37 comments on “My Top Favorites in the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 SS/EG Preliminaries

  1. Combining the performances in swimsuit and long gown, The top 5 for me are:
    Umali, Gomez, Dimaranan, Aberrasturi, and Bautista

    • Correction: evening gown
      After the swimsuit and evening gown preliminaries, this is my latest ranking
      MUP: Dimaranan
      First runner up: Hipolito
      2nd runner up: Aberrasturi
      3rd runner up: Umali
      4th runner up: Velasquez

  2. Katrina is beautiful but i find her lips distracting. Shes good in Q&A but sa kudahan just okay.
    Umali is beautiful too, nose bridge is too much(needle thin) but magaling sa kudahan.
    Leren and Steffi they are gorgeous.
    Vvv and Maureen beautiful but needs more energy.
    Bea is surprising..
    Goodluck sa magiging winner! Kung sino man sya ill support her. 👏👏

  3. I would put Katrina as no. 1 in swimsuit and not the best in gown, perhaps she’s no. 2 or 3 ….

    I just wish we have more info , I mean height and age. I only know six , how tall they are …

    Katrina 5’10
    Leren 5’9
    Steffi 5’8
    Chella 5’7
    Maureen 5’6
    Kisses 5’5

    Umali ?
    Gomez ?
    VVV ?

    I know Keesha is tall , … one candidate has a great looking posture, Krizzahleen, but maybe the walk is not so good but she looks statuesque and tall

    In any event , the 12 out of the 28 who should have better luck next time , are beginning to be more clear to the eyes of unofficial judges who now turn to the possible magic 16 …

    • Katrina 5’8
      Leren 5’8
      Steffi 5’8
      Chela 5’6
      Maureen 5’6
      Kisses 5’4
      Jasmine 5’9
      Bea 5’8
      Victoria 5’9
      Mirjan 5’8
      Janella 5’6
      Christelle 5’7
      Corrine 5’5
      Ayn 5’3
      Ingrid 5’8
      Michelle 5’3
      Jane 5’7
      Grace 5’7
      Princess 5’5
      Jan Louise 5’6
      Jedidah 5’7
      Khesha 5’7
      Simone 5’3
      Isabelle 5’8
      Noelyn 5’10
      Megan 5’4
      Vincy 5’7

      Yan po ang accurate na height !!! Walang dagdag bawas

      • I don’t think Katrina is 5’8 … when she competed with Janine in Bb 2012, clearly taller and Janine is 5’9 … and when she competed in Miss Supranational 2018, clearly taller than the winner

      • How sure are you na walang kulang at walang dagdag? I believe that some of these measurements were rounded of. There should be something like 5’6-1/4″ , 5’6-1/2″ or 5’6-3/4″… Hindi tayo tumatangkad ng by inches!😀

  4. 50% Interview
    25% Evening Gown
    25% Swimsuit

    My Top 5

    Ingrid Santamaria
    Beatrice Luigi Gomez
    Jan Louis Abejero
    Jasmine Umali
    Leren Mae Bautista

    Ayoko manalo si Steffi Aberasturi para makasali siya sa Binibini to get the Miss Grand Philippines crown!

  5. Ngayon, andame nag-Jasmine Umali samantalang sa Runway Challenge which is ganun din yung pinakita niyang performance ilan lang nakita ko nag-post sa IG!

    My Choice for Swimsuit & Evening Gown,

    Beatrice Luigi Gomez
    Katrina Dimaranan
    Jasmine Umali
    Jan Louis Abejero

  6. What’s the actual criteria for top 16?

    25% prelims SS
    25% prelims EG
    25% prelims Interview
    25% Personality/work ethic?

    Would love to know.

    Jasmine & Steffi will make it top 5 if the basis will be pasarelas alone. I just don’t know how they’ll fare come final Q&A.

    VVV not to sure anymore, she’s still hunched forward and lacks that “I’m here for the crown” energy.

    Katrina & Leren will also make it to top 5 if SS & EG alone are the determining factors.

    Maureen same as VVV, may kulang sa pasarela. But face value, Q&A, work ethic are there, I just don’t know if they’ll both get past the SS & EG cut.

