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    • Janella already made her mark as early as the Interview Challenge. Her preliminary interview was better than expected. Pageant pages just usually focus on the more known beauties, but she did very well nonetheless. No made up advocacy, very clear thoughts, fluid delivering very. She’s like one of your good students who didn’t learn by rote and routinely translates her learning into interesting answers. 💐

  1. One last comment on the preliminary interview. I’m sick and tired of Steffi fanatics defending her shallow way of thinking and answering questions. Like a seasoned old-school beauty queen, she hides her lack of brain matter behind smiles and giggles and projection of confidence. Like in this interview, SHE CLEARLY WANTED TO USE THE WORD “COMPASSION” BUT KEEP ON HARPING WITH “PASSION.” What even is that train of thought?

    Pin down everything she says during interviews and you’ll clearly see that behind the mock bravado, she’s an airhead.

    • She definitely the Amanda Obdam of this batch, not saying that it’s entirely a bad thing pero halos lahat ng aspect parehas talaga sila


    • Remember they do that in other pageants too such as Miss Universe were voting is involved in some segments. This organization had to pay franchise fees that can be steep. They had to find ways for their funds. Gush, if you don’t like it. Just don’t watch and leave it to people who can afford and will support the organization. SIMPLE AS THAT!!!!!!!!


  3. MUPh 2021
    NatCos short music video ng BGYO
    Prelim interview – standard questions
    standard answers
    Preliminaries don’t expect too much mala runway fashion show lang ito

    Congratulations to the MUPO
    sana ibalik na sa Cubao ang franchise

    • Pangit parin selection ng winners ng BBP sa truths lang at kitang-kita naman sa latest pageant, I mean Panlilio for Grand when you have the stunning Bassiano right there, what was that 😂 . Kung gusto nyo talaga umalis kay Gapod ng franchise, much better kung katulad ni Madam Cory Quirino ang hahawak ng franchise para naman di na kayo magselos sa former affliation ng org sa isang certain beauty camp 😂

    • It seems like the prod this year is harder compared to last year.

      I just observed that the girls are already tired with all the activities and trips.

  4. Ang laki ng improvement ni Chella Falconer mula nung August 22 interview ni Tito Norman na kasabay nya sila steffie,vvv at sam.
    Lately, sa kanya agad napupunta ang mata ko pag may group pic. Nung nabasa king taga Misamis oriental sya, hinanap ko talaga yung interview na yun to confirm na napanood ko na nga sya dati.

    Parang same feeling nung gandang-ganda ako kay Rabiya last year nung preliminary competition.

  5. Lahat na lang pinagkikitaan. Di ako mag susubscribe ever. Na budol na ako last year. Puro system glitches lang.

  6. It’s just a preliminary interview, and so the girls still have more to prove in other rounds before we can predict the “who’s who” in this batch. For me, the following are standouts:

    1. Michele Okol – her organized thought is extant and the content of her answers is concrete, well-thought and impacting, although I must say she sounded monotonous bordering boring. Thus, I advise her to at least build rapport with the judges by providing funny ad libs before and after her entire statement.

    2. Ayn Bernos – she simply nailed this round. She put in every flavor to make her relatable to the judges. The fluidity of her thought is very toastmaster stamp. I just wish she included a few profound phrases or words to make her statement more impactful.

    3. Maureen Wroblewitz – she killed the QnA with so much ease. I can imagine her presenting her proposals before a board of directors, and as soon as she finishes presenting, everyone in the board room stands and gives a nod. She just needs to loose a bit to make the board room pressure less.

    4. Victoria Velasquez – her answer was brief and direct to the point. But what I liked about the entire run of her QnA was her personality. She is full of charm, neat, and convincing. I just hope that on the coronation night, she gives an impressive answer so she’d win the crown.

    To the girls: There is no correct answer in the QnA round. Always remember that an impactful and convincing answer makes you win the crown. It’s the totality of your delivery on stage that counts.

    That’s all.

