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  1. My vote goes to Ayn Bernos.

    But if MUPH wants someone who they can control like Rabiya, it would be Chella Falconer. It seems she really wants to win and willing to do anything just to represent the Philippines. Unlike the veterans, who seems strong-willed and cannot be influenced by the organization.

  2. Huwag kayong magpadala ng mestiza sa miss universe sa Israel djuskolord. If Israelites will be the majority judge, mageexpect yan ng exotic looking Pinay o yun mukhang Pinay talaga.

    • @ Gul Panag Oh, eh di sina Katrina, Leren, at Beatrice nga.

      No prob. I have all three covered in my options… (below).

      Juice colored. Ang GANDA ni Leren! Kita mo yung photos nila sa yacht? She looks like some well-kept girlfriend~fiance of a major international arms dealer. The most ‘alta’ possible right now.

  3. This will change I’m sure before coronation night. For now, in order…

    There are a few that could be the spoiler and break into this top five. This bevy of 28 beauties has made this call very hard. Anyone could take the crown, ANYONE.

  4. MUP – Maureen of Pangasinan

    1st RU – Kisses of Masbate
    2nd RU – Leren of Laguna
    3rd RU – Steffi of Cebu Province
    4th RU – Katrina of Taguig


  5. Uncle, ang mother ba ni Ingrid, si Crispy Laurel (?) Santamaria, a Rajo Laurel model dati, po?

    Explains why Ingrid’s dresses are by Sir Rajo… ?…

  6. As of September 27, 2021 (4th Update)


    – Norman
    – Regina
    – 4M
    – K
    – Nunya
    – WillYam
    – Ana Winter Lund
    – GlaxoSmithKlein

    – K
    – Andrew
    – Sky
    – Kembular2021

    – Norman
    – Fabian Reyes
    – Serge
    – Jaret

    – Bago 21
    – Jaret
    – Crystal Belle
    – Just Passing By
    – Cool Brew
    – Miss Tissa

    – Nunyabiz

    – Ramon
    – Lireo

    – Claire

    – John
    – Fashion Pulis
    – GlaxoSmith Klein

    – Bonus

    – JS


    Waiting for the choices of the following: Flor Tula, Paui, Scorg, Lyramaraina, Closer2Fame, Paquita X, jmgonzalesme.

    World Peace.

    • It’s hard to choose just one.

      Who I want to win – Steffi. Highest likelihood of placing in MU (prod team, experience, wardrobe, brand are all ironed out a la Amanda Obdam. But also like Amanda, Steffi looks like the type who will drown in a sea of taller Caucasians and more striking Exotics. If she were only 5’9+)

      Who I think Jonas wants to win – an Aces girl, obvs, with a pliable personality and high market value. Maureen? Kisses?

      Who I think Shamcey wants to win – someone who reminds her of herself, like Rabiya last year. So maybe a fellow artistic, creative, architect, VVV?

      Who I think the sponsors like – the markerable ones: Steffi, Kisses, Mau. The Frontrow guys have the biggest influence.

      Who I think are ready to represent PH – Leren & Katrina

      Who I think will be interesting to crown – Jasmine

      So I apologize, I still haven’t made up my mind. I won’t mind if any of the girls I mentioned wins. Maybe Kisses, I won’t be as happy to see win, but the girl’s got fans and she does work hard, pasarela and Q&A are decent as of the recent presentations. I honestly don’t know. I hope the org realizes what a mess they made out of Rabiya last year so maybe this year they can make better choices. Maybe lang.

      They need a girl who can perform on autopilot, if their priority is securing a top 5 MU finish. They got too proud last year, thinking they can transform a bario lass into a phenomenal winner, their goal was to show off their “Queen Maker” skillz. This year I hope they swallow their pride and just choose the most prepared, most winnable woman who needs no transformation because she’s already MU-worthy.

    • Hey @Thomas, I still can’t make up my mind. At this time, it would be either Katrina or Mirjan.

      My front runners:
      Katrina Dimaranan 👑👑👑
      I am surprised that her walk isn’t as impressive when I compared it with Steffi’s or Jasmine’s. Since she is very spontaneous at napapatingin ako sa kanya in group photos, she still ranks very high in my list.

      Steffi Aberasturi 👑
      What she lacks in communication skills, she sure does compensate in her pasabogs and pasarela. And of course, her beauty is undeniable. I am hoping her dentist fixes her chicklets if she wins MUPh.

