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  1. This December 2021 would be the 70th Miss Universe, kaya sa Israel gaganapin para bongga kahit Pandemic, and Philippines should be sending a well-rounded/palaban Filipina who will continue our streak. But it seems like, Philippines is loosing its momentum and going downhill, bringing us back to early 90s when we are sending “beautiful-plain-jane-with-little-karisma”.

    If totoo mang ang mga haka haka at balibalita, sayang ang mga effort ng ibang ladies. Para lang sila mga ingredients na pinrepare pero hindi manlang sinama sa recipe. Kung nagluto talaga sila, dapat sinarapan na- yung todo rekados, kasi kahit linagyan ng monosodium glutamate na pampalasa (kahit hindi fresh and natural), masarap pa din. Para kasi ang nangyari, Kare kare na walang peanut butter.

    But still Congratulations to all the winners and See you next year Araneta (luh)!!!

    Oh well. Lets just support nalanh kahit konti sa delegate natin. Mapapakinggan pa din naman natin ang Philippines…sa Preliminary nga lang. 😑😑😑

    Sensya, bitter 100% pa din kasi other ladies deserve better pero sino ba naman ako para magjudge. Heheh.

  2. Bat kayo magugulat e si BEA na nga nanalo ng Best EG and SS…. E alam nyo namang lahat na either of the 2 lang lagi ang nagiging final winner… Kelan ba hindi?! On top of that e Aces si Bea…

  3. congratulations to all winners! congratulations to bea. congratulations to MUPO. .hula ko, nabulungan si bea na siya ang itinakda kaya todo glow ang awra nya..and we all know, the org finds her pleasant to work with.

  4. I find it disheartening for Leren to have an ungraceful exit in the world of pageantry. Maybe she’s not destined for a top crown after her second runner-up finish in the Miss Globe international pageant.

    To my other favorite Corrine Abalos: it was such a good finish for a newbie in pageantry. You were beautiful tonight. I hope you come back in the pageantry stronger.

    Bea Gomez’s is deserving for the crown. She gave an excellent answer than anybody. And that face was so stunning! I actually saw the face of Joanne Quintas Santos and Aileen Leng Damiles in her. As I have repeatedly stated her, a true blue Pinay beauty should emerge the victor tonight and she must be facially beautiful. At least now I know, kayang-kayang makipagbardagulan ni Bea kay Nadia Ferreira. Hindi tayo matatalo sa ganda ng mukha. Eh, magaling pang sumagot.

    That’s all.

  5. Btw, magpoprotesta ako sa nanalo ng Best National Costume… Bakit yung nagpakalat ng FAKE HISTORY na kwento ni Lola Basyang na sinubmit nung Quirino admin pa ang nanalo.?!.. Hindi ko na nga binash para hindi kumalat yung fake information tapos pinapanalo pa ninyo?!… Ang nakakatawa ehh alam ng Abalos clan na fake yung history na pinapakalat nila…. Yung totoong precolonial history alam na alam nila pero sila mismo ang nagtatago!!!… 🤬🤬🤬👹👹👹

  6. Congrats Bea Luigi Gomez, Miss Universe Philippines!
    Well deserved of the crown!
    Best in SS and Best in Long Gown. San ka pa?

  7. I have no qualms at all! Bea proved to be the best performer of the night! Congrats to Tito Norms for predicting the final 2!

    Bawi Steffi! I want to see you compete again!

    • Steffi is young. She can invest more time in reading books, in watching great interviews,
      writing her own note like Pia did, improving her vocab and her train of thoughts.

      • She’s not young anymore. She just turned 27. Meaning she can try for one last, next year. I just dont know on which pageant that is

  8. @Willyam, Nunya, 4M, and Regina –

    We believed in Bea from the very start.

    This is really her night.

    • yup di ako bumitaw… albiet i based my prediction with her win as miss cebu 2019 and edged out sreffi as best muse during their teens … my gutfeel didnt fail me💪🏾

      • si sir norman kc ng bea n yun but then ngbago to katrina haha, yun ang point ko di ako bumitaw 💪🏾



    – Regina
    – 4M
    – K
    – Nunya
    – WillYam
    – Ana Winter Lund
    – GlaxoSmithKlein
    – Lemontree
    – Abcde
    – Closer2Fame

    Well deserved. She will do us proud. Congratulations to the LGBQT community!

    World Peace.

  10. Well done Miss Cebu City!! 😘😘😘😘
    Katrina congrats on your NEW MISS TOURISM title.

  11. Congratulations, Bea Gomez! Our new Miss Universe Philippines 2021! Well-deserved.

    Also congrats to Katrina Dimaranan for being so consistent in Tourism and second best.