    • To complete the list, I should add:

      5. Sam Santamaria. Her commanding presence is unignorable. She looks like she’s answering the question on the MU stage. Her demeanor screams Miss Universe! I just hope that nerves won’t get her.

      That’s all.

  7. Tito Norman , why no Chella Falconer on your top 5 list ???
    That’s a grievous sin!!!!

  8. Found these ladies interesting to listen to during the prelim interview. May substance ang mga sagot.
    Chella Falconer, Michelle Okol, Mirjan Hipolito, Sam Santamaria, Christelle Abello and of course, Ayn Bernos 🎤

    Charismatic in delivering their answers: Katrina at Maureen

    Jasmine in that green mini dress is just wow. Yes, kinulang siya sa oras but she answered fine. Her bubbly personality also shined during her preliminary interview.

  9. So you won’t be able to watch the interview even if you have already paid P600 for the pass? I thought the P600 was all-inclusive?

  10. Awkwafina wins this round
    if she wins MUP
    she will represent the real typical pinay beauty in Israel
    short, morena
    its about time

    • I have nothing against Ayn winning. And I will support her.

      Her communication skill is even better than that of VVV. I love watching her speak. Nice aura and smile.

      She’s short, but Mara Tathil made it to top 10 last year at 5’3”.

      I was actually also thinking of Maymay Entrata.

      I will not be surprised if she joins next year.

  11. If I were the parent of a candidate who was bashed in social media by those “hosts” I would ask them to face me personally to ask for an apology. They pretend to be pageant enthusiasts yet they promote hate and prejudice. I would make those “hosts” endure endless lectures from my friends in the field of mental health. I would make them attend these lectures in me and my daughter’s presence. 🥊👋🏽

  12. I disagree with Dimaranan. Her and Steffi were not able to express their answers with substance and impact. I would agree with Ayn and Maureen but the latter has the tendency to become boring. She is lacking something. How come Michelle Okol was not in your list?

  13. #Dimaranan all the way she will make us all proud at MU , may even make us feel ecstatic with a fifth MU crown with just 56 delegates so far as being the number of contestants come December but I sure do hope it reaches at least 70 for the 70th anniversary MU Pageant !

    … BUT I don’t want to jinx everything, let us hope that the best Pinas representative emerge as the winner on Sep 30 in Bohol …. #Dimaranan all the way !

    • I really like Falconer also … & Vacalares, not sure if she is good in a pressure cooker interview match

      • Sam could also be a spoiler. In terms of QnA, Siargao also did very well. Haven’t seen Vincy’s prelim interview.

    • Hi ThisIsMe, +1 on Chella Falconer. Spontaneous and answers with substance. Love how she ended her answer for the last question.

  14. The pay-per-view scheme of MUPh for the prelims is understandable but quite stupid. Tons of people have leaked the videos on social media already. Why pay when you can wait literally just a few minutes for the same privilege of watching?

    Anyway, as expected Ayn Bernos won the round. She’s followed surprisingly by the young Michelle Okol.

    Most of the frontrunners faltered. Mau Wrob was twitchy. Jasmine Umali got overrun with nerves. As usual, Kat Dimaranan and Steffi Pearson had shallow answers. Unfortunately, VVV was too concise that she failed to substantiate her answers.

    None of the girls could hold a candle to the perfect Billie-Pauline-Michelle-Bella-Rabiya top 5 speakers last year.

    • I think you were looking wishy-washy answer but you see, VVV did not need to express her thoughts because she answers to the point, short but complete.

      VVV won this round.

    • Despite the thumbs down, this unbiased comment from Regina was on point.

      Kat, Steffi and VVV can’t even come close to
      the interview performance of last year’s top 5.

  15. Top 5 for me in the preliminary interview
    I base my top 5 selection on the content of the answer, how they present themselves in front of the interviewer, voice, and diction
    Bernos, Dimaranan, Hipolito, Falconer, and Umali
    Here is my latest ranking after the preliminary interview:
    MUP: Dimaranan
    Ist runner up: Hipolito
    2nd runner up: Aberasturri
    3rd runner up: Velasquez
    4th runner up: Umali

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