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  1. Now I realize why it looks strange every time I watch her swimsuit walk … she is kind of bow legged , not entirely all the way but in the lower half , from the knee to the ankle …

  2. Kasi c Bea ay hindi mestiza at hindi slang mag english tulad ng galing sa America kaya madami ayaw sa kanya lalo na din from Visayas siya. So sad…

  3. @Throwbakla: I don’t normally respond to comments of toxic trolls and irrational negatrons that litter in this blog. But I will this time– if only to raise the flag of samity and decency in pageantry. So, you want me to extoll pageant organisations that blissfully hibernate for more than a year, that screech to a halt on the penultimate day (after several postponements of crowning event)– leaving the hapless contenders who invested their time, energy, money, family relationships, and career in mid-air. So, you want me to praise captains who abandon their ships in the face of pandemic roadblocks. So you want me to congratulate pageantry organizations that do not have contingency plans at all, no iota of effort to mobilize its resources in the face of looming threat to its operation. So you want me to applaud passivity and inaction, lack of foresight, initiative and determination– the tell-tale signs of the any industry’s extinction!

    • Let congratulations be given to where it is due. Ife organizations you passionately defend is showing to the public they still exist despite the many difficulties wrought by this pandemic, by no means they should be applauded too. But pageant enthusiasts should never allow mediocrity, inaction, fence-sitting, and complacency slowly push this industry down to the path of extinction!

      • Well hello scorg. As if MUP have a lot of choice. They need to stage a pageant to come up with money, PROFIT. mup is a for profit organization. Without the backing of a major major millionaire (in dollars) they can’t afford to just sit and appoint. They can just send bella YSMAEL this year but because they need money, they will stage it whatever it takes. And let me tell you this the heyday of pageantry is long gone. It peaked in the mid 80s to early 90s. It went downhill from then on. Kahit anong innovate2 mo dyan pageantry will never be the same. BBC stopped airing the show a long time ago, that was the start of an end of pageantry in the western world. Now third world former colony nations enjoy pageantry. Nakakaloka

      • Your observation is correct, especially on the downhill trajectory of pageantry in the western world, and on the continuing interest in it by third world ex-colony countries. But one noticeable development is happening: pageantry organizations are reinventing pageantry by embracing the holistic view of beauty. Nowadays. to be beautiful, one has to be physically appealing, intellectually stimulating, and morally/spiritually inspiring. And physique, being culturally defined, has given way to inclusiveness and diversity. Advocacy has now become the raison d’etre of pageantry, not simply as a branding tool, but as the emotional link between the pageant organization and the corporate sponsors’ brands. This is the source of my optimism on the future of pageantry as an industry. That the Philippines in fast becoming the epicenter of global pageantry development should excite all pageant enthusiasts in our country.

  4. The night belonged to Bea. I’m still bummed about my favorites losing but she won fair and square. She was statusque. She was in command, also cool and collected without losing that competitive fire. Unlike the frontrunners, she did not carry the weight of expectations. She was free to be herself. And that made all the difference. It was her night.

  5. Moving forward 💛
    Bea Luigi – how to style her for MU at Israel 💃🏽🤔
    Katrina Jayne – a radio & TV hosting job, hopefully very soon 🎤🎙️
    Victoria – a national culture & arts project or documentary on historical preservation 🏦🧫
    Maureen, Sam – Bb Pilipinas? 💐
    Steffi – a cosmetics line 💄

  6. Nicole Jane Minano, the come-from-behind. Someone ‘above’ is happy!

    I really hope she can be appointed to represent internationally. With now two Nationals in her bag (a crown in 2018 and a first-cut placement now), she clearly has proven she has arsenal. May A&Q hold on to her.

  7. Di ba inamin noon ni Bea na she has a girlfriend? Meaning, siya ang “lalaki” sa relasyon nilang dalawa. Hence, bakit siya sumasali sa mga pageants na pang babae if she believes and associate herself to be a man? A self-contradiction at its finest. Sana sa Mr. Pogay siya sumali as much as transgender and transsexual want to join pageants for women.

    • Your comment reeks of ignorance. Bea is a lesbian, and lesbians regards themselves as women, not men. They call their partners as girlfriends.

  8. Congratulations to Bea. Let us all support her not only because she is a worthy Philippine delegate but also someone coming from the LGBQT community (which most of the readers here belong to).

