorgeous and the rest is history, uulitin nanaman ba yung ganung pagkakamalil???? She’s going to wear the Philippine sash whether you like it or not so support is mandatory otherwise go home and plant camote!

  12. Should judges spend more time observing the candidates, like within a week? 🤔🙋🏼‍♀️✨

  13. Yung mga ayaw kay Bea, tigilan nyo na ang mga hanash nyo. Hindi nyo mababago ang katotohan. Siya ang nakatakda. Parang mga eksena sa buhay nyo…kahit anong push pag di nakatakda…hindi talaga kahit pa pinakamayamang tao sa mundo ang kakampi na na hindi rin kayang pigilan ng pera ang kamatayan. There is always destiny…bawi ka na lang sa next life kesa manira ka…dagdag karma pa yan.

  14. Yung mga ayaw sa winner, yung judges awayin niyo, huwag yung nanalo 🤦🏻‍♂️

  15. Oh how my heart bleeds after seeing Leren crying in the backstage. I also saw a picture of Steffi and Kat together, realizing that they wont be able to represent the PH in an international arena anymore. I know paulit-ulit, but SAYANG tlaga these 3 girls. I wish there are multiple MUP crowns but no. This is not how they wanted to end their respective pageant careers but yeah, MUP 2021 was a bloodbath of too many deserving girls, so these heartbreaks should have been expected.

    • but they also have had colorful pageant career. i think they should count their blessings instead.

  16. Although being a lesbian at Miss U could be an advantage. Sikat sya, siguradong pag uusapan sya dahil kakaiba nga… parang Angela Ponce lang yan… kakaiba.

    Headlines: PH is sending a lesbian in MU 2021!

    For me hindi na sana dapat gawin pang issue yung pagiging lesbian, At huwag na sana ipangalandakan pa. She is still a natural woman and she is beautiful. Mas acceptable naman siya kaysa sa trans.

    • @ miss tissa The transgender pageant community is beautiful in and of itself. They deserve their own stage!

      There’s the Davao City rep, who is working on her Master’s Degree. And a ‘furmom’.

      Lars Pacheco will wear the MisOr sash again. She is easily the most popular candidate this year.

      I hope they will emulate a few things from MUP – Casting, Runway, & Arrival Outfit. I also hope a posh hotel or resort will again be the Finale venue. And a dashing~classy host like Apa Ongpin, David Bunevacz, or Richard Gutierrez.

      • @ miss tissa Di pasado sa panlasa mo? OK, no prob. Ariel Ureta.

        BASTA HUWAG YUNG… Pangalan nun? Yung katambal dati nung Chinay first winner ng PBB Teen? Na Chinoy? Na nag-host sa MGI with Nicole Cordoves? I don’t like that guy.

  17. Machecheck pa ba neck issue nya??? Sayang mga kalaban nya ngayon kahit di masyado matangkad may “swan neck” sya parang ni-ukok iyang liog. Hopefully her being lesbian is not only her narrative come miss universe.

      • Jusmio!!!! Nagtagal ako sa Greenland to hibernate, hoping pagbalik ko sa pajentry waley na ang hitad na
        ikratan na orangutan!!!!! Buhay pa pala!!!! Naghahasik pa rin ng kanegahan sa blog ni Tita N😱😱😱😱🙄🙄🙄🙄

    • Yes with a skilled therapist. The old school way is walking with a book on top of the head. The younger the patient, the faster it takes for the neck and spine to self-correct.

      FHP (Forward Head Posture) is a real thing and has become more common due to the modern lifestyle (Text Neck Syndrome is what it’s sometimes called). It is fixable.

      The first step is admission that it is an actual physical issue that needs to be addressed. That first step is difficult to make, considering how pointing it out is taken as bashing.

      • Yay! Paui, our resident expert!

        This posture problem isn’t fixable in a month, right?

        I’m sure here trainers already noticed this.

        I wonder if they can still pull off a straight, commanding posture for Bea similar to that of Venus Raj.

      • @nunyabiz1991 please don’t call me that LOL. I’m nowhere near an expert.