    Kisses is doing better than expected and seems to be a sponsor favorite. She might make it to top 5.

    Bea might surprise everyone, she’s not a personal favorite though.

    Mirjan, Ingrid, Corinne are unpolished gems.

    Chela, Krista, Christelle, Minano deserve to wear the Philippine sash, but not in MU.

    Kesha is heavy – the styling, the aura, the way she carries herself.

    Janela is a performer, but her lisping is a big issue. We might be more forgiving, but other cultures find it unattractive.

    Michelle is for showbiz. Very telegenic.

  7. what an exciting competition since there’s no clear stand out like a Catriona. But many of the girls really performed well. Here’s my top 10

    1. Leren Bautista- love both her swimsuit and evening gown performances although her silver gown wasn’t a stand out since many of them wore silver.
    2. Maureen Wroblewitz- she had the sexiest pasarela and her body is to die for…her waist and hips are just so vava-voom! i just found her evening gown too stiff but being a pro, she was still able to perform.
    3. Victoria Vincent- this girl has truly improved a lot in her pasarela. superb performances in both ss and eg rounds
    4. Bea Gomez- performed well in both although I just found the details in the lower part of her gown distracting
    5. Steffi Aberasturi- really good performances and strong stage presence…i just found her gown underwhelming
    6. Jasmine Umali- MGIsh performances!
    7. Katrina Dimaranan- not a fan of her gown..i felt like it’s not for a pageant
    8. Chella Falconer- beautiful face, good performance
    9. Corinne Abalos
    10. Christelle Abello

  8. After watching the prelims and
    assessing their strengths and weaknesses,
    my personal bets are:

    Steffi, Maureen, Beatrice, & Victoria.

    Katrina or Leren may complete the top 5.

  9. First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate all the ladies who made it this far in the competition despite the hurdles they all went through. And of course, kudos to the MUP Organization for coming up with a very refreshing video presentation of the preliminary competition, even thought there is no LED backdrop and spotlight on the runway.

    I did a score sheet while watching the show. And the girls who performed well in the Swimsuit and Evening Gown portions are in this order:

    1. Miss Manila Jazmine Umali – she scored 9.45 and topped both the swimsuit (9.3) and evening gown (9.5) rounds. I thought Jasmine was competing in Miss Venezuela beauty pageant. Gosh, she effortlessly aced the runway as a pro. Her walk, smile, the flipping of hair, all rolled into one – excellent! She undoubtedly enjoyed the show and gave her co-candidate a tough competition. I am just a little bothered with her teeth when she smiled. The veneers did not do justice in her beautiful face.

    2. Miss Taguig Katrina Dimaranan – 9.22. I expected Katrina to nail both rounds, being the most veteran in the competition. She is consistent in swimsuit and evening gown. I just thought that her gown did not complement her skin and personality. I also wished she softened her make up, so she’d not look too sharp on screen. I wanna see her glowing on the final’s night.

    3. Miss Cavite Victoria Vincent – 9.21. Her elegance is unmatched both in swimsuit and evening gown. Her pasarela isn’t that excellent compared to Jazmine and Katrina, but she looks refreshing and vibrant. The glow of a winner is in her. I just hope that she’d change her hairstyle come final’s night. The centered-split hair doesn’t compliment her head. Venezuelan curls would suit her.

    4. Miss Laguna Leren Mae Bautista – 9.19. Another veteran in the beauty pageant industry, Leren did not reconsider joining a beauty pageant for nothing. I thought she leveled up her game this time, although she seemed lacking vibrancy. Nonetheless, Leren had me in her smize during the evening gown portion.

    5. Miss Cebu Province Steffi Aberasturi – 9.17. Although she was less sparkling in both rounds, Steffi came out with energy and exuded confidence in both rounds. She was having fun as she walked the runway. I hope she’d change her evening gown come final’s night to a shimmery one.

    6. Miss Cebu City Beatrice Luigi Gomez – 9.10. During the swimsuit round, Luigi was okay-ish. But when she came out in her beautiful red evening gown, she brought her A-game. Luigi owns the most striking and sexiest face among the candidates in the competition, but I would like her to relax her head a little backward and chin up. Also, she needs to change her hairstyle.

