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  1. Uncle, you removed the MUP 2021 post/video on episode 3 of the ‘All Access’ series on the EmpirePh channel?

    Anyway, just saw episode 4…

    Still, the ‘actually/honestly’. ‘I’ve been here (Bohol) several times, but this is HONESTLY my first time to go on the tour…’, said a front-runner from an adjacent island. Bur she’s not the only one guilty of this ‘crime’. No less than the reigning MUP, as chatted up by Brian Gocheco, fell prey.

    May I suggest you coach your future trainees to remove this from their everyday intercourse with the general public. It will sound odd to non-Filipinos, like the Singapore ‘la’ or the French/Spanish ‘no? (as if to emphasize one’s point)’. We must strive to speak neutral English understood by all!

    In contrast, VVV… Watch for yourself. No wonder many say she is a ‘good communicator’.

    My favorite exchange is between Amelinckx and Albay. Such mutual courtesy!

    ANG LIIT PALA NI CORRINE. Commentators kept saying, pero ngayon ko lang nakita…


  2. I saw Khesha Ramachandran in person at the airport. She was stunning.
    Small waisted. Delicate features. Really, it is all in the styling. 🕊💐👑

  3. After watching the prelims and
    assessing their strengths and weaknesses,
    my personal bets are:

    Steffi, Maureen, Beatrice, & Victoria.

    Katrina or Leren may complete the top 5.

  4. It still is Leren for me.
    That masterful runway skills will undoubtedly catapult her into the top 5 of Miss Universe.
    I believe MU will retain last year’s format.
    What communication skills are we talking about here?
    Leren will make us proud at Miss Universe.
    #LerenlerenSinta is MU2021 (well at least that is for me, whether she succeeds or fails)😂😂😂

  5. I think VVV is poised to win.

    The most consistent, if not the best, in all three segments.

  6. Welcome to top 16, San Juan City!!!

    Ayn outperformed the more favored and connected candidates from NCR!


  7. I just don’t get it why most commenters here are emphasizing comm skills for the next mu eh ang hirap nga mainvite man lang ng mu winners to relevant major talking events in the states. Most of the time tengga sa apartment. Buti pa miss usa winner may tour across the states pa. Isa pa, miss universe winners from the past are booked/invited to walk in runway shows not to fucking speak about global issues in the UN general assembly.

  8. Wagas din ang MUPH 2021. Ba information kaya ang candidates na amazing race yung sinalihan nila. Biro lang. Happy to see all of them enjoying their journey. I hope everyone is safe and covid free. Waiting for prelims. #excitedmuch

  9. @Fabian- If only Leren, and even Steffi for that matter,
    through her years in pageantry, has
    invested more in her comm skills, she
    could have been a better choice.
    Kahit sa vocabs man lang, stronger
    choice of words, or quotable quotes from
    books etc..

    Pia, when she was starting, was not that
    good in q&a naman, but I remember
    her saying she has three notebooks.
    She took note of all she needed to learn.
    From there, she kept improving and improving.

    Leren and Steffi are both beautiful,
    the latter has more chances of winning,
    but both have serious comm skills
    flaws that cannot be addressed in months.

  10. @ Ramon Lua Jan Abejero of Isabela, the one in the black jacket, no? She gets all the cool gear; I wonder if her designer-friend is avante-garde. Recall the white one she wore coming into Hilton Clark, with matching also-white ‘skorts’ (skirt-cut shorts)? She gave ‘racer girl’ chic!

    @ Fasush Three things.

    1) I think they went to Bohol in separate flights. It’s possible a few took ‘not Air Asia’; maybe, they had valid reasons to not be on that Air Asia chartered flight the majority took.
    2) Even if Mirjan took Air Asia (at Terminal 3, right?), maybe the photo was deliberate…to mislead.
    3) In relation to #2, MUPO may have carefully orchestrated things to confuse moles. Maybe the ladies were in on the whole game all this time. But don’t hate on them. In the end, the organization should take all responsibility, and answer to both fans and stake/shareholders. But if our bet finishes strong in Israel, if not bag our fourth crown, no one will care about the blunders and for sure amnesia will instantly set in. Lols.

  11. Grabe ng porma ni Leren .
    Pang Miss Universe talaga
    I am just a little upset about her interview skills .During the prelim interview , she was good for the first 2-3 questions . But the last 2 were fraught with poor grammar and diction , a lot of empty and inappropriately chosen words.. etc . I wonder if her Tagalog is better … then maybe she could just use a translator
    Still. , I won’t be sad if she gets the crown
    I love her discipline and dedication to pageantry and doesn’t seem to get rattled by the little noise behind her back.

    • Fabian,

      You skipped Miriam Quiambao, I mean Mirjan Hipolito. 😝

      If Mirjan doesn’t win this edition, I think AnQ will adopt her. And for sure her tentative pasarela will transform into a powerful one!

      Leren’s a pro! If she wins I think she will give us a solid performance similar to that of Chalita Suansane.

      And yes! Allow the girls to express themselves in their native languages and provide a live interpreter. And if they don’t speak in English, don’t punish them like what you did to Alyssa M last year.