      Maureen Wroblewitz 👑
      As @Fabian has mentioned, she is the Filipina version of Olivia Culpo. Her waist to hip ratio is so womanly. Ganda ng proportions niya. And with her communication skills, I won’t get nervous if she is the one sent to Israel.

      My dark horses:
      Chella Falconer 👑
      This lady is vavavoom! That attention-grabbing cleavage is a winner! Kaunting improvement pa sa pasarela and less hand movements during Q&A, Chella might pull an upset for the front runners in the finals.

      Mirjan Hipolito 👑👑👑
      Love her overall Filipina aura. Good communicator. Very statuesque, too. Her smile sometimes isn’t the greatest. I find her one of the stylish ladies in this batch – kudos to her and her glam team.

      Jasmine Umali 👑
      Oh my! She was such a goddess in that green gown. Her strides in both her swimsuit and evening gown walk is impeccable. Overall, ang ganda ng rehistro at malinis. Hindi OA o trying hard. She is one of the ladies that I noticed that really enjoyed the preliminaries. Kampante lang at laging nakangiti. She always beams with class and elegance.

      Bea Luigi Gomez 👑
      She finally peaked at the right time and showed that she’s in it to win. If there’s one thing I’d like Bea to improve during Q&A is for her to stand up straight. She was slouching during the preliminary interviews and kept on rubbing her hands…she was clearly nervous. Bea, sabi nga ni Maureen Montagne – speak to the judges like they are your friends. They just want to listen to what you have to say. You got this, girl!

      All the best to the ladies!

    • @ THOMAS Si Mdme. Flora, huwag mo na asahan yun. For all we know, in a state of bliss yun kaya di na nagpaparamdam… Luka-luka, akala niya siya lang puwede lumigaya??!! Sh_t.

      Si @ scorg, alam mo naman si bunso, mahilig sa guro. Sino bang guro among these 28? Yun na.

    • Steffi and Bea Luigi are my fav… albiet if i were to choose one, it would be Bea Luigi; i recalled that Bea Luigi edged Steffi as Best Muse during their teens when both represented a team in an event in Cebu 🙏 i graduated at University of San Carlos, Steffi’s alma matter. if steffi win then its her redemption to make even with Bea… and i would still be glad 🥂love them both ❤️

  7. My choice at this moment is Laguna – Leren Mae Bautista.
    She is the safest candidate who will represent Ph.
    Beauty, Body, Height, Pasarela both in SS and Gown. Her q and a and interview is not that bad. Her beauty will not be ignored in MU.

    2. Cebu Province
    3. Taguig
    4. Angeles City
    5. Pangsinan
    6. Cebu City
    7. Cavite
    8. Manila

  8. mas inaantay ko ung pa-tsaa after the coronation night. sinu kaya ang nakatoka na mag ala MG at mag post ng cryptic message na kesyo me narinig na di dapat marinig sa madaling araw at sinu naman kay ang gagawa ng lemonade tea?! lols, or MUPO has a different PR stunt this year..abangers.

  9. The evening gown worn by Keshapornam of Iloilo City is fashion forward. If only she has fairer skin and sashayed the gown with elegance and ease, she could easily make it in the Top 16. It is indeed true that the gown does not carry a girl, it should be the girl that carries it.

    Keshapornam also wore a stunning Manila Carnival-themed Costume by the same Iloilo-based fashion designer Alfie Desamparado. What caught my eyes are the fabulous headdress and the imprint on the train and dress itself of “La Solidaridad” with the faces of empowered women, i.e. Pura Villanueva, the first ever Manila Carnival Queen, Sen. Miriam Santiago, etc. I hope the judges saw the details in that costume, plus its elegance.

    That’s all.

      • You read it right, dear. The color of her gown matches fairer or whiter skin. Kesha’s skin tone is best complemented with yellow or red colors.

        That’s all.

  10. My Top 16 in random order:

    Steffi Aberasturi
    Katrina Dimaranan
    Maureen Wroblewitz
    Bea Gomez
    Isabelle Umali

    Leren Bautista
    Victoria Vincent
    Mirjan Hipolito
    Ingrid Santamaria
    Kisses Delavin

    Christelle Abello
    Chela Falconer
    Janela Cuaton
    Rosanne Bernos
    Vincy Vacalares

    Corrine Abalos

      • I think the safest bet to send to MU is Steffi cause she’s the most well-rounded…

        But my sentimental fave is Jasmine even if I don’t know her personaly.