        The actual “length” of the neck won’t change dramatically in a month. But you’ll be surprised at how drastic an optical illusion it will create if she gets treated 1-2x a week, and walk with a book for an hour a day.

        If you notice, Pia wasn’t always the Pia we saw smizing on the MU stage. The biggest difference between noob Pia and MU Pia was how she “carried” her head. She learned to tip her head up, with her jaw parallel to the ground when she’s smizing. It gives such a commanding, powerful, queenly aura.

      • That is really my biggest issue with her, the neck area. Matangkad naman sya and maganda. Pero I think India will win the crown na after 21 years.

      • Juicemio!! Kung makapintas kayo! If I know pare-pareho lang naman tayong walang leeg!

  18. my heart goes out to the senior citizens
    its their last chance to join given their age

    the young ones has the stamina and can fight again

  19. I’m a bit sad for Katrina, but it was quite clear by the Top 30 stage of the competition that it would ultimately be between Katrina and Bea. Katrina perhaps is more competition ready, but Bea likewise has her own advantages. I like her quiet confidence—it seems like the kind of aura Miss Universe favors. She also seems to have a good head on her shoulders. She certainly already knows herself and can stand up for herself, which has been a criticism of many against Rabiya. So she is very much a deserving queen.

    As for the other contestants… VVV looked beautiful. She and Maureen come off as genuinely sweet people who were just happy to get far into the competition.

    Katrina’s EG styling wasn’t the best for me, and she seemed upset at what was happening around her. She looked beautiful in swim though.

    When I saw who made it to the Top 5, I already knew Steffi would place second runner up. Her finish was undeniable after Q and A.

    Corrine Abalos, wow um, I liked her initially, but she went downhill from the Q and A challenge up until the pageant. Her walk was awkward. Her smile was forced. Her styling was also not the best last night. She’s more beautiful in pictures than in motion. She really should not have gotten as far as Top 10 because to be honest, I thought even getting into Top 16 wasn’t a given for her, given her weak prelim performance.

    Ingrid Sta. Maria has a future in pageantry, but I also don’t think she should have gotten into the Top 10 given her performance. She just needs a little more refinement.

    To me it was a crime that Jasmine didn’t make the Top 10.

    Mirjan was very pretty, very much like Maxine Medina.

    Sad for Leren, but as much as I like her, no one in the Top 5 was undeserving. Still one of the strongest faces in the competition though.

  20. I heard from the grapevines that two popular girls did not attend the after party.
    Another one: among the top 5, isa lang daw ang mabait at magalang sa mga tao
    Will someone do a Lemonon again this year? 😂😂

    • Last year it was a lemon, ngayon naman grape through your grapevine. Baka next year it will be ampalaya.Lol.

      I don’t think there is (much) intrigue this year with the results. Most are happy with it.

      Let us not read too much or entertain those rumour mongerers into what the girls did or did not do after the event :

      1) many are tired and would like to rest
      2) some are disappointed and would like rest
      3) few need to pack their borrowed gowns and rest
      4) and a handful may be planning how to share the Uber ride back home and rest – – –

      there can be one hundred and one reasons.

      World Peace.

    • Bea – mysterious introvert
      Mau – shy introvert
      Katrina – that bubbly personality is just part of her hosting persona, she seems to be the serious, bookworm type off-cam
      Steffi – comes off as that prom queen/college overachiever who keeps to herself and prefers a small circle.

      VVV – may be the only genuinely outgoing one who enjoys meeting new people. doesn’t mean she’s the only mabait and magalang one. the four girls are just not as extroverted. also, they’re all exhausted. some are still dealing with disappointments and bashing.

      I don’t see any of them sourgraping or spilling tea. If there’s tea to spill, I think MUPh learned from last year, malinis na sila magtrabaho ngayon.

      • Langya ka Paui. Unang basa ko sa “Steffi comes off as that prom queen…” ay “Steffi comes off as the porn queen…” lol.