    L G B T Q I A. = Luigi Gomez Beatrice, The Queen Is Arriving. =)

    World Peace.

  9. sana naman pagawa na agad mga dapat pagawa
    kasi October na

    and choos wisely
    kay Rabiya kasi parang minadali lahat

  10. Ugghh … that irritating crown and that off-putting design in the middle 🤓😂🤣🤦🏻😜

  11. Facially, I can see Maggie Wilson in her. Pero kelan kaya maaalis yung mentality na kapag natalo yung bet na candidate eh dinaya agad, kesyo hindi sya A&Q or di sya KF. Let’s just accept and support the winner kasi sya pa rin yung magdadala ng flag natin in Israel.

    Disclaimer: Di ko rin po first choice si Bea pero happy pa rin po ako. VVV is the one in my mind even before pero her fate isn’t for this year, maybe next edition…who knows.!

  12. Huge congratulations to all participants of this year’s MUP. The Philippines once again proved that this is a country where inner and outer beauties are all over the archipelago! Bea edged out all other aspirants but I’m sure the Selection Committee must have had a very difficult time quantifying and differentialting the worth of each of the equally outstanding beauties!

    Congratulations are also in order to MUP for mounting a show of this magnitude despite the formidable pandemic-related roadblocks at every turn. MUP’s agility, innovativeness, business savvy and never-say-die attitude is the stuff industry champions are made of. We know that economic development of nations are led by industries who have champions that tenaciously reinvent themselves in the face of extreme difficulties that can cause its extinction.

    • In the future, when the history of pageantry will have been written, we know the organization that adroitly navigated its way through treacherous waters of unpredictable lockdowns, real health hazards, extreme safety measures– and their logistical, financial and operational risks– just to keep the industry alive. When others have cowered in fear, retreated in a blissful wait-and-see stance, or simply froze, here is one organization who resolutely vowed that the show must go on if only for the survival of the industry whose Philippine roots date back to the colonial era.

    • n the future, when the history of pageantry will have been written, we know the organization that adroitly navigated its way through treacherous waters of unpredictable lockdowns, real health hazards, extreme safety measures– and their logistical, financial and operational risks– just to keep the industry alive. When others have cowered in fear, retreated in a blissful wait-and-see stance, or simply froze, here is one organization who resolutely vowed that the show must go on if only for the survival of the industry whose Philippine roots date back to the colonial era.



  13. she reminds me of Karen Agustin … she might even have the same height as Karen i.e. very average height … she has a good chance of winning Miss Congeniality in MU 2021

  14. I thought ibabalik na sa Luzon ang korona.
    Visayans don’t do well sa Ms.Universe.
    I.e. Gazini and Rabiya.
    Good luck Ms. Philippines 🍀

  15. Cebu City was captivating to watch. As all pageant fans would say, “slayed” both SS & EG, proven by both awards. In my humble opinion (I was not a judge) the best overall performance belongs to Tagug. Her Top 10 Q&A was iconic, the kind that wins any country a crown. I am not a fan of anyone. I do not attach myself to any candidate or country for that matter. I am just a mere pageant observant from a distance who knows a thing or two maybe about UNIVERSE pageantry in the new era. Congratulations to the new queens. More power to your country, Philippines. See you all in Israel.

    • mga tag taguig dyan…move on na..pinagpipipiiltan nyo kasi kaya hindi nyoa napansin na mas may deserving

    • Sumali kasi si Taguig sa Love Island US. Hindi maganda sa org if sya nanalo.