  11. best ilong – Manila and Angeles
    best Biyas – Masbate, San Juan, Siargao Island, Marinduque
    Maton award – Iloilo

    MU ready: Taguig, Cebu Prov, Cebu City, Laguna
    MI material : Misamis
    Mister World : Iloilo


  12. Leren Mae will rock the MU stage.
    I can vividly see her slaying the EG and SS rounds at the prelims and finals.
    Her fair communication skills is just enough to land her into the top 20(1) and from there, she will easily sail into the top 5.
    To make my comment short, she will do an Ariela Arrida or an Adline Castellano but she will be our first ever 2nd RU at MU which is Love❤️
    #LerenLerenSinta is MUPh2021

      • What happened to Rabiya then who was perceived to have the best communication skills?
        MU is back at its Trump format wherein the determinants to reach the top 5 is merely the gown and SS competition.
        As I’ve said, Leren’s communication skills is not that bad which I think is just enough to land her into the top 20 coupled with her SS and EG scintillating performance. I’m sure about that

  13. top 3
    san juan
    siargao island

    will represent true Pinay in Israel
    short, hardworking Pinays

  14. I saw Khesha Ramachandran in person at the airport. She was stunning.
    Long neck. Small waisted. Good proportion. Delicate features. Really, it is all in the styling. 🕊💐👑

  15. I have this weird feeling that they will give
    it to a girl, like Rabiya last year, who has
    never been on a national pageant. 🤔

  16. For me, my final verdict is Aces and Queen girl and add Katrina/ Leren as they were A&Q before will win Miss Universe Philippines

    • For branding, I have a feeling they will give it to
      girl, like Rabiya last year, who has never been
      in a national pageant.

  17. As of September 27, 2021: (Updated)


    – Norman
    – Regina
    – 4M
    – K
    – Nunya
    – WillYam
    – Ana Winter Lund

    – K
    – Andrew
    – Sky
    – Kembular

    – Norman
    – Fabian Reyes
    – Serge
    – Jaret

    – Bago 21
    – Jaret
    – Crystal Belle
    – Just Passing By
    – Cool Brew

    – Nunyabiz

    – Ramon
    – Lirio

    – Claire

    – John

    Prize and Penalty:

    A) For the winning team:

    > Anyone of the losing team member will choose one member from the winning team and send a P300 worth of food via grab or lalamove. Lol.

    The blogger will send token prizes to the winning team members. Or organize a short zoom meeting with the winning members to celebrate the victory of their candidate. (And who knows, Norman may invite the winning girl to attend the zoom meeting)

    For the losing teams:

    > Option 1: Members of the losing team WILL NOT bash the winning girl until after the competition in Israel.

    > Option 2: Members of the losing team will post their face pic here and let members of the winning team bash them. Lol.

    World Peace.

  18. Katrina still my choice
    But her face during EG looks so severe
    She’s pretty in swim though

  19. OMG this is scary
    We have prettier and more articulate candidates to be had on MU stage
    Pls stop hyping !!!!!!!
    Titigan ba sa Kamera ang labanan??? Pag matalim ang tingin at pag lumipad ang buhok , pang MU na ? E sobra ngang galaw ng face sa camera .. very awkward ang dating
    Pls throw MJ out of the venue!!!!

    • You can’t throw MJ out, she’ll do an intermission number with the EB dancers. Lol.

      Fabian! Leave MJ alone, please.

      I don’t know how important it is to flirt with the camera when the judges will scrutinize the girls live.

      The Lagunense and the two Cebuanas have commanding presence. The three of them also knows how to interact with the camera like pros!

      The Manileña is a little too much for me although she is very gorgeous.

      Who are the judges of the prelims by the way?

      • @ nunyabiz1991 Malamang tayo.

        Pansin mo, di pa nag-po-post ulit si Uncle. Malay mo, binabasa nina Jonas comments natin.

  20. As of September 27, 2021:


    – Norman
    – Regina
    – 4M
    – K
    – Nunya
    – WillYam
    – Ana Winter Lund
    – Cool Brew

    – K
    – Andrew
    – Sky
    – Kembular

    – Norman
    – Serge
    – Jaret

    – Bago 21
    – Jaret
    – Crystal Belle
    – Fabian
    – Just Passing By

    – Nunyabiz

    – Ramon
    – Lirio

    – Claire

    – Fabian Reyes
    – John

    World Peace.

    • Thomas , I have never been a fan of Umali .
      Miss Venezuela vibe is so 1990’s
      She is very pretty though and sounds really good

      • So who is your choice Fabian dear? =), so I can update it later. (Same with cool brew, I’ll update your choice [Leren]).


