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  1. Tanggap ko na mga vaks na out na tayo sa Top20 this year. Mukhang ligwak ganern sa closed door interview sa MU kung sino man ang mananalo except Ayn na di rin papasa sa prelim swimsuit and gown. Walang impressive. Bella, Pauline or Billy are way better than all of them.

    • Compared to the Top 5 last year
      who are all great speakers, only
      Ayn and Bea came a little bit close.

      I am little bit disappointed.

    • Eh kulang naman sa dating yang mga minention mong magaling sa Q&A, wala ding panama kay Andrea Meza kung sila pinadala sa Florida last May. MU is slowly coming back to Trump Era kaya need ng performer dyan. Thailand nga ilang bopols na sa comm. skills ang pinapadala pero lagi tayong natataasan ng placement

      • Dear, I am assessin the candidated based on each segment. Just because I find them good in Q&A does
        not mean they will do good inthe other segments.

        As far as this round is concerned, I am giving
        credits to those who deserve them.

  2. Is the sudden change, and last-minute announcement, of venue due to the heigtened guard of Pampanga against the COVID 19 threat? If so, I commisserate MUP’s herculean efforts just to give the fans an entertaining show! At the same time, I applaud the organization’s agility to respond to the always-changing policies and rules on COVID 19 protocols. This shows that the organization, just like any proactive businesses nowadays, has contingency plans and the never-say-die attitude to implement them.

    • scorg, as far as I know, the Bohol venue for the Finals was Plan A all along. Clark was like the safety alternative should arrangements go awry (like a Plan C). Baguio City was Plan B but the heightened restrictions prevented them from pushing for it.

      Business Presentations were approved for all three provinces. It just so happened that all things fell in the right places with Bohol (with the Governor, LGU and local IATF group giving their thumbs up. 🙂

      • @ Norman In reference to @ charlotte york’s comment (below), Sec. Roque should again be given the honor of serving on the Board of Judges.

        (Once MWPO gets their ‘OK’, the same courtesy must be extended.)

  3. Leren’s interview sealed her fate.

    Kahit gandang ganda ako sa kanya,
    ekis talaga si ate sa comm skills.

    Victoria, Steffi and Kat are not also
    that impressive.

    • Hahaha! Bakit? Ang bobo parin ba siya sumagot? Kabado parin ba kahit rehearsed na mga sagot? Dapat nagtrain siya ng 10 years (para sure! 😂 knowing na boobita talaga si girl) sa Dale Carnegie para natrain ang comm skills.

  4. Ang babaw sumagot nina Kat at Steffi
    preliminary interview. They may be fluent,
    but the substance and conviction are not there.

  5. Bakit kaya kailangan pa nilang lumipat ng ibang lugar para sa coronation? Di ba parang mas risky yon para sa mga candidates at sa MUP org.?
    Nandito na sila sa Clark sana dito na nila tapusin.

  6. kawawa naman mga candidates ngarag para lang ma please tayong mga fans, tapos ito tayo puro bash sa MUP

  7. Sana naman matuloy na ito on the new scheduled date. At sana rin wala nang mabawas or matanggal sa mga candidates for any reason kasi sayang naman yung mga efforts nila for trainings and preparations.

  8. so most likely sponsor ng Hennan ung ballroom sakali at hotel rooms..sguro nakakuha din sila ng airline sponsor or subsidized farea..just the same, ang dami nilang pera to fly out of clark..ginagawa nilang qc to MOA ang byahe..kalokah..or araneta to quiapo…

  9. Bohol just raised their Quarantine Classification to GCQ with heightened Restrictions today. May effect yun sa schedule at staging?

    • Paul,
      God forbid that some girls would test positive for covid. Otherwise, there would be no show since everyone would be first generation and that means two weeks quarantine

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