  16. Paano naman makakasagot nang maayos si Steffi. The whole night was a demolition job against her. 1) She was always placed at the side or at the back. Bea and Kat always took center stage. Kahit si Steffi lang naman ang main show ng MUP from Day 1. 2) Steffi snubbed of the Special Awards meant to crush her spirit. Come one guys, consuelo de bobo nalang yung isang special award. 3) In the Top 10 Q&A, it was supposed to be a light talk. Tanungin ka ba naman na parang, so undefeated ka pala ha, feeling mo mananalo ka rin dito. It was like Jonas saying, girl NO. I felt the question shook Steffi but I admire her for her presence of mind. She answered well. 4) Best in Swimsuit si Steffi both prelims and finals hello, are we watching the same show? 5) Steffi had to be called first talaga ano for Top 5. 6) Biglang ang galing ni Bea and Mau sa Q&A ah. When in their Closed Door Interview, hindi naman sila magaling. Nagtransform bigla! Or binigyan na ng questions 😅 Iba na talaga pag Aces. 7)After the prelims, nagsulputan kaagad ang MIND CONDITIONING ig accounts that Bea did well 😅 We know already for a fact that si Jonas lang din ang judge ng Prelims. Bea wasn’t in the running at all prior to prelims. Magaling ang PR machinery ni Jonas. Another cooking show after last year’s hinog sa pilit win of Rabiya. Well-played Jonas. 👏 Ngayon di naman pwede magalit mga Cebuano at magreklamo kasi taga Cebu din yung pinush mo. Ano kayang kasalanan ni Steffi kay Jonas? 1) She is from KF. 2) She has a mind of her own like Cat and Alaiza 3) Jonas is looking to redeem his “Queenmaker” status by picking girls with meek personalities. Those who he can transform. Yung mapapalagyan nya ng boobs up to collarbone 😅 In short, Jonas wants a PUPPET. Steffi has a strong core, may team na sya na established. Jonas only wants girls who he can take credit for ang transformation. Steffi is a tough cookie even the Ashties’ demolition job on the eve of her birthday did not shake her. So the demolition job had to be done on finals night. Bea did not even look surprised when she won. 😅 THE MUP ORG IS A SHAME. Deep inside I’m hurting for @steffiaberasturi, THE TRUE QUEEN WE DESERVE!

    • Move on Pal. From the get-go, Steffi cannot hold a candle to Katrina, Maureen, Bea and Victoria in the speaking department. This was evident during her Miss Cebu Days and up to the MUP’s preliminary interview.

      That was her perennial weakness, her Achilles’ heel since she entered the world of pageantry.

      I love her. She has one year. She can come back stronger.

    • Let’s move on from steffi’s defeat. Her first taste of defeat. She must be hurting a lot since all her preparations and hardwork all came down the drain. One year left for her pageantry career and I hope she will still consider joining one last time.

    • Huuuy! Pinost mo rin ito sa IG dun sa Tita’s. Ano na naman ‘yang theory mo, imbi-imbento mo na naman. I also liked Steffi, pero she kissed Lotlot her bestfriend early tonight. She had the weakest answer among the Top 5 finalists. Kung casual interview nga ng Top 10 ang basis ng pilian para sa Top 5, sa totoo lang, mas magaling pa si Kisses sa kanya. Pero pinasok na lang s’ya sa tingin ko kasi nga she had the most released studio photos para sa mind-conditioning na s’ya ang anticipated winner.

      Huwag ganon. Kung sa IG marami kayong bitter, dito sa Norman Blog, kuntento ang majority ng sangkabekian at kagandahan sa pagkapanalo ni Bea. She is deserving. Her answer knocked the most hyped and pushed to win Kat Dimaranan.

      Stop mo na ‘yan, ‘ne.

      That’s all.


      • Sabihan mo si Evil Mama J na wag magkalat para wala ng basurang ire-report. Hahahhahaa. Baon sa utang si bekle. Ayan kasi. No in good faith ang laos na. Wala ng success kasi lumaki na ulo.

    • KF’s wards typically don’t do as well as A&Q’s in Miss Universe…even before Jonas took over the helm of Miss Universe Philippines. MJ and Rachel both did well during their reigns but they both failed to make it beyond Top 10. And no, we’re not even going to discuss the disaster that was Bb Pilipinas Universe 2019 mmkay? You’re barking up the wrong tree buddy. You should be knocking on KF’s door! They need to clean up their act or stop fielding entries to MUPhilippines.

      • Karamihan kasi talaga ng mga Diyosa a KF, comm. skills talaga ang waterloo. May mga magagaling din naman sa comm. skills like MJ and Rachel pero kulang naman sa dating at face. Hanga ako sa preparation ni Steffi pero nung narinig ko pa lang mga sagutan nya sa prelim interview, I already knew she would end up as a runner as Jonas and his former A&Q allies don’t like someone na so-so the Q&A, they always preferred someone who has it all (except siguro kay Maxine Medina)

      • Para namang hindi din ganyan BBP dati na puro A&Q ang kinoronahan for MUP, dadating din sila Jonas dyan sa point na KF queen na ang kokoranahan, if they send someone na full packaged na talaga, hindi naman nila idedeny ang isang full packaged stunner no

    • Kung ist place si Steffi, valid yang arguments mo. Kaso, technically 4th runner up siya so, No. bitter loser ka lang.