        We can not be fence sitters at this time of the competition, criticizing other girls and not have our own choice. Dear other readers, it is time to declare your girl ng maka – alaman na.

        World Peace.

      • Agree. Naguguluhan ako sa mukha ni Jasmine. Hindi ko alam kung masyadong hiwalay ang mata nya. O nag start ang nose line or bridge sa noo nya. Sunog lagi ang patilya ay sintido.then sa gown parang mali yung placing ng tela sa puson area masyadong mataas at mukhang lampin o bigkis. Walang masama sa maputi pero iba yung level ng puti nya distracting na.

  21. On the social media darlings, Ayn Bernos…

    Girl, sa truth lang, teary eyed ako seeing you walk on the runway. Parang you know talaga na mahirap makipagbanggaan sa mga totoong diyosa sa rampahan, pero you proved na you are representing the whole pack of real Filipinas na hindi nagpapatalo sa laban. When I saw your fan-girling photo with Pia Wurtzbach during the Miss Universe pageant here in 2017, parang itinatak mo sa isip mo na every Filipina should be represented. I love your fighting spirit. You belonged up there, girl.

    …and Kisses Delavin…

    You proved many people, me included, wrong. You are just misunderstood maybe because of the privilege you have had in your life. But your work attitude and humility is beyond showbiz. I believe you deserve a space in showbusiness given the right team and project. Best of luck, Kisses.

    That’s all.

    • Agree.

      Super love Ayn. Sana talaga mabigyan sya ng chance sa final Q&A. I would love to see her win the crown. During evening gown hindi sya nag platform heels kahit hindi sya matangkad unlike yung iba matangkad na naka chunky platform heels pa. Then ang subtle ng galaw nya sobrang regal and elegant. Yung iba bordering multiple personality walang smooth transition yung fierce to happy look.

      • My respect for beauty pageant grows even deeper because of Ayn. Her participation in MUP is a paradigm shift in pageantry. Ayn gives me a whole new perspective of pageantry. Indeed, because of her, beauty pageant has become even more relevant.

    • @AWL. I also have the same sentiment for Ayn. Her inclusion in top 30 is an achievement of her goal which is to break society’s beauty stereotype. With or without crown, she is already a winner.

      • Ayn is a trailblazer and a class of her own, Serge. No matter how people see her low, Ayn does not give a damn f#ck. She is worth-emulating.

        That’s all.

  22. If there was one candidate, who ranked lowest in the prelims both in swimsuit and evening gown per my score sheet, but–potentially–can make it big in modelling abroad or shall represent the country in an international beauty, she would be…

    Krizzaleen Mae Valencia.

    I have never seen such a body posture in a candidate since the time of Miriam Quiambao. Her body actually is Miriam Quiambao-ish, and her ethnic beauty is etherial. But, she needs to work triply hard on her pasarela. Can anyone confirm here if she has injury on her right knee?

    Nanghihinayang ako sa kanya. She has above satisfactory communication skills set pa naman pero, ‘yun nga, wala yata s’yang team or camp na nagga-guide sa kanya.

    KF, the Camp, or A&Q?

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund The way you lionize Krizalleen reminded me of BBP 2021’s own Mindanense fairy, from Davao del Norte – Lesley Anne Ticaro. Tita Lavinia said ‘Lesley is enigmatic’.

      Like Krizalleen, wala din atang kampo.

      @ scorg utterly adores Lesley! Alam mo naman yun, a sucker for teachers (like Tito Norman).

      Tas, eto pang si Rita Gabiola, interesado ata mag-MUP. She was ‘Badjao Girl’ if you remember.

      • Lesley Ticaro did not register well in my memory, Andrew. Napa-search tuloy ako. Anyway, her beauty isn’t that standout. I’d rather have Anjame Magbitang na hindi na-groom ng beauty boot camp pero may potential. Konsehala na yata s’ya ngayon sa lugar nila.

        On Rita Gaviola… She’s beautiful din. Pero kulang sa paaaak! Besides, mahina ang communication skills n’ya, ewan lang sa kanilang vernacular. Pero if she makes it in MUP in order to represent her ethnicity, then I think she should.

        That’s all.

      • Flor. Hindi bagay ang name na Andrew and Grand port para sa yo. He he he. Bumalik ka na sa dating katauhan mo, please…

      • Flor, parang hindi bagay ang Andrew na name para sa yo. Bumalik ka na sa dati mong katauhan, please… He he he.