      • Alyssa Milano or
        Alaiza Malinao
        I have always been a fan of Alaiza . She was my choice next to Bella . I believe Aliza can speak better English than the eventual winner .
        Flor Tula , is that you ?

  12. Mali yata airport terminal pinuntahan ni Miss Angeles City. Di ba Philippine Airlines Terminal 2 yung background ng departure pic niya? Eh Air Asia pa naman official airline. Ibang terminal po yun sila.

  13. I cannot wait to see #Dimaranan all the way in the swimsuit round… I hope in her walk , she channels the walk of Jennifer Hawkins in MU 2004 top 10 swimsuit semifinals competition …

  14. yung iba naman makapag suot naman ng damit for a domestic flight

    komportable kayo sa eroplano na putok na putok make up nyo
    and gown gown ang damit

    di makatotohanan

      • Kembularet,

        That what separates pageant girls from other passengers. They have to be glamorous riding on an airplane. After all, they are in public view. They make sure that they are goddesses in public’s eye, and if the plane crashes, at least they Die Beautiful. (‘Yan, promote ko pa movie ni Paolo Ballesteros sa Netflix.)

        That’s all.

  15. Behold Bohol
    lahat naman ng kandidata front runner

    kung sino ang bet ng frontrow
    yan mananalo
    yung madali mauto tulad ni rabiya
    sunud sunuran
    kaya dami pinagawa sa katawan para lang mag fit sa mold nila
    kawawang ineng.

    pero sana this time ihanda nila emotionally and mentally ang kandidata for MU

    good luck to all ladies

    • Miss Kembular 2020! Here you go again.

      Let’s just say that Rabiya knows how to play politics.

      There are at least two recent footages where I heard VVV praising the MUPO which hints that this lady understands the political workings in the competition.

      You do what you need to do to win, right?

      I 100% agree with you on mental and emotional preparation more than physical enhancements and technical trainings.

      Echoing your best wishes to the ladies!

  16. Sir Norms, I feel na marami sana ang may gusto ki Leren Mae Bautista coz she has the standout Filipina beauty, height, body and pageant experience pero doubtful sa comm skills niya. Personal fav ko din siya and if ever she wins MUO, sana maging Ariella Arida 2.0 siya na naitawid ang Q&A at naging runner-up pa.

    • Ha? There is nothing wrong with Arida’s comm skills. She’s a class valedictorian and Chemistry graduate of UP Los Baños. She’s not stupid okay??? Her accent is her problem. Ang hirap kaya ng chem sa elbi.

      • @ Namrata Shirodkar Akala ko, may effect sa accent ang difficulty ng Chemistry program sa UPLB. Lolz.

        (Buti na lang, pala, di dun nag-Chem yung fren ko…)

  17. Mirjan’s looking great!

    Reminds me of how fresh and fired up Rabiya was when she arrived at the MU competition.

  18. Seeing pageant girls fly to an island and get billeted in a posh hotel resort is a legit pageant thing, considering the pandemic situation. This is one of the perks in pageantry that every pageant girl deserves. Who else can organize this amazing pageant event but only Team Jonas Gaffud.

    Ayoko ng parunggitan ang ibang org, pero ‘yung organizer ng isang local pageant eh indecisive pa rin hanggang ngayon. Ayun, tatakbo na s’yang Mayor ng isang hometown sa northwest, at kasama n’yang tatakbo bilang councilor naman sina JB Saliba at Claudine Barretto.

    Claudine Barretto?

    Yes, Claudine Barretto.


    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund Both JB Saliba and John Adajar are gunning… Career goals. All the best!

      I will assume, kung northwest, we are along the lines of Zambales, Pangasinan, and La Union. Well, they did say they would ‘indefinitely postpone’. For sure, they have good reason for the delay and IATF is informed of all their intentions.

      Galing, no? Nakuha agad nila Air Asia as sponsor. Who do you think will be their 2021~22 muse? Mirjan or Leren? I’m gravitating towards the latter; she’ll be like their other Pinoy face – Sen. Manny.

      • Spluk ko na nga, Andrew. Sa Olongapo City tatakbong Mayor si Vegafria at konsehales sina Clau Clau at Laway. Char!

        Yes, the delay is in tune with the IATF’s imposed pandemic restrictions. But that’s where you can draw the line on whose leadership stands the test of time. I mean if Arnold is decisive enough to keep his MWPO ball rolling, he’ll find a way like Jonas did. Hala s’ya, baka nagsitabaan o buntisan na mga MWP shondidates n’yan. Kaloka. Oh, ji vaaah?

        Kudos to Air Asia for the sponsorship. It’s a real deal for the airline company to do this. I hope pageant fans would love to ride on their planes, too. Well, whoever may be the Air Asia’s choice as its muse will be fine with me. But I hope it’s Corrine Abalos. Why? Kasi nga empleyado ako ng Mandaluyong City Hall. Chaaaar!

        That’s all.

  19. Mirjan Hipolito sizzles in this picture. Currently, I consider her as one of the front runners

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