  17. Naalala ko si Chalita sa kanya, napa common ng beauty nya nung naging MUT sya, pero nung MU nambulaga si ateng,

  18. Kung last year pinagbigyan tayo dahil first time ng MUP, ngayon clapper! Iba na po ang branding ng MU under IMG. Mabokas dont win na. Justify all you want but you know deep inside you that nanganganib ng malala ang 11 year sstreak.

    • You claim that “Mabokas dont win na.”
      In the same vein, “Maganda lang, na walang laman”
      will not win either.

      Let us go with someone who has both.

      Bea exhibited those tonight.

      Just because the branding changed does not mean
      that the communication skills will be “completely disregarded”.

      Look at the winners. They are still great speakers.

      And just because your bet did not win does
      not justify your spreading unsolicited pessimism here.

      • Hahahahahaha. Justify all you want, you know placing in the Top 20 for her is already hard to achieve. See you na lang sa Eilat clapping.

  19. I’m really surprised na positive ang reaction dito ng karamihan towards Bea. I admit na hindi sya ang favorite ko tonight pero nagpasiklab naman talaga sya during natcos and prelims, so I’m not surprised na sya pinili but I still preferred Steffi and Katrina sana na ready to go na. However, konting polish nalang ang gagawin nila kay Bea for sure mambubulaga din to sa Miss Universe, I’m sure mas strong ang mental fortitude nito kaysa kay Rabiya no

    PS: Please wala na sana iparetoke sa kanya, thank you. Sa Q&A nalanh siguro medyo polish pa but she’s close

    • Katrina should have won! Unfortunately, I will have to manage my MU expectation now.

      If MUP org really wanted to have a great run at MU, Kat is the obvious choice.

      Last year should have been Michelle!

      Uggghhh. What a disappointment!

  20. And the biggest winner is MUPO! The people behind this organization are just phenomenal. They were even to pull it off despite the pandemic. Not an easy task to mount an event during this trying time. Kodus to the organization.

  21. Sayang talaga si Steffi. She was the most MU-ready kahit bukas na ang pageant. Wag mo lang tanungin for Q&A. I hope she tries again in a national pageant and trains REALLY HARD for the Q&A before then. Yun na lang kulang niya.

    • Most “MU-ready kahit bukas na” pero wag tanungin sa Q&A? Gurl, mas mataas score ng MU closed-door interview kesa sa SS & EG prelims. So pano? 😅😅

      • @Lemontree- This is what I have been trying
        to point out ever since. One even argued with me saying that:

        “Piliin na yung maganda at magaling sa pasarela”.
        Kaya naman daw sigurong itawid sa closed-door interview.

        Well. That is not the way the cookie crumbles.

        By now, we should learn that aside from a
        beautiful and graceful representative,
        we still need someone who can speak – perhaps
        not at par with Catriona or Zozi – but
        someone who can give us “substance”.

        That ladies and gentlemen will separate the
        gem from the rocks.

    • I was hoping back then na Miss World sana sya mag-try kaso nasampolan na matalo sa ibang national pageant eh 😢 Hindi pa naman gusto ni Morley mga crossovers, gusto nya yung first time lang talaga mag-compete tapos panalo agad

    • yes. i feel for steffi. she has invested so much in this, to the extreme point of having veneers done..all those gym hours to get abs etc. . but at the end of it all, ung authenticity mu pa rin ang mag matter..good luck steffi to your next adventure, what ever it may be. you have the discipline and determination, essential traits for success.

  22. I’m sad for my sentimental favorite #LerenLerenSinta but Bea just slayed all segments of the competition.
    She was one of my top 3 prediction anyway together with Maureen and Leren. Hwag naman sana syang maging Gazini. I actually doubt though if she is the right candidate to bring the Philippines back into the top 5 at MU.
    Kawawa naman yung si San Juan at nagoyo sa “inclusivity” . Was she actually thinking na mananalo sya just because magaling sya magsalita. This edition still proves that it still is a beauty pageant first and foremost and that communication skills alone can not get you too far in the competition. Kaya next year isip isip muna mga pangit bago sumali. Sorry po!

    • “Kaya next year isip isip muna mga pangit bago sumali. Sorry po!”

