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  1. Fate is telling her something?? What it is telling me is the org is such a total asshole for suddenly creating titles such as Miss Tourism without even having any concrete plans of sending KD to another international competition. Bravo to who ever thought of this dirty mind game.

    • this comment is obviously coming from someone who did not read, or purposely chose to not understand, the explanation of the org behind these titles

      the tiles were NOT created out of the blue. The org wanted to expand their ventures, and they want specific ladies dedicated solely for tourism (Katrina) and Charity (Victoria) works, given that the main winner understandable would be very busy preparing for her international pageant. The way i see this, Victoria will be focusing on the charity works and tieups of Frontrow that they highlighted during the finals broadcast, while Katrina will focus more on connecting with Local Government Units to promote the local tourism (much like what Rabiya Pauline Bella and Billie did in Bohol last year). This is so that Bea will have undivided attention on her trainings and preparations for Miss Universe.

      also, hindi naman porke may special title eh automatic kailangan talagang isend sa international pageants. The MUP Tourism and Charity titles are roughly the formalization of the ambassadorship (for education, for sports, etc) that they assigned to the runners up last year.

      • @ unorthodox Kaya this year, we can expect more actual/concrete ambassadorship. It’s a good idea as it means we fans can be assured of seeing more of Katrina and Victoria in the months to come. As opposed to (mere) Runners-up that are not obliged to make themselves available 24/7, these being Maureen and Steffi.

        Parang sa PI. Ayusa was Pariwisata and Jihane was Lingkungan.

  2. importante talaga makinig sa tanong…tinanong sya ng qualities ng MUP..ang sagot na binigay nya qualities ng MU..hindi sya precise…kaya hindi nya nakuha ang korona ng MUP.

    • @ Jmgonzalesme Ganda, no?

      Parang ‘coronitas’ sa MI. This was a great idea! In fact, kahit wala na bouquets; parang sa MGI.

  3. I was also rooting for another candidate to win the MUP crown. However, Bea Gomez proved her worth last night. Let us support her as I am sure she will do us proud. Caterwauling and beating our chests for our losing candidates is just a waste of time.

    Moreover, let us be happy that the Philippines will be sending not only a worthy representative but also a member of the LGBTQ community (which I am sure many of the readers of this blog is a part of).

    After all,

    LGBTQ = Luigi Gomez Beatrice, The Queen.

    World Peace.

    • I agree! She has the most beautiful face and body. But as many commenters here beleived (and I would agree as well), that the q and a is her downfall. Otherwise she could easily win this. I already conceded before the top 5 were announced.

  4. Katrina is the Miss Universe that we never had.

    Such a disappointment that she didnt win.
    This is so sad for the country. What a missed opportunity!!!

  5. Congratulations to Bea’s supporters. You saw something in her that the rest of us failed to see. I actually watched Steffi’s interview with MJ before the finals, and it was clear that she believed Bea deserves the crown just as much as she did. Steffi was also humble enough to admit that she’s not exactly undefeated as she lost to Bea once upon a time and she was scared when she found out that Bea is also joining MUPh. As long as it’s Cebu winning, she’s fine by it. It was there that I felt that Bea must really be something on stage. It was apparent that Steffi lost momentum after Bea started winning awards. Must be a bittersweet experience for my girl, Steffi.

    Congratulations to Katrina. Not a bad way for closing this chapter of her life. Could’ve been worse, look at Leren.

    Congratulations to VVV for placing despite the bad styling. She must be that stunning in person. Of course, her Q&A skills helped a ton. I want her to give pageantry another try, but she said she’s doing this just once. Congratulations as well to the Camp for consistently placing.

    Congratulations to Maureen. She was clearly disappointed when she was called for the 4th place. Q&A is her forte, but her answer for the final 5 was too short, unconvincing and forgettable. I, too, was hoping she’ll place higher. Nonetheless, not bad for a first try.