      • @ serge Na-contact/trace namin si Mdme. Flora, sa wakas!

        Asa remote site daw siya. Walang WIFI. Pero malapit sa isang mobile phone signal tower at via text lang siya… Parang 1 Eu/SMS?… Tas, matagal mag-reply. Barrio daw. Short on cash daw cya.

        OK lang daw ba sa iyo ‘Port Andrew’? Kasi dun sa kabilang wordpress blog, may ‘Port Louis’. Tapatan daw niya. Ang lukaret. Palagay ko, naglalalake…

      • Ha ha ha. Ok lang Flor. Kahit ilang beses ka pa magpalit ng katauhan. Ikaw pa rin ang nag-iisa at walang katulad na Flor tula . He he he

      • Serge, I have been deciphering if Andrew is Flor Tula/Grand Port, pero binisto mo agad. Hahahaha!

        At first talaga, I had an impression na si Flor si Andrew. Pero Andrew’s writing style is a li’l different from Flor’s. May coherence at hindi watak, pero medyo papunta na doon, eh. Haha! Konti pang write up, at malalaman ko na, kaya lang binuking mo agad. Haha!

        Whatever, nakaka-miss din si Flor. Kahit nahihirapan akong basahin ang comments n’ya, the fact that he is here makes the blog flavorful. May nang-away ba kay Flor dito?

        Flor, balik ka na. Hindi na kami galit. Hihi!

        That’s all.

    • Ana Krizaleen indeed ang laki ng potential. And she’s tall and lean. Kaya nga advice ko sa mga baguhan na magpapageant join a manila based camp. Sa rampahan you can clearly tell who is trained and who’s not. Sayang lang din.

      • Yes, you got it. Iba na talaga kapag may pageant trainer. Look at Mirjan Hipolito, ang laki ng potential but her pasarela is very 90’s, parang naji-jebs walk! Besides, she doesn’t know how to project in front of the camera. Her smile is awkward as well.

        Noelyn Campos is good at pasarela but she is not styled well. Pretty naman s’ya pero kulang sa arrive. Sayang.

        That’s all.

    • Ana, na comment ko na yan sa video ni Mirjan sa Instagram. I said na Ang stiff at outdated ng walk nya. Parang sayang lang din. Mirjans walk literally remind me if mirriam’s walk not in my but in BbP 1999. NAKAKALOKA. Naka aces nga si Chella na from Mindanao pa at Vincy eh sya pa na Ang lapit lang ng pampanga sa manila. Hay naku.

  23. As a relatively new org , the MUP i believe would go for a new roster of winners (not crossovers from the other national beauty pageants to set it apart), hence last year was Rabiya and Ysabella. Crossovers Mitch, Pauline and Billie were relegated to runners up while Alaiza did not place. Crossovers were accepted for prestige.

  24. My attempt to summarize (and regularly update) the choice of commenters. Feel free to repost and update your choice.

    (Amazing that Bea Gomez is peaking when just a few days ago, she was hardly on Top 3 choices).

    – Norman
    – 4M
    – K
    – Nunya
    – WillYam
    – Ana Winter Lund

    – K
    – Andrew
    – Sky
    – Kembular

    – Norman
    – Serge
    – Jaret

    – Bago 21
    – Jaret
    – Crystal Belle
    – Fabian
    – Just Passing By

    – Nunyabiz

    – Ramon
    – Lirio

    – Claire

    World Peace.

  25. Sa truth lang, I keep on replaying Jazmine’s performance in the prelims. Minsan-minsan lang kasi talaga tayo nakakakita ng ganyang pasarela sa local pageants. Napaka-effortless at alam mong she was having fun on the runway. Baklaan ang aura pero alta, ang hirap ma-achieve ng ganyan. Tapos ‘yung ngiti o tawa talaga n’ya habang nagpi-flip ng hair, para bang sinasabi n’ya, “nutrition your face, girl!” Sana lang talaga if makapasok si Jazmine sa Top 5, bigyan s’ya ng wisdom ng masagot niya ng bongga ang tanong sa QnA para mapahiya ‘yung nang-api sa kanya.

    That’s all.

    • She’s my bet right now, that face should be sent to Miss Universe. Train pa siguro sa poise which is trainable naman pero yeah, I hope pageant gods give her wisdom kasi fez talaga si ateng

  26. Maureen, Steffi, Leren, VVV and Katrina will be the tough 5.

    The spoilers: Bea, Janela, Jasmine, Corrine, Ingrid, Mirjin.