      With all due respect, I think this remark is uncalled for.

      Ayn, even Kisses, joined to break stereotypes. In that process, she evolved, did better than
      the so called frontrunners in the other segments of the competition.

      Having reached the top 16 is already a feat. She has shown the universe that “aside”
      from her great communication skills, which the other heavy favorites do not possess,
      she is beautiful and she is capable.

      That is something that we must all be proud of.

      • lets not be hypocrites, tama naman úng nag comment, beauty pageant, sa tagalog timpalak pagandahan.

  23. Josketch! Nakakatakot baka manalo nanaman ang Felepens sa Miss Universe!

    Ano kaya’t maging judge si Patricia Yurena Rodriguez? Ano na? Super relate silang dalawa!

    KF ba siya?

  24. At dahil kuntento ako sa nanalong Miss Universe Philippines 2021, hindi na ako magku-comment about the production. After all, I lowered my expectation before the pageant began. I should be kinder to the MUPO, especially during this pandemic, in that staging a pageant is challenging. It was also done “live”, so technical problems would expectedly arise.

    I just hope and pray that next year the pandemic will be over, so we’d witness a grandiose Miss Universe production the organization is, I am pretty sure, envisioning.

    Good night, fellas.

    That’s all.

  25. On my first update right off the bat (reposting it below), iba na ang kutob ko kay Bea. Lalo na nung s’ya ang huling tinawag sa Top 16. At dun sa fearless forecast ni Tito Norms na si Katrina ang mananalo, hindi talaga ako sumampalataya. Lol. I knew that it’s gonna be a girl who is facially beautiful. Congrats again, Bea! Hahabul-habulin ka na ni Gerald Anderson. Char!

    *** *** ***

    Top 16:

    – Kisses Delavin (Lazada Votes)
    – Maureen Wroblewitz
    – Christelle Bello
    – Chella Falconer
    – Jasmine Umali
    – Janela Cuaton
    – Victoria Vincent
    – Mirjan Hipolito
    – Corrine Abalos
    – Katrina Dimaranan
    – Steffi Aberasturi
    – Leren Bautista
    – Ingrid Santamaria
    – Jane Miñano (spoiler si bakla)
    – Rousanne Bernos
    – Bea Gomez

    Last to be called is Bea Gomez. Alam na this.

    *** *** ***

    That’s all.

    • Ana, allow me to repost because it bears repeating:

      “A true blue Pinay beauty should emerge the victor tonight and she must be facially beautiful.” 😊

      Great thing that our new queen can speak too.
      (She can still improve. She will get there.)

  26. I rooted for Maureen but Bea deserved the win! She’ll do great in Israel merit wise and not sash factor.

  27. Congratulations to the top five! Tough competition, all deserving. Congratulations to all for the journey and your best efforts. We truly appreciate you!

  28. Kinabahan pa ko akala ko ibibigay pa din kay dimaranan na hindi naman nagshine, di na nga maganda pangit pa ng answer. Pag nagkataon halatang dinaya na ni gaffud!

    Bea Gomez deserves the crown!

  29. To WillYam, GlaxoSmithKlein, Nunya, 4M, Regina,
    Ana Winter Lund, Lemontree, Abcde, Closer2Fame:

    It is great to know that despite all the thumbs down we get from pushing Bea as
    our main bet, she proved that she went there to fight.

    She came prepared, tickling all the boxes from her attitude on stage, her straight black hair styling,
    fierce paserela and her impressive Q&A answer that sealed her fate.

    We can all rest tonight knowing that the “most deserving” woman won.

    To all the haters who are not yet convinced that communication skills, aside from
    the other aforementioned aspects, still play a pivotal role in pageants –

    I wish you peace.

    • im glad coz this is my first time to get populated commenting… all to inspire my bet without commenting ill to others 💪🏾🙏

    • we hv different views on who is THE BEST ONE.. Bea’s stars aligned tonight plus she really is a complete package from the get-go. good thing she’s a true blue filipina. hooray!

    • I wonder how beautiful she is in person coz’ on screen her presence alone is so magnetic.

    • veks!!!! BIG VIRTUAL APIR!!!!! I am not going to gloat here but I wasn’t a fan of Bea but i believe in the power of momentum and the concept of “peaking at the right time”… it truly worked for her.