    Congratulations to Steffi. Neighboring countries are celebrating over the fact that we are not sending Steffi to Israel. They’re that threatened. I still wish to see Steffi represent us internationally. People say she’s an airhead, I disagree. She graduated cum laude, sure USC is not UP, not an Ivy League school, but graduating cum laude means consistently scoring high in all college subjects – Math, Logic, History, etc. I think the problem with Steffi is she lacks life experiences – adversities and struggles – that are necessary to make one grow in wisdom. With her sheltered background and physical attributes that easily give her a free pass to everything she could possibly want, she has no baul to hugot wisdom from. If she gives the nationals one last try, I wish she’d train by reading more books, watching documentaries, and if possible, speaking to marginalized members of society. Or siguro just be friends with a wise elder with whom she can converse about social issues and the meaning of life.

    Congratulations to Kisses. Top 10 with 3 awards are still brag-worthy.

    Congratulations to MUPh for staging a decent show despite the challenges of the pandemic. Great choice for top 5.

    Naysayers are calling Bea a Rabiya 2.0 – come from behind win, underwhelming face, boring personality, slow burn victory, with a backstory to sell. I hope MUPh learns from last year’s mistakes with Rabiya. There is nothing retoke-able with Bea – her face and body have reached their maximum potential. I hope they do not experiment with botox and fillers like they did with Gazini at the last minute. If they need to transform something – because they just have to as “Queen Makerz” – just make sure Bea wears flattering outfits. Her runway challenge video showed her tendency to make poor fashion choices.

    Jasmine – please try Supra/MGI/RHA/MIC
    Chella – ME/Mutya (or showbiz)
    Noelyn – Mutya
    Jane – ME/Mutya
    Princess – Mutya
    Mirjan – join a camp and come back stronger

    • I strongly agree with your suggestion about Mirjan. This girl has great potential to be our next Miss Universe, given the proper training

    • @ paui Grabeh. Ma-stre-stress si Mr. Yuson… Ma-o-obliga tuloy siyang mag-pageant soon…

      Speaking of Chella trying Mutya, naalala ko tuloy si TYRA GOLDMAN. The Top Model of the World 2020 (in January, just before pandemic shutdowns) semifinalist said she would consider trying MWP in a few years. Right now, may work ata siya. Her Mutya sash was ‘FilComm-Nevada’.

      Princess can try Miss Fit Phl 2021; Application is begun. Or, the sibling pageant Bikini, whom city mate Hazel Ortiz won (2013, no?).

      Chella, folks want her to cross over to another BIG. Will depend on her MisOr adviser/boss, Atty. S.

      Noy is TALL. Kahit saan. Height will always be (literal) might!

  6. my heart goes out to the senior citizens
    its their last chance to join given their age

    the young ones has the stamina and can fight again

    background music:
    Piliin mo ang Pilipinas
    Angeline Quinto

    • @ kembular2020 You are not the first to feel that way. And is connected to calls for a higher age ceiling across the board (~30, as at Globe).

      Clearly, there is a felt need to give the ‘seniors’ one more chance to strut their stuff. This is a pageant paradigm that must be seriously explored! Just for me, the age ceiling should be increased before the height bar is lowered (the latter is what MUP recently did).

      Imagine the following qualifications for acceptance into the roster : 1) must have won her Nationals, 2) not less than 5’6″ barefoot, 3) 29-32 years old, 4) never have given birth, & 5) single.

      The modelling industry has gone ahead. It is now ‘fashion’ to let 40-somethings like Naomi Campbell walk runway. Perhaps it shows that the labels are knowledgeable/aware in a business with so much history and where past, present, and future narratives together sell increasingly well.

  7. The tea spilled by one of the judges that two girls have violated the protocol or rules by having their make up done somewhere and not in the designated make-up area is quite interesting.

    My hunch is… si Jasmine ‘yung isa. Kasi syempre kapag nasita ka, mawawala ang moment mo, ang spark mo, kaya nung rumampa s’ya sa swimsuit at evening gown, parang she was bothered na. Kaya nawala ang glow n’ya, considering na ‘yung swimsuit at evening gown portions ang strength n’ya. Hindi kaya?