  21. I believe that we have to respect kung ano ang decision ng judges. Bea is also human. Wag naman sobrang panlalait nasasaktan din yun taon, nasasaktan din yun family niya. Lahat namn cla gusto mananalo ngktaon lang na c Bea ang nagustuhan ng judges. Please guys support nalang natin kung sino mananalo kasi pangit tignan lalo na mabasa ng ibang pageant fans ng other countries na tayo2 lamg ang naninira sa representative natin. Mukha naman mabait c Bea. D namn cya pangit, shes beautiful.

    • @ Yellowscarf Just fyi, an ASEAN neighbor is also guilty of ‘paninira sa kababayan’. From 3 years ago pa, pero recently na lang nabulgar dahil yung Creative Director ng isang pageant ay very transparent.

      The issue/case also involves ‘not being straight’.

      We were concerned lang naman ata about the repercussions of crowning a lesbian. But here it is and we will simply have to be grown-ups about the whole thing and be open-minded.

      (That being said, I N-E-V-E-R had a problem with her gender identity. I’m sure that if it were risky with MUO, MUPO would not have…

      Besides, Israelis are, to be the best of my knowledge, cool with it, naman. So, yes support. And Uncle said so – she’s easy to work with, ‘buot’.)

  22. Legitimate Question Po

    In A Lesbian Relationship, may Top or Bottom din po sila? Or lahat sila Vers?


    • Thank you for that wonderful question Judge #1.

      I believe that is very evident that all of us lesbians go through different roles during sex. There is a proof that we are able to rise and be versatile depending on the occasion, and if anything happens to our desires and libido during sex , I will not give up and inspire my partner or partners by being versatile and rise to the sex role that I am encountering and inspire other lesbians that whatever they are going through, they will be sure enjoy it. I thank you.

      World Peace.

  23. Hey, let’s review and give comments naman on the production value and some other interesting moments last night:

    Overall, commendable to stage a live pageant given all the limitations. However…

    – KC Montero : Is he a talent of Jonas’? Why are they keep getting this boring guy. His hosting style is as exciting as opening an umbrella.

    – Rabiya Mateo : She looked beautiful last night. I feel bad for her fall / slip exiting as it was kinda symbolic of her reign.

    – The chopseuy-like hosting of the runner ups last year. Pilit na pilit bigyan ng raket these so called ambassadors ek ek.

    Michelle was the most facially-beautiful among the four, although malapad pa rin. Her remark “I’ve been to chocolate hills, I’ve been to tarsier” is laughable. How can anyone been to tarsier?

    Billie Hakenson’s harlene Bautista look has become terribly stale. Change your styling girl. Kakasawa. Besides, a new darling of the crowd lesbian has already emerged.

    Pauline – fat, rounded face. Fat arms

    Bella – Still no chin. I like her posture but she is not facially proportioned to me.

    – OMG. The stage. Reminds me of German Moreno’s super shows. I thought they have so many sponsors? Why the small size, and palara backdrops? Parang may mag de debut lang na kapit-bahay.

    – The decent and credible selection of the panel judges. Well, almost. I thought Vicky Bello will be biased since she can pass off as the grandmother of her look-alike Jasmine Umali. Lol. (BTW, who was that cute Alfonso Chopseuy something guy?)

    – The hideous suit of Sam Concepcion. WHY? He was a walking human rights violation.

    – The bird accessory of Katrina Dimaranan. I thought she was representing The Ateneo with that eagle. However, hindi nga lang blue eagle, kundi gold. Pwes, pwede syang endorser ng Gold Eagle beer. Lol. By the way, doesn’t Katrina remind you of a darker version of Evangeline PAscual?

    – The cringe worthy Q&A of Steffi. Steffi was the complete package until Q&A. I mean, the face, the height, the experience, the machinery, the lovely gown….until…until.. Q&A exposed Steffi has feet of clay. (“The social media….blah blah….the social media…blah blah….and the social media”)

    – The hakot audience of abalos and sta. Maria. While deserving to be finalists, Abalos shouldn’t have reached top ten. The sta Maria long gown was made daw by Rajo Laurel? More like Trapo Laurel.