    Bea might be the ultimate spoiler- the dark horse that is peaking at the right time.

  27. Anyare kay Madam Shamcey? Wala na ba syang say sa swim? Kasi yung swim this year sobrang high cut and expose na yung butt.

  28. @Nunya – Hello there!

    Any of these six is ready for the international stage.

    Steffi, Luigi, Mau, Leren, Kat, and VVV.

    They have their own strengths and weaknesses.

    The only question left is:

    Who can “best” represent the country?

    • Katrina has the most complete package if MUP wants to place in the top 5 at MU. She nailed ALL the segments! Bea was nervous at the interview and was lackluster. Leren was lackluster also with the Q&A.

  29. To be honest, the Miss Universe Philippines Organization will find it hard to crown the most deserving girl in this batch who can make it in the Top 5 in Miss U because each frontrunner has her own flaws:

    *Jazmine – tall, good in pasarela, but not perfectly beautiful because of her teeth and QnA is her waterloo
    *Katrina – good pasarela, tall, good in QnA, but not facially beautiful
    *Leren – good in everything, but her QnA is her waterloo
    *VVV – good in everything but with very short neck, not wide shoulder, she’s not proportined
    *Steffi – good and beautiful but her veneers are off and she doesn’t have an organized thought in answering questions, too shallow
    *Beatrice – she has almost got it but I also am not solved with her communication skills
    *Janela Cuaton – good in pasarela, communication skills, but no x-factor
    *Sam Santamaria – good in everything but weak in pasarela
    *Corrine Abalos – beautiful face, good communication skills but weak pasarela

    Other observations during prelims:

    *Jedidah has resemblance to Zsa Zsa Padilla, her screen appeal is remarkable
    *Michele Okol can be a TV Host, she is very likeable
    *Posture and Raw Beauty Award goes to Krizzaleen Valencia, whose knee jerking was quite extant during prelims, but she is modelesque really
    *Miñano and Campos are both tall and good in pasarela but they both look ordinary
    *Kesha’s gown was beautiful but her gown failed to carry her
    *Bornilla looks teen-ish in eveything and looks like the struggling actress Elle Ramirez

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund Ay, buti na lang na-bring up mo yang not facially ‘outstanding’ ni Katrina.

      2018 siya nag-Supra USA, di ba?

      We all know Missosology puts out annually their ‘Timeless Beauty’ Poll x Casting (meaning, fans get to vote after a panel shortlists the nominees).

      Nung 2018, well, sa madaling salita, Katrina wasn’t… But I think Valeria Vasquez-Latorre was…

      H’Hen Nie won that year. Other shortlist-ees were Telma Madeira and Bianca Tirsin.

      So, yeah. I guess even the folks at Missosology agree… to a certain extent… Shucks, so awkward!

      • For purposes of this discussion lang naman, if you are in Europe, kahit exotic ang look mo basta morena ka, patok ka. Katrina was a sure hit in Europe when she joined Supra there as the rep of USA. Pero sa standard natin ng mga magagandang morena, she’s far behind Corrine Abalos, Leren Bautista and Bea Gomez. Kaya nga sa darating na Miss Universe, dapat ang ipadala natin ay kakaibang gandang Pilipina kasi ‘yan lang ang magpapatibag kay Nadia Ferreira. Kung magpapadala tayo ng mestiza like VVV o kaya Steffi, kakainin lang nya ng buhay ang dalawa. If si Jazmine naman, pwedeng makipagpukpukan pero may kailangang baguhin sa mukha nya. She needs a filler in the right portion of her face, medyo bagsak, kaya tabingi hitsura n’ya, and then ‘yung veneers talaga ang nakasira sa smile n’ya. But I am solved with Jazmine kung rampahan at aurahan lang ang laban.

        That’s all.

  30. I won’t be surprised if the last two standing
    are Cebu’s Steffi and Luigi.

    Mau – VVV and Leren to complete the top 5.

    • Maghunus dili ka
      Seriously , it’s ok … though i think there are more deserving girls

      • Fabian,

        Yes, many of the girls are deserving.

        PH is already very lucky to have this pool of candidates.

        Actually we can donate some of them to our Asian neighbors and we will still have the best ladies in the region. Lol. (I have no idea what’s going on in 🇮🇩, 🇹🇭 and 🇲🇾)

        But with Israel as the host, I kinda doubt if they are gonna give the crown to an Asian, to be honest.

    • Hi K,

      If crowned, either of them can already be sent to MU the following day.