    The other one is Leren. Para din kasing she was sad, although undeniably the prettiest, all throughout that night,

    That’s all.

  8. Baka kaya tourism sya lagi kasi to begin with tourist na lang talaga sya sa Pinas. Also ano ang significance ng agila sa gown? The eagle looks more of the eagle in American logos.

    • @sovie. As tourism ambassador, she will promote our country anywhere in the world most specially in USA.

  9. There has been so much social-media mud slinging on the way to Bohol that I tuned out of it, and only tuned back AFTER the pageant. I felt that all the noise was just going to make my personal thoughts murky. So after having watched all the snippets & videos of the finals, this is my take:

    Pleasantly surprised and excited for the eventual winner Bea. She’s miles away from when she first started, but has done it in a manner that still leaves room for what Jonas does best- magic transformation. Call last year’s attempt on Rabiya, 1st time jitters. I’m confident the 2nd time is a charm and the team will get their footing back. Someone here has commented, to look back to Janine, Maxine & Venus- they had something in them that no one else had seen, and all it takes is someone with the gift to bring that out.

    And this is why I thought Katrina would never be picked- though to get 1st runner-up with a title similar to an old one she never got to use, while not intentional by the organisers, is still like a painful STAB of fate- because we’ve seen everything she has to offer. She’s shown us everything, and there is nothing else left to redo or add. While experience is key, more so for freshness and unpredictability.

    Which brings me to Steffi- she has freshness, she still has something new to bring even after a million photoshoots and a gazillion titles. But this is because she has the means to do so and doesn’t need the input of another team to tell her what to do. At the end of the day, you have to work with the organisation that gave you the title. This has been the Binibini way and we expect nothing less from the fledgling MUPH which is Jonas & Co. through and through. And there is nothing wrong with this- its the organiser paying the franchise, putting in the money and absorbing the losses. You’re not going to give away your vision to someone else. So sadly, it’s a hard pass on Steffi. I wished her team would have set their sights on two other crowns- Miss World Phil or the Miss International Crown via Binibini- where the creative conflict with management wouldn’t be so hard to hurdle. But I get it that they took a shot at the moon. At 27 (?), the door is fast closing.

    – Victoria Velasquz; a beautiful face, but a hard one to sell. Those eyes!
    – Maureen W; something happened on the way to re-training as a beauty queen- less impact it seems

  10. Oh my heart goes to Dear Steffi… Just when I thought Katrina is the one to create a major major viral answer is a really bad way, Steffi was the one.

    Girl… Social awareness is about social causes – gender equality, anti-Asian hate etc, economic equality, etc….

    I feel that she has an answer for this question but it seems like the nerves got the most of her. I hope she joins BBP.

    • 4M I think she was surprised and baffled by how simple the question was.

      I’m sure she prepared for harder and more serious questions.

      She’s so conscious of the time limit that she wasn’t able to clear her head and find the right words to say. Got stuck with “Social Media” and just mumbled incoherent phrases.

      Midway her answer I think she already knew it was trouble, tried but failed to recover in the last few seconds.

      I also feel sad for her. But I am proud of her because she stood her ground until the finals despite the mountain of opposition and bullying she went through.

  11. I want to congratulate for winning MUP-Tourism. This beauty title is an added feather to her cap.

  12. Masaya ang mga shupitvalur na hindi si steffi ang nanalo! Not knowing kaya din sila pataubin ni bea gomez!!!

  13. May Bago na namang balita Ang chismosang tutubi. MUP will have a new international pageant franchise on the first quarter of 2022. KD will represent the Philippines daw🤫😱😊
    Mama J, totoo vah to kc Di na ako naniniwala Kay haliparot at chismosang tutubi🤭🤪

    • Hi @bong700

      I was so disappointed that KD didnt make it to get the main tittle”
      My honest opinion, this year representative to the MS Universe, ” is very weak and very slim chances to even enter to the semis.
      “Facially? Very average, in short ordinary

      Hindi sya, kagandahan masyado compared to the other deserving candidates,
      Hindi rin sya ganun kalakas ang dating,or lack of XFactor or oozing appeal

      In short walang excitment sa total personality nya kapagtinitigan sya.