    – The hackneyed, poor me, repetitive stories of the girls: My father had depression. My father died last year, I was stranded abroad last year, I had chicken pox last year (!?), My friend Mr. Ireland died, my toe nail died…

    – The malamya walk of Leren. Pity. She had the most beautiful face together with Maureen.

    – Victoria while beautiful will be a hard sell had she won. She has an “interesting face”. Bette Davis eyes, with marionette lines on her chin / jaw.

    – New found respect for Ayn. Congratulations girl. You proved them wrong. Your decent placement is well deserved.

    – Make “Mahal” young, beautiful version and styled properly… and you have Kisses Delavin.

    – Relieved that diminutive girl who was milking her story dry of having two gay dads and who smiles with exposed fangs didnt land Top 16. Same with the buhok na tinubuan ng mukha girl. I forgot their names.

    – Finally, happy with the winner. While I was not rooting for her, she performed well. I have a good feeling she will make us proud in Israel. She already has an advantage over the other girls because of her back story.

    World Peace.

    • You made me laugh Thomas, in a good sense. Hehe.

      “Chusuey” kasi 😂.

      Alfonso is the scion of the owners of the Henann Group and is presently the head of their resort in Bohol.

      • I forgot her name. Yung kulot kulot na mas malaki ang buhok kesa sa face.

        There was another candidate na parang maton with short hair at in fairness, pogi. I thought I was watching Mr. International last night. Lol.

        Who among you are kinda disappointed and suspicious with the choice for best in national costume? I am.

        World Peace.

    • @ Thomas tawa ako ng tawa dito.. 😂 yes, i agree, Sam Concepcion’s outfit was “hideous and was a walking human rights violation”!! What could he/his stylist be thinking, teenager pa sya?? 😏 and maybe, the reason for the hakot crowd of Abalos aand Sta. Maria is that they have the money.. tickets are priced yata at 10K, plane fare pa and accommodations in Bohol….!!!

      • I believe Sam’s stylist was the disastrous stylists of Rabiya (Rain and Emma, or whoever/whatever) when he judged the talent competition sa TV5. As expected, he was overdone then and looked like a school project.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if they styled him tonight, too. Enough already!

    • I like Thomas a lot. His metaphors are so good. I also love his sense of humor. So intellectually done. I love Thomas Malaga.

  24. She reminded me of alaiza malinao, 5’8 1/2 ,well spoken. Even I’m team vvv accept the winner .masaya na ako sa placement ng reyna vvv ko miss u ph charity

  25. I hope next year there will be a candidate who is in the same beauty league as Megan, Pia and Catriona.

    • Once in a blue moon lang talaga mga ganitong candidate unfortunately, kadalasan talaga lagi may kulang

      • @ Sethy Lahat, may kulang. Recently here, one of us said Cat had a bosom procedure, too.

        (Mdme. Flora long ago said she got wind that MU 2018 has scoliosis and it precisely was for that reason that her trademark pasarela was ‘slowed’ down to her ‘requirements~limitations’.)

        Flaw is good. Demons only ever show interest in the perfect. An Eastern philosophy that works!

  26. I believe Leren should have been in the top 5 instead of VVV.
    I’m sad for her but with Bea whom I also love as the winner, it’s easier for me to move on.
    Bea did a Rabiya this year when people went gaga over her after the prelims and then did even better in the finals.
    There was no way that MUPh could give the crown to anyone in the top 5 except Bea but I was expecting Maureen to place higher.
    I was never a fan of Katrina, there is something akward in the way she walks and her face is not that striking. She did well though.

    • The lips of Katrina yun ang unang magregister sa face nya. Yung overconfident aura nya na mukhang mayabang na ang dating.

      • Now I realized the way she projects & her facial expression exude more of arrogance than of confidence. I know hindi sya mayabang pero yun ang lumalabas pag nag eemote sya.

