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  1. I can wait to see Bella try for MWP..

    I think Rabiya can be a great MWP too. She has the Indian beauty that Lola Julia adores. She just needs that airy sophistication of Ms Megan Young and she’s be amazing.

  2. tas sabi ni shamcey ang hanap nila yung MU ready ready to win yun agad ang focus

    hindi man lang ang hanap eh phenomenal woman para maging MUP
    and fulfill her duties as MUP and eventually win the MU crown



    • ay nakalimutan ko wala nga pala duties na fulfill
      ambassador sa ganito ganyan wala naman pala whole year ganap


  3. In this MUP inaugural batch, three are clearly viable in competing in the international beauty pageants: Ysabella (World), Pauline (International), and Billy (Globe/Intercon). The first two beauties just need to work hard in making their physical assets lean and long. That’s exactly the root cause of Rabiya’s downfall on why she failed to advance in the evening gown portion. Her body became stuffy though she hardly worked out to make it toned. That’s why she looked petite on stage when she ramped, albeit the fact that she did not have sagging fats on her body.

    I concur with Thomas’ repeated criticism about Rabiya’s botched enhancements. They did not help her look more beautiful, but you know, as a woman, I would despise focusing on Rabiya’s chest enhancement. Hence, you would not read any of my comments containing such matter.

    I have nothing against physical enhancements, as long as the intention would really enhance the subject. Worthy is to note the growing number of ladies resorting to veneer procedures, most of whom are botched, i.e. Jasmine Umali, Chella Falconer. I hope the girls should carefully choose their dental sponsors who would freely provide the procedure on them.

    P.S. Michele Gumabao’s evening gown in the photoshoot above is beautiful.

    That’s all.

    • Dear AWL,

      I apologise if I sound like a broken record who keeps on harping about RM’s botched enhancements. I just want our current and potential candidates AND their handlers learn from this fiasco,

      I was very happy when RM was selected as MUP winner last year. I posted many comments in this same blog why she deserved to win (ex. She’s a Penelope Cruz look alike, mysterious looking, and articulate). And why the following rightfully did not win : Michele (too masculine, malapad, and that her brother , Marco looking prettier than she). Pauline and Isabelle are short and have no chins. That Billie was just full of hype with a Ms. Vietnam hair / look wannabe.

      I even bashed Sandra Lemonade for sour graping and for questioning RM’s win. In short, I was RM’s fan,

      Unfortunately, naunahan ng yabang and empty pasabogs ang team ni RM. It was not the botched enhancements alone but a lot of numerous missteps from her camp that could have been totally avoided that makes so many of us disappointed. And sad – – that for their first year of handling MUP, the group of Jonas Ganid did not fare well at all.

      World Peace.

  4. Bella and Paulene should try BbP. They can be both Miss International and Miss Grand International.

  5. Ayyyohhhh! Kaganda ng mga petchor ohhh!

    Parang mga Image Portrait painting ng mga royal family ni Ralph Cowan na come to life!

      • Yes Andrew. Jusko the 2000 batch of bbp are very good speakers pero NGANGA parin. This is still a BEAUTY pageant after all. Imemention ko dapat pinaayos nito ha
        Bella Ysmael- Major orthodontic surgery to lessen her parang mukhang may sinusupsop mouth
        Pauline Amelinx- bump in her nose, and full body liposuction, BBL since ang tuwid ng katawan nya.
        Michelle Gumabao- full body liposuction.
        Rabiya- remove the threads, go for surgical rhinoplasty.

  6. of September 28, 2021 (7th Update)

    Commenters’ Choice for MUP:

    – Norman
    – Regina
    – 4M
    – K
    – Nunya
    – WillYam
    – Ana Winter Lund
    – GlaxoSmithKlein

    – K
    – Andrew
    – Sky
    – Kembular2021
    – Paui
    – Closer2Fame
    – Ramon Lua

    – Norman
    – Fabian Reyes
    – Serge
    – Jaret
    – Philip dela Torre
    – Lala
    – Bella

    – Bago 21
    – Jaret
    – Crystal Belle
    – Just Passing By
    – Cool Brew
    – Miss Tissa

    – John
    – Fashion Pulis
    – GlaxoSmith Klein
    – Closer2Fame

    – JS
    – Sunny
    – PaquitaX

    – Nunyabiz
    – Bonsaihater and pamangkins

    – Lireo

    – Claire Ibbetson

    – Bonus

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS Boy, 7th update na to. 29 na bukas. May we suggest you finalize at 10th (30, AM)?