      Congratulations to #TeamBea and now hopefully #TeamPelepens na!!!

      • Which was totally opposite of Rabiya’s performance during the MU coronation night! 😁

      • veks… Rabiya was just mishandled and was not mentally prepared for the onslaught on social media. She was underseasoned. But pinilit nila kaya ayan, half cooked ang nangyari sa kanya.

        Had they waited 2 more years to give Rabiya the maturity she needs then she would be such a formidable force.

        I think she should really join MWP in 3 years. She could bring our second blue crown.

  30. Congrats Maureen!
    So glad to see that you’re confident about your height to wear classy stilettos instead of the cliché pageant shoes.

  31. I find it disheartening for Leren to have an ungraceful exit in the world of pageantry. Maybe she’s not destined for a top crown after her second runner-up finish in the Miss Globe international pageant.

    To my other favorite Corrine Abalos: it was such a good finish for a newbie in pageantry. You were beautiful tonight. I hope you come back in the pageantry stronger.

    Bea Gomez is deserving for the crown. She gave an excellent answer than anybody. And that face was so stunning! I actually saw the face of Joanne Quintas Santos and Aileen Leng Damiles in her. As I have repeatedly stated here, a true blue Pinay beauty should emerge the victor tonight and she must be facially beautiful. At least now I know, kayang-kayang makipagbardagulan ni Bea kay Nadia Ferreira. Hindi tayo matatalo sa ganda ng mukha. Eh, magaling pang sumagot. Ang lakas pa ng sex appeal at x-factor. Si Bea ‘yung tipo na kapag itinabi mo kay Nadia, mas gugustuhin s’ya ng caucasians and other race. Congratulations, Bea!

    That’s all.

    • kasalan ni leren at sumali sali pa sya, knowing mahina comm skills nya.. know when to peak, but most of all, know when to exit..dapat nakuntento na sya sa asia pacific crown at runner up finish nya sa Globe.

    • darling it’s called risk taking… she has not lost. in fact i admired her bravery to take on a more challenging task. she will be future Jojo Bragais shoe model naman… hihihih

      • but it was a poorly calculated risk…and there lies the problem..ni wla nga sya chance mag top5 considering the contenders…so why did she bother to risk then? for what? dahil lang wla sya life outside of pageantry? dahil bored sya sa pandemic etc..

  32. sabi ko na sa previous post ko..pag makapasok si Beatrice sa Top 5 sya mananalo…napaka natural nya magsalita..yon ang malaking lamang nya sa iba..Congrats

  33. Sa pangalan pa lang pang Miss Universe na! Tunog Miss Colombia. Congrats inday bea!👏👏👏👏

  34. congrats also to Taguig, Cavite, Pangasinan and Cebu Prov.
    and to (my) 2 other bets Laguna and Manila 😚💪

  35. ang ganda ni VVV. I thought it was between her and Maureen. But congrats to Bea, well deserved.

    sophisticated beauty si VVV, gandang ganda ako sa kanya tonight

    and Maureen sobrang charming and ang humble ng dating. pwede sya sa MW kung pwede pa age nya

    Katrina’s styling was bad. mas bagay sa kanya yung styling nya sa MS

    Steffi, oh dear walang tatalo sa pasarela mo

  36. Yung Team Bea lang may K mang bash ha!

    The rest of us manahimik kung walang magandang sasabihin Char

    Congratulations to the new MUP!

    Ouch for Dimaranan, Tourism.

    Binibini Queens, no need to apply in MUP, as you will never win.


    • di ako nang bash, i was raised to respect others individuality… beside i tried to understand what these ladies have been through to get into the contest… i emphatize 💪🏾🙏



    – Regina
    – 4M
    – K
    – Nunya
    – WillYam
    – Ana Winter Lund
    – GlaxoSmithKlein
    – Lemontree
    – Abcde
    – Closer2Fame

    Well deserved. She will do us proud. Congratulations to the LGBQT community!

    (Clap. Clap. Clap.)

    World Peace.

    • sir norman could have been counted if he stood firm on his initial choice 💪🏾👸

      pero ako kapit lang for bea, pag naa mg comment ug ngil-ad sa iya ako jud kontahon… nasaktan ako ng meron ng comment n “bea is facially weak, facially wanting” ako jud gitubag nga in my eyes she is facially strong and OOOZZZIIINNNGGG with sex appeal 💪🏾👸

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