    7. Miss Albay Janela Cuaton – 9.0. Janela probably had the cleanest pasarela among the candidates in this batch. She killed the runway, but her presence on stage wasn’t that impactful. I also thought she was the younger Ces Drilon in the competition. Beautiful yet forgettable face.

    Others who should be in the Top 10 but had weaker performance:

    8. Miss Pangasinan Maureen Wroblewitz – sexiest pasarela
    9. Miss Cagayan De Oro Vincy Vacalares – very good and consistent presentation
    10. Miss Mandaluyong Maria Corazon Abalos – had the sexiest swimsuit and best evening gown, yet she did not know how to change her smile when she walked. Her pasarela also needs more improvement. Aces & Queens?

    The girls who I thought gave effort yet fell short:

    11. Miss Aklan Christelle Abello – I am sad that Tell was polarizing; her gown did not look good on her
    12. Miss Misamis Oriental Chella Falconer – too mestiza
    12. Miss San Juan Ayn Bernos – she’s cool and confident
    13. Miss Parañaque Sam Santamaria – she’s too conscious and calculated in her walk, hence I was disappointed. Gladly, she’s beautiful.
    14. Miss Masbate Kirsten Delavin – She’s enjoying the pageant
    15. Mirjan Hipolito – I was surprised that she had an awkward smile and pasarela, but still looked queenly

    That’s all.

  10. Ano pong purpose ng pag side view ni Katrina kung magkasing lapad lang po yung side view sa front view wala din naman po syang butt and boobs sa gown nya earlier. To be honest parang bitin yung gown tapos naka flatform sandals pa sya lalong nagmukhang bitin. Tapos yung sa top ng gown lakas maka Ina magenta. At hawig talaga sya ni ruby ruiz.

  11. With the three primary determinants – Interview, Swim, & Evening Dress – done, guess kung sinong lumalabas ngayon na overhyped…?…

    Yup. Mandaluyong City.

    (Unless there’s a conspiracy to impose a news blackout on her… I guess a sponsor award or high-end endorsement deal could compensate. She’s very nice girl, naman, ata.)

  12. Jasmine Umali nilamon ang buong clark! Sabi nga ni mama ian, a “nutritious performance”! The shade to Ashtie Candy lol love et!

    Chura ni Dimaranan sa picture sa taas mukang trans talaga si ate gurl!

    • tbh, i think Kat had too much done on her face. We all know how she looked like before since her BBP days. I hope she changes her gown for the finals…

  13. Jasmin

    They went there to kill the runway.
    No doubt.
    They really shone brighter tonight.

  14. The thing, I wouldn’t say issue/problem, with Gomez is marami syang angles/kuha na parang may kulang sa mukha nya. Chin? Jaw? Not sure. Even sa photo above, nagmumukhang “alienish” yung ulo (I’m referring sa shape/structure ng mukha nya, hindi sa itsura because she’s beautiful naman).

    • She has what therapists call a Forward Head Posture. She looks like she’s going to topple forward, head first. She can fix this at least superficially by holding her chin up.

      • @ Paui Oh, my gosh. I did it again. I read too seriously. LOLZ. One word became two in my mind.

  15. My bias still is Steffi Aberasturi of Cebu!!! I am still hoping that she will take home the crown. But being objective, I support Bea Gomez as the top performer.

    And oh wow I was quite surprised with Jasmine Umali’s performance! If the format will be 16-10-5, there is a huge possibility that she will penetrate the final 5!

    My top 10 overall preliminary performances:
    Bea Gomez
    Jasmine Umali
    Steffi Aberasturi
    Kat Dimaranan
    Leren Bautista
    Janela Cuaton
    Victoria Vincent
    Mirjan Hipolito
    Maureen Wroblewitz
    Christelle Abello

  16. paano mapanood kung estudyante pa lang at walang trabaho. parang only fans lang ba yan or patreon?

    best of luck!

    mirjan hipolito
    janela cuaton
    leren bautista
    victoria vincent
    maureen woblewitz

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