      As it stands now, no one will win with a majority vote. Therefore, it’s anyone’s game, talaga. But if that will be the case, does it necessarily mean reception will only ever be lukewarm? How do sponsors feel about ‘less than enthusiastic’?

      • Thanks Andrew. Will do. Will post the next and final update on Wednesday, morning. Sorry for the numerous updates.

        This activity is all for fun.

        The number of commenters choosing a particular girl has nothing to do with her winnability. It’s anyone’s game talaga. I am pretty sure though that the eventual winner will come from our list.

        I am just curious to know who among the commenters will have the same taste as the judges (who I assume are experts on beauty), and thus it means those commenters have good taste too. Bragging rights lang to have selected the winner.

        World Peace.

    • steffi and bea luigi are my fav; albiet if i were to choose, it would be bea luigi. i recalled that during their teens bea luigi edged out steffi as the “Best Muse” when at same sports event both represented a team… i graduated at University Of San Carlos, steffi’s alma matter; and if she win, i would still be glad, and it would be her redemption to get even with bea luigi. i love them both ❤️

  7. It’s laughable that even in the last photos of Rabiya as MUP, they had to fool people and fake the length of her lower body to make her appear having long legs when it is obvious that she was standing on a ten inch stool covered by her gown. Lol. Pwede ba?

    Dear Rabiya and organizers, no need to make her look so fake anymore. You’ve overdone it already with her botched boobs and scary veneers. There is no need to impress anyone at this point. She is not competing anymore. Geesh.

    Please, let us not repeat the same mistake by selecting the most “enhanced” and affected candidate.

    World Peace.

  8. Gorgeous. Congratulations to these ladies for their wonderful reigns. I wish them luck in whatever paths they take.

  9. Kahit nasa gitna na nilagay sa Rabiya at nasa taas, natatabunan pa rin siya ng runners-up.

  10. Kinsa n si H_ _ _ _ _ _ _ n dai, wa ko kaila niya (tanong ni miss earth)… bash begets bash 😅
    sorry first time ako ng comment so “uninspiring”, sa awa ko sa kababayan ko from Cebu

  11. Miss Universe Philippines 2020 winners are the best. Good luck ladies on your next journey.

  12. Not related to Seven Barretto’s photoshoot.

    I saw some footages of the ladies in Bohol. Seems like they are having a grand time!

    Treating the girls like international contestants is highly commendable because they deserve it!

    I hope they are well rested and primed for the big day!

    • Yes they are happy and grateful to MUPH. Supalpal ang bashers ng org. Dati sabi wala daw sponsors at all, eh marami naman pala sonsors! Sabi iniwan na daw sila ng Frontrow, pero andyan pa naman ang Frontrow. Tapos dami reklamo kawawa daw ang girls, but they were billeted in high-class hotels and treated well in Clark and Bohol, and now they are enjoying their experience in Bohol.

      At first I believed those bashers but I realized na purely paninira lang pala. The accusations were baseless. Pinapangunahan nila ang org. The org revealed the sponsors when it was time, and now we’re seeing that the girls are in fact treated well.

      • Don’t believe everything, Sophia.

        I did criticize the org about how they chose to air the pre-pageant activities.

        And my comment about Mr. Jonas Gaffud’s conflicts of interest weren’t accusations but observations. They are out in the open.

        If the money they earned from Ktx.ph paid for even just part of the billeting and first class accommodation of the ladies in Clark and Bohol, then I apologize for being ignorant.

        Again, as long as the ladies and their teams are well-compensated and recognized, I am happy.

        But I stand behind my opinion that the pre-pageant activities and the final show should be free for all Filipino fans, and conflicts of interest in running the pageant should be avoided.

        MUPO is a young org. There is so much room for improvement.

  13. puro ganito ang alam
    eh diba
    ambassador sa ganito ganyan
    nasan na po?

    ok next

    planetpeace to all

  14. This batch is overflowing with the gift of the gab.

    I would love to see more of Bella and Pauline
    in the years to come.

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