      She’s pretty but not so beautiful

      • This will be a boring Miss Universe … I fear not even 60 contestants … most likely only top 12 or 13 with audience choice (much like MU 2016) … chances are this is going to be the first year in more than a decade that powerhouse Pinas will not make the semifinals … it’s a shame because this is the 70th anniversary … and Harvey will be back … will really be a boring MU this year …

      • Oo nga. Mas Pinay nga tingnan c KD. Kung magbase ako sa pic, waley c Bea Kay KD🤭 peace sa lahat.
        Bea is not Miss Colombia na umaapaw Ang confidence. Baka pag naisalang na yan sa Grand event ng MU, waley na. Baka makipagbugbugan pa yan sa mga latina😳🤭 cherette lungs hihihihi

    • akala ko ba sabi ng tutubi mo si KD ang winlalu? anyare? langaw yata ang source mo kaloka

  14. To everyone who feels that their bets are wasted because they did not win. Don’t. This is their choice to join a competition and at the end of the day, there’s only one winner. Everyone else will move on and pursue other things.

    I have to say that Katrina looked the best tonight. She channeled the sense of beauty that I was looking for in her. But, the stars are not aligned for her to be the MUP.

    • Very well said 4M! I was never a fan of Katrina, but I respect her decision to join again.
      This is so humbling. Let us wish her well.

  15. 1st Runner Up Supranational + Bb Pilipinas Tourism = Miss Universe Philippines Tourism

    Full Circle Moment Talaga


  16. This is a rebuttal to THROWBAKLA’s claim that:
    “Kung last year pinagbigyan tayo dahil first time ng MUP, ngayon clapper! Iba na po ang branding ng MU under IMG. Mabokas dont win na.”

    In the same vein, “Maganda lang, na walang laman” will not win either.

    Let us stop ranting na “sayang si ano, mas maganda, mas beterana, mas magaling kesa sa nanalo”.

    Let us go with someone who have the winning qualities. Bea undeniably exhibited them tonight.
    Accept the fact that your heavy favorites fell short in the other departments.

    Just because the MU branding changed does not mean that the communication skills will be “completely disregarded”. Look at the MU winners. They are still great speakers.

    And just because your bet did not win does not justify your spreading unsolicited pessimism here.

    I rest my case.

    • Mag rest k n din.. tapos na ang labanan! Uwian na.. so so winner.. Good Luck na lang!

  17. Nagkalat sa IG puro ang statement, “sinayang”!

    I think I made it clear here that Bea was not my cup of tea particularly mga female looking Lesbian!

    But from casual interview to Top 5 interview, she’s simply unbothered! No nervousness, no inhibition, no stuttering!

    Obvious din naman sa preliminary competition na nag-stand out na siya! And she remained consistent up to the finals night!

    Hindi rin naman seguro siya mananalo ng Miss Cebu kung wala siyang binatbat!

    For me as long as the QnA is good, I have no problem with that all!

    Let’s give Bea the chance to prove herself! Katrina has all the time from 2013 to 2020 to join but she didn’t do so!

    Wish ko na lang makasali si Steffi sa Binibini, bet ko siya talaga for Miss Grand!

    • Steffi has better chances in Binibini. With the MUP Org i really doubt if they will in favor. Steffi Go for Binibini, we are excited to see you in Miss Grand International.

  18. Katrina would be a safer MU rep, but MUP performance wise, Beatrice Luigi Gomez deserves the MUP crown.

  19. If I were her, I’ll relegate that crown and head back to the US of A then just live, laugh and love.

  20. the headline captured it all…meme alert. .ang consolation ni mamang, belo ambasador sya..may be to target balikbayans?! that will keep her busy.

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