      But same can be said for Leren and Katrina.

      So would you gamble on Maureen, VVV, or Mirjan with less than two months to prepare for Israel?

      By this time, I think the MUPO already have their choice.

      Unless someone pulls off a last minute surprise to change their decision.

      Watch out for Janela, Jane and Chela.

      • Hello Nunya!

        Any of the 6 is ready.
        (2 Cebu girls, Leren, Kat, Mau & VVV)

        The only question left is:

        Who can “best” represent us?

      • Well I have my fave from the very start Beatrice Luigi Gomez! 🏳️‍🌈 🇵🇭

    • Lol
      Even the most athletic women in the US like those boxers and MMA fighters show feminine grace when they wear gowns
      Kesha is just too masculine

  31. Jasmine Umali nailed both rounds. Amazingly she doesn’t have national pageant experience at all! She carried herself like she has been doing pageantry all her life! She deserves recognition.

    On the other hand, Maureen Wrob’s lack of any experience in pageantry showed. She has a lot of work to do pa in her pasarela and overall presentation. She also came across as too timid.

    The pageant veterans (Leren, Katrina, Steffi) all performed well. Overall, considering all three preliminary competitions (interview, EG, SS), I think Beatrice Gomez is the likeliest winner. She is the only girl who was the most consistent throughout the competition. She lagged in no department.

    • at the onset of the competition no one included bea luigi as favorite, but me was so vocal of telling she could pull a win… i saw on youtube of her performance winning ms cebu 2019, she was way par in all categories, SS EG Q&A 🙏

      • i dont agree with a commenter which tell bea luigi is “kulang in beauty of face” … its ironic coz shes very beautiful ang OOOZZZIIINNNGGG with sex appeal … she reminded me of brooke lee (past mu winner frm hawaii)

    • @ REGINA Maureen’s AsNTM stint is a kind of pageantry, too, imo. Besides, she dominated the Casting Challenge which, though weightless in the scoring, convinced all that she is not entirely a fish out of water here. And Thais like her.

      I wonder if quiet self-assurance is perhaps misinterpreted as timidity. If so, Iris Mittenaere and Andrea Meza, pala, ay timid… Hhhmmm…

      (Speaking of Thais, by now TPN should be finalizing the MUT 2021 roster. It will be the Oct show for us ‘pageant dependents’. Parang substance addiction lang, lolz. I highly doubt Porxild will be ‘won’. She will probably be 1st RU.)

  32. there are a couple of candidates who look more or have more aura of a Latina … one is obviously Steffi , and the other one is Umali

    I feel like they can snatch the crown if they are the Pinas delegate in Miss Grand International or Miss Asia Pacific , instead of being the MUP delegate …

  33. After the swimsuit and evening gown preliminaries, this is my latest ranking:
    MUP: Dimaranan
    First runner up: Hipolito
    2nd runner up: Aberrasturi
    3rd runner up: Umali
    4th runner up: Velasquez


    Romblon, Gabrielle Basiano 2.0 vibe. Bata pa, hasain pa. Magsabay sila ni Magbitang, wherever. It will be yet another A&Q-vs.-KF showdown for sure!

    Mandaluyong City is a hot yellow mess (the dress). Not Raichu. Not even Pikachu. Not sorry.

    Billie’s chartreuse Louis Pangilinan made green doable last year. Not this time. None of the greens – Manila, Pangasinan, Siargao, & ESPECIALLY DavSur – show promise.

    Perfect Body is a P-group trifecta – Pasig, Pangasinan, & Paranaque.

    Wala nang ganap, no? Voting na lang hanggang 29 (Wed); sigurado namang si Kirsten na yan…

    Eto ang three scenarios ko.

    1. Kung palarin si Leren maka-Top 5, panalunin na! EVERYBODY IS FOND OF HER. She is like Rushton – ‘sa ganda at bait, walang away ang mga bakla*’. Aside from Katrina, the only one who does not polarize in the sense that lahat agree kung ano ang strengths at weaknesses niya, kaya peace all.

    2. Kung palarin si Beatrice maka-Top 5, #Last2StandingForCebu, another A&Q-vs.KF(Stefi) tussle.

    3. My pragmatic vision (parang contradicting, no?) – 4th RU – Pangasinan, 3rd RU – either Siargao or Makati to serve as ‘Miss-Smarty-Pants’ 2021, 2nd RU – MisOr (crush ng bayan; daming mag-a-add sa batang yan), 1st RU – Aberasturi, and either Dimaranan or VVV crown.