    That’s all.

      • Kapag nagbiro talaga ang tadhana. At least ha, binet ko pa rin si Katrina Dimaranan for the Tourism title.

        And tama rin ako that Bea Gomez, a facially beautiful girl, should win.

        That’s all.

    • Makakatikim sa akin Ang Tutubing haliparot at chismosa na yan🤪😆
      Wala talagang maidudulot na maganda Ang pagiging chismosa 😳
      Congratulations pa rin KD🏆
      You’re our winner pa rin😊👍

  12. Sorry for Leren, I agree that the top 5 are better and deserving.
    It is between Bea, Maureen and Katrina.

  13. Magsilabasan yung haters kong
    nagsabi na hindi mahalaga ang comm skills.


    With all due respect, comm skills should
    not be completely disregarded.

    • Of course comm skills is important, but before the comm skills there is beauty, body, and pasarela.
      Hello Ayn, I beleive she has the best comm skills.

      • Of course, beauty, body and performance
        are automatically there. I just put emphasis
        on the speaking ability because others
        tend to completely disregard it.


  14. @Nunya, 4M, and Regina –

    By now, we can really say that
    Bea gave the most impressive answer. ❤️

    It is an honor to be sharing the same
    bet with you.

  15. Fearless Forecast:

    MUP – Katrina or Maureen
    Miss Tourism – Katrina or Maureen
    Miss Charity – Bea
    1st runner up – Victoria
    2nd runner up – Steffi

    World Peace.

  16. Katrina and Maureen giving the best, natural sounding answers.

    I would be happy if either would get the crown.

    World Peace.

    • so do i… if i read any negative comment for bea luigi i always neutralized for her to believe that in my eyes she is very beautiful… her oozing appeal didnt fail her to bag the best in SS ng EG ❤️ she is my winner even without a crown 👸

    • I kinda expected this. Pati kay Leren.

      This proves that speaking skills, as opposed
      to the beliefs of others, can make a difference.

      Kat’s answer is not that powerful either.

      • The question was supposed to be easy. But I think the nerve got to her.

        It was an amazing campaign. I’m sure Cebu is so proud of her!

        Katrina and Maureen’s formula answers kinda repelled me.

        This is Bea’s night.

      • Steffi has speaking skills and she is fluent in English. Wala lang talaga laman. Her trainors should have made her read books and articles para may laman na ilalabas when substance is needed. I’m not bashing her–she was in fact my bet–but I wish they trained her on this aspect.

  17. TOP FIVE

    Good Luck Girls and Good Luck Teams:

    – Norman
    – Missosology
    – Sash Factor Philippines
    – Arielle Arida
    – Fabian Reyes
    – Serge
    – Jaret
    – Philip dela Torre
    – Lala
    – Bella
    – Thomas
    – Casper
    – MUO
    – Andylicious08
    – Marvin1978
    – Cool Brew
    – DanDan
    – Zeyr

    – Titas of Pageantry / Tita Lavinia
    – Adam Genato
    – Manila Bulletin
    – Manila Standard
    – K
    – Andrew
    – Sky
    – Kembular2021
    – Paui
    – Ramon Lua
    – Globeguy85
    – ThrowBakla
    – Anonymous
    – Yellowscarf

    – JS
    – Sunny
    – PaquitaX
    – Mik
    – JustPassingBy

    TEAM BEA GOMEZ: – Cebu City
    – Regina
    – 4M
    – K
    – Nunya
    – WillYam
    – Ana Winter Lund
    – GlaxoSmithKlein
    – Lemontree
    – Abcde
    – Closer2Fame

    – Nunyabiz
    – Bonsaihater and 2 pamangkins

    World Peace.

  18. In a group this strong, one can really spot who are standing out, and whose stars are starting to

    Victoria and Jasmine sadly faded in the background. Leren is starting to blend in as well. Katrina’s greatest asset against Steffi is her communication skills.

    It seems that Maureen and Bea may be
    the last two standing.

  19. Youthful Maureen can definitely snatch the crown!

    Steffi sounds really eloquent and confident, but her beauty seems to wither on stage.

    Katrina is already sensing trouble. I think the judges are not a fan of her beauty.

    If you are one of the unlucky 6, would you still hope for a miracle to snag the last spot if the Best un SW and EG is still standing among you? The order of announcement just doesn’t make sense.

  20. My guess for the Top 5/10



  21. I think it’s a toss between Mau and Katrina now.

    Bea will surely be in top 5.

    Kisses also.

    It’s Steffi or Leren for the last spot in top 5.

