26 comments on “Rabiya Mateo: Ready to move on

  1. Another thing that needs to ‘move on’ in a manner of speaking is the ‘Filipina’. Not a few are unhappy with its design.

    But look now at the first (close up) & last (far) photo. Looks a lot better from a distance, no?

    It may be a good idea to come up with an abridged-if-more-streamlined version for close-up/ad shots and TV interviews (if the winner is asked to wear it). I would chuck the pearls, for one thing… Retain this current one for Santacruzan, para ma-appreciate ng mga nanonood sa bandang bangketa kahit malayuan.

    Or, even dummy duplicates with faux stones kung high security risk issue with insurance firms.

    (Recall how Cat accidentally broke the Mikimoto ‘Phoenix’ during her Araneta Center V-Parade?)

    But yes, it’s too late now. Maybe for next year?

  2. She blossomed a lot!

    Bata pa naman siya! Marami pa siyang mararating! Aside from the fact na College Graduate siya, she always have a fall back! Yaman din naman na nakatapak na siya sa US of A, sana take advantage na rin niya na makapag-State Board Exam like Miriam Quiambao!

    Hindi ko alam kung anong role ang bagay sa kanya? For example, bumagay kay Miriam yung role na Gertrude as secretary of Madam Kimi kahit na matangkad siya!

    I hope entering showbiz is something that she really likes and sana rin hindi siya maging home wrecker tulad nung ibang mga starlet diyan!

  3. Sumakit tummy ko sa ‘ineffaceable’, napa-Google tuloy…

    Uncle, he probably watched that ’50 English Words That Make You Sound Posh’ video. Ako kasi, ang alam ko lang na posh, yung miyembro ng Spice Girls na kabiyak ni David Beckham.

    So, kontabida roles ang type niya. Parang si 4M dati sa c.7. Yung tungkol dun sa yaya ng Presidente… Sanya Lopez, ‘My First Yaya’.

    I don’t know that its nice that bq’s are typecast as wicked witches. Ayaw naman nilang ‘damsel-in-distress’ kasi nga empowered chorva daw sila. Paano na? Mag-ho-host na lang like MJ sa EB?

  4. I wish her well sa mga projects na gagawin nya. I know she’s a good person, naive lang talaga sa industry na pinasok nya but now na natikman na nya kung gaano kaharsh ang entertainment, I hope she learns a lot from there.

  5. Good luck Rabiya… Let she be the lesson that you cannot rush someone… Either put the time to invest in development or pick someone who is ready…

  6. Bereft of beauty and comm skills Why are we hyping this girl ??
    Just because she flips her hair and stares like she were going to eat you alive does not make her the right candidate to rep us at MU
    I would rather have Falconer or Janella , both of whom are way prettier and way more articulate than this girl
    Or Leren VVV Kat or Steffi
    Pls remove MJ from the venue STAT
    It will be another disappointing year if she gets the crown

  7. I congratulate her for a colorful reign. I also thank her for representing our country well in MU. I wish her luck in whatever path she takes.

  8. I know that people change, that one needs
    to adapt, to transform, to evolve.

    In retrospect, I just miss the old Rabiya,
    that version before
    all the hullabaloo happened.

  9. RM
    Rabiya Mateo
    Ready to Move on
    Raring to do Movies
    Rejected Marriage
    Replaced by Maureen? Lol.

    Rorld Meace. Este,

    World Peace.

  10. I hope she realizes her acting career dream ! … she is for me the almost-top 3;-second ru delegate of Pinas in MU who was the victim of her own nerves …

    OH did you see the frontrunner in the MUPuertoRico2021 , it is an eerie #Dimaranan all the way look-a-like … I think PR is trolling Pinas … hehehe

  11. tapos?


    yung mga ambassadors sa ganito ganyan
    olats naman

    may new batch na for 2021

    • Ang kalat ng pagiging bitter mo teh, tama na yan haha lahat nalang ng MUP related ngawa ka ng ngawa

      • @ Bleh I-good time mo na lang yang si @ kembular2020. Trolling ang life calling niya. Our task is to appreciate the humor. ‘Rate up/down’ will suffice. For all we know, ahehte siya ng MUPO, lols.

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