    * – said by either Jesson Cappuchino or Tita Lavinia in a past online chat at a Cubao coffee place.

    • I liked Pasig’s walk in Clark flughafen. Neat and fuss-free. Walang likot-likot o baklaan. THAT, for me, is THE MU PASARELA. ‘Straight ahead’ lang. Parang eroplani na gaining momentum for take-off… Good examples, too, were at MU 2018 (IMPACT Arena). I have in mind Sophida Kanchanarin & yung 1st RU ni Teresita Ssen sa RHA 2017. Ano nga bang country siya? Dominican Rep., ba?

      Reserve the twirls-&-antics for MGI.

    • Well, BELO SunExpert likes my two choices for Ms. Smarty Pants… I especially relish Isabelle de los Santos’ semi-husky voce. She’s the Human Resources girl. Hope she can get hosting jobs!

      And @ Ana WL thinks Michelle Okol can do TV (like Sophia Senoron, maybe. The last NCAA program on c.7).

    • Referring to Gabrielle Basiano 2.0, same interview issue – the ‘actually’.

      Just drop it, take it out. ‘(Actually), it’s my first time in Bohol’… (For example). A second-tier/potential upset-er from Mindanao did the same thing. An NCR candidate didn’t; tularan siya.

      Source : Empire Philippines All Access ep.3, hosted by Brian Gocheco and Pauline Amelinckx

      These casual ‘ambushes’ are a good way to continue gauging the comm skills… More po, MUPO!

      Question, guys.

      Will there still be a NatCos Parade sa Finale? So, ibig sabihin baon nila mga costumes nila at di iniwan sa Clark? It may be a good idea para makita natin ulit kasi nga mabilis lang yung video ng BGYO. Tas, puwedeng maging backdrop ang mga tanawin ng Bohol. I hope viewers and fans are shown an area of the island not well-known to outsiders, a revelation~treat to add zest to the show.

  35. In fairness sa KF girls na nag two piece ha may kanal sa tagiliran. ( I don’t know how you call that). Not a fan of one piece swimsuit since belly is a very good indicator of someone’s fitness.

  36. Buttery, silky smooth performances on both evening gown and SS.
    This two candidates stood out for me:

    Laguna and Antique

    Look at those long, smooth strides.

  37. Leren
    Leren for me me has the best presentation so I won’t mind if she wins MUP
    I am also amazed by VVV Kat Maureen Chella and Janella ….who have the advantage of having excellent excellent communication skills
    I am not fan anymore of a Venezuela type of presentation so no to Jasmine Steffi and Bea but I won’t mind either if any of the 3 gets the crown

    Note :Why I’m really excited to see Janella represent our country at MU , I don’t know .Her pleasant beauty sweet voice humility great comm skills and amazing presentation. ..I hope the MUPO sees it all

    • Just to add for Janela. She is a global citizen. She was raised and studied in Qatar. Her mum is an OFW I suppose, ( nurse, I think) and her family is now based in San Francisco, and by the looks of it they kinda look like upper middle class there. Haha

      • Janella speaks fluent English and Tagalog which is very admirable . She is a very pleasant Filipina beauty , which to me , is a better alternative to Steffi .
        I really hope she wins it

  38. This batch is fantastic!

    Anyone among the top-seed ladies will make a great PH representative!

    Now it is up to the judges/org to pick.

    PS. Please send someone who will not be shocked by a large crowd.

    We did the national competition with very minimal audience as opposed to the hysterical crowd of Araneta in the previous editions.

    We must admit that last year, our beloved candidate was nervous and seemed a little distressed by the crowd.

    Best of luck ladies!

    • Katrina joined BBP in 2012 before a large crowd in Araneta but she still nailed her Q&A and won the BBP Tourism title in her first try at the age of only 18yo. She loves the crowd!

  39. chaka ng production
    promo ng airport at ceiling

    buti na lang magaganda ang candidates

    • To the 5 haters:

      Can’t you just learn to give credit where
      it is due?

      Look at their performances and
      if you remove all your biases,
      we can all agree that this lady did
      better than the rest of your favorites.

  40. Bakit po blurred and super pixelated?

    Gown ni Katrina parang Swimsuit na may tapis

    Underwhelming ang hairstyle at gown ni Leren, mas bongga yung final walk nya sa Binibini

    Bakit naka shorts si Kisses sa Swimsuit

    Ang ganda ng Misamis Oriental pero parang pang Miss International sya


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