  27. Juice colored anung nangyari sa MIss Philippines. After ni RABIYA na crying lady. Ito nanaman ba go na LG ewan pangit na nga hindi pa Marunong sumagot tacos TIVOLI pa anu bayan dapat hindi na nila Kinuha sa BPCI nagging circus lang ng mga Tivoli. Pag Pinadala sya dun sa mga magagandang babae ma didiscriminate lang sya.

  28. What will happen to this pageantry if puro Bisaya mananalo ?Ang lakas ng influence ni MJ Kay Shamcey?
    Just because she wore the only blue gown does not make her the stand out on stage
    Leren should have won the swim
    And Lauren or Kat should have won Long gown
    If they wanted a Pinay beauty , why not Leren or Kat who are both more facially stunning ?
    Walang mangyayari kung puro politics ang paiiralin
    Tapos tatawaging bitter pag nagreklamo
    I’d be surprised if she makes top 10 at MU

      • hahaha 🤣 me wont be surprized coz i believe bea will do good in Israel 😂💪🏾
        last night while the pageant was running, someone was keep on bashing bea, but i commented “best in SS nd EG hakot n c bea” SURRENDER k na haha… 🤣

    • @fabian I admire your eye for beauty but I expect a bea win . I’m just loyal to vvv . Prelims insider said that bea is halimaw. The placements are all based in prelims not the finals .bea also is beautiful in motion only

      • I would have chosen VVV who is very regal and very articulate
        Or Katrina who is very articulate with a very engaging personality
        Or Leren who is the prettiest among all candidates

    • Seriously? This comment is really stupid. It doesn’t matter where they’re from.

  29. Beautiful.

    Bea’s beauty will even glow more in the coming days, as she receives perks courtesy of the org’s sponsors plus, of course, the boosting effect on a winner’s confidence.

    I just hope that moving forward, her team and the media people supporting her would focus more on her journey as a beauty queen, rather than on her love life.

    That’s all.

  30. What happened to all the Straight women out there?
    Last year Top 5 was isang LGTBQXYZ,
    Ngayon MUP na isang LGTBQXYZ,
    Even during her interview, she was selling it all about her sexuality
    I won’t be surprised next year, Majority ng mga
    Candidates will be T-birds….with nasal rings, piercing, and tattooed foreheads!
    This will never happen under Madam Araneta watch.

    MUP should be prim and proper, for young girls to emulate..

    Sorry, but this girl is sooo facially ordinary, she’s not even good at interviews.
    CLAPPERS alert, Itaga nyo pa sa Bato!

      • Tall, beautiful, in loved and just crowned MUP 2021.

        Your hair must be falling and your face sagging with jealousy.

        I pity you…. and sorry for your parents. ❤️

    • Are you a dinosaur escaped from Jurassic Park?

      Your thinking regarding LGBTQ+ is straight out of the Mesozoic era.

      Why shouldn’t Bea be proud of her girlfriend & her relationship?

      I didn’t see you complaining when Rabiya was open about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Neil Salvacion.

      Have you heard of equality? Look it up & educate yourself. Your ignorance is embarrassing asf.

  31. And Bea’s win made it to Peru’s national daily newspaper, La Republica.

    I mean, Why not? 😂

    • Just read that article. They called the crowning a historic day in the world of beauty. Overall, a nice article. Thanks for the heads-up.

  32. Di ba inamin noon ni Bea na she has a girlfriend? Meaning, siya ang “lalaki” sa relasyon nilang dalawa. Hence, bakit siya sumasali sa mga pageants na pang babae if she believes and associate herself to be a man? A self-contradiction at its finest. Sana sa Mr. Pogay siya sumali as much as transgender and transsexual want to join pageants for women.

    • Dude, gay relationships aren’t spoon and fork, it can be also a chopstick, stop the mindset na may lalaki or babae sa gay relationship. They can be both

    • based on her background bea is raised by a single mom, with that i do believe that she find refuge in a woman,hence, her choice to have same sex partner… my opinion; i stand to be corrected 🙏

  33. Reminds me a bit of Toni Hipolito, especially with that straight hair.
    Best wishes on her Miss Universe journey.

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