    I didn’t think Ingrid and Corinne will make it to top 10. Especially over Jasmine and Chella. Perks of being alta and family friends with Belo.

    I feel sad for VVV. The styling, the dark gown, all ruined it for her. Reminds me of Hannah Arnold’s first try in BBP – from frontrunner to clapper all due to bad styling. Hope she recovers at the next round.

  22. Itong c Dra. Belo, masyadong paandar. Kinuha vah nman c KD as Face of Belo😊
    May secret plan Ang Doctora at sinigurado nya na sa kanya lng Ang winner 🏆🤫😆

  23. I bleed for Jasmine for not advancing to the Top 10. I also don’t know why she lost spark tonight!

    Still, well done Jasmine.

    That’s all.

  24. Bea is in it to win it! Ang galing n’ya sa casual interview. Her face is very arresting and the x-factor is overflowing.

    That’s all.

  25. Katrina is being overshadowed by Mau, Leren and Steffi’s facial beauty. The three are absolutely stunning.

    Victoria and Kat’s strengths are their communication skills.

    Jasmine is starting to fade in the background.

    Bea’s star is starting to shine brighter. I hope she can maintain her momentum

  26. Special awards:

    Bea – 4 (EG, SS, Creamsilk, Immunwhatever)

    Kisses – 3 (Lazada, Photogenic, RedFox)

    Maureen – 2 (AirAsia, Hennan Resort)
    Leren – 2 (Bragais, Barley)

    Steffi – 1 (Frontrow)
    Katrina – 1 (Belo)
    Krista – 1 (Coppermask)
    Janela – 1 (K-pads)
    Corinne – 1 (National Costume)

      • The org has so much to gain if they crown Kisses – except the MU crown itself. (I’m taking about monetary gains.) I don’t know. Are they really that strapped for cash? To be fair, the biggest sponsors, Lazada & Frontrow seem to like her. Belo also is fond of her, it seems. She’s also a Jonas alaga. And the next round is all talk, so all odds are in her favor.

        Let’s still hope for the best. Good luck, Philippines.

  27. im proud of you BeaLuigi, Best in Swimsuit, Best in Long Gown… ur oozzing appeal didnt fail… Congratulations ❤️❤️

  28. Leren talaga is the most beautiful pati katawan perfect.

    Hakot award na si Bea Gomez.

    That’s all.

  29. Labanan ng mga gown Ang mga bruha pero c KD na Ang nakasulat na winner kagabi pa Sabi ni Tutubing haliparot at chismosa 🏆🤭

  30. In a sea of white, silver, and gold,
    Bea clearly stood out in that magnificent
    blue gown. 💙

    • Sa isang hater na nag-thumbs down,
      Ano ka ngayon?

      Best in gown lang naman.

      Spread your hate somewhere else. 💙

  31. EG:

    Not feeling VVV’s look.

    Kisses’ gown surprisingly gave her curves she didn’t have LOL

    Leren is beautiful.

    Steffi did well.

    Katrina is a pro.

    Bea has a commanding presence on stage.

    • Katrina is being overshadowed by Mau, Leren and Steffi’s facial beauty.
      The three are absolutely stunning.

      VVV and Jasmine are starting to fade in the background.

      Bea’s star is starting to shine brighter. I hope she can maintain her momentum.

  32. KC Montero, dude, ‘wag mo namang gawing slang ang word mo ending “g”, like beginnin’, lastin’, sayin’, lettin’, meltin’, makin’, lol.

    Anyway, good job MUPO for making special portion for the girls’ designers.

    That’s all.

  33. @Nunya-

    Thank you for reaching out.

    I saw and felt Rabiya’s vulnerability tonight.

    That was the girl we all fell in love with. ❤️

    • Thanks Nunya for reaching out.

      I saw and felt Rabiya’s vulnerability tonight.

      That was the girl we all fell in love with. ❤️

  34. The metal accessories wrapped in the girls’ bodies make them overly decorated. There is also a cape in the back which rather confused me if what they are parading is a swimsuit or a nighties. Lol.

    That’s all.

  35. Last na natawag si Cebu City! Is that a sign?😊

    Cebu Province
    Cebu City

  36. Iba ang dating nina VVV, Bea, Steffi, at Mau ngayong gabi. 👏

    Sa Q&A pa rin talaga magkakaalaman.

    • Yes.

      VVV is mesmerizing. Bea’s height is her advantage – she occupies space, you can’t miss her. Steffi naman I didn’t recognize at first, I was like, who is this gorgeous woman? Maureen is lovely. Katrina opening the show front and center was a little sus but LOL she deserves top 5/the crown.

      Kisses and Mirjan walk weird. I think they’re nervous. Chella is very pretty.

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