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  1. Off Topic:
    Rabiya is about to relinquish her title soon but what happens to Sandra Lemonon’s “cheating claim” during last year’s MUP coronation?

  2. Cno c Bonus, c Ayn ba yan😊
    Kat vs Leren. Wala ng ibang pagpipilian. Pero kung ako Ang mamimili, it’s Kat. Leren can come back next year 💌

  3. mas okay na siguro itong mga titles na ito compared sa mga mala-cabinet secretary titles na binigay nila last year.

  4. I was hoping that as a last act of charity and gratitude to Rabiya, MUP would have chosen more flattering, lovey photos to be used in their promotional campaigns.

    I am sure Rabiya is beautiful in person. However, her above is what the spawn of Gelli de Belen and a Dagang Costa would look like if they mated. Lol. And it doesn’t help any when the lovely face of Shamcey is plastered side by side in this post.

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS We saw your final canvass of bets. Commendations for your diligence, po!

      It’s quite telling, those for Katrina and those for Steffi.

      Sino ang AP ng Taguig City/ni Katrina?

      Kasi for Steffi, it’s probably safe to assume we are dealing with more or less the same person/folks who sent Apriel, Lou Dominic, & Tracy Maureen. Pero etong si Dimaranan, bear in mind nasa Amerika na to at mukhang either tinimbrehan or inavisuhang samantalahin ang pagkakataon… Ni?

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