25 comments on “I Walk, I Win: Bragais for Miss Universe Philippines 2021

  1. 😎 A Lovely Day, Everyone!

    Just AN IMPORTANT REMINDER To All Of You Ladies, The MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES 2021 Contestants or Candidates:


    Let’s be TRUTHFUL & REALISTIC! Even if they all wear & walk with the Bragais Shoes, there would be ONLY 1 WINNER (of the MISS U-PH CROWN) & 4 Runner-up Placers (THEY COULD NOT BE ALL WINNERS!). The REST (the 23 contestants) would be ALL LOSERS of the Crown! That’s just the way it is in any contest/competition, there is a winner and a loser/s. We should accept this reality.

    Same with Pageant Trainers who take credits for the WIN of their Trainees. Trainers CLAIM themselves to be the Beauty Queen Makers when the REALITY is — they only hone/improve their trainees’ potentials to their fullest. They should NOT be called Beauty Queen Makers for IT IS the TRAINEE HERSELF (NOT the Trainer) who makes herself a Queen and a Winner!

    The Point is: IT IS the BEST ABILITY & TRAITS (the totality of intelligence, physical beauty, talents, attitude & character) and the BEST PERFORMANCE of the contestant in all the categories, segments & finals of the competition that would determine her WIN and would make her a WINNER — NOT by wearing and walking with a Bragais Shoes or any brand of shoes for that matter!

    • That is her strength. If only that those top favorites speak like this girl, it would be a challenge for the judges.

    • The first person who said I win in the video was Mirjan.

      Gave me goosebumps. ❤️

      But a forceful I win statement from Steffi at the closing!

      • I was just playing with the letter “w”..

        Walk, Win, Wobrelewitz, Worldpeace. Wow.

        Maureen, Steffi, Katrina, Victoria, Leren. And lately, Mirjan and Bea are on top of my list.

        (But I am a aghast at the veneers of Steffi. Either naninibago pa lang ako, or it is not flattering at all. Why Steffi? You were already beautiful then).

        World Peace.

  2. Andame disappointment sa Closed Door Interview from the QnA Challenge

    Yung mga front-runner ngayon umariba ng todo!

    Kung 50% ng score galing sa Preliminary Interview, my Top 5 would be

    Ingrid Santamaria
    Kisses Delavin
    Steffi Aberasturi
    Leren Mae Bautistat
    Beatrice Luigi Gomez

    Clean slate na yan! Back to zero from the QnA Challenge!

    Finishing touches na lang,

    For Steffi, pacing na lang sa pagsagot! Parang hinahabol niya yung timer! Ok na yung make up pati hair style! Her stylist should know what is appropriate for every event! Siya lang yata medio maraming kita while others are balot na balot!

    For Beatrice, posture lang! Parang naka-slouch!

    For Ingrid, huwag masiado chin up mapagkakamalang mata pobre!

    For Kisses & Leren, wala ko masabi, perfect styling, relax sumagot!

    • I’m not sure if I’m gonna call it a closed door interview. It is like another round of QnA challenge. The goal of the interview in my opinion is to get to know the girl more and not only to test their wit, and comm skills by asking them rhetorical questions.

      Some of them are visibly nervous.

      • My Dear! I believe they already know the candidates since Day 1 otherwise they wouldn’t be able to choose from 100 to just 28. That’s 28% of the original pool! They were able to filter the girls very well! Talo-talo na lang talaga sa Swimsuit and Evening Gown if this is the remaining 50% of the score?

        Some of them are indeed nervous just like Jasmine Umali but if Steffi & Kisses was able to redeem themselves from the QnA challenge, dapat nagawa niya din! The girls should be able to get out of their comfort zone!

      • Yep. Even Maureen’s voice is a bit shaky at the beginning.

        But she was able to recover.

  3. let awkwafina win
    and represent a true ordinary regular pinay (who looks like 90% of Pinays) in Israel
    short, morena, well spoken
    pinay na pinay
    its about time
    go felepens

  4. chaka ng mga tanong
    chaka ng mga sagot

    buti na lang magaganda sila

    si awkwafina eh toastmasters yan so given na ito talaga makuda

    • Kembular2020 you are the nega queen. Lol.

      But you have a point.

      I did not like the questions either.

  5. For me, Maureen did better in this segment
    than the other frontrunners.

    I love how she phrased her answers,
    sweet but deep.

  6. Ang babaw sumagot nina Kat at Steffi sa
    preliminary interview. They may be fluent,
    but the substance and conviction are not there.

    Kulang din kay VVV.

    Rabiya’s batch is way better sa Q&A.

    • Eh, but I rather choose a batch na maraming maganda at performers kesa dun sa puro magaling lang sa Q&A. Beauty Pageants are more revelant pagdating sa glam at rampahan. Sa prelims talaga magkakaalaman dyan

  7. Ang babaw sumagot nina Kat at Steffi sa
    preliminary interview. They may be fluent,
    but the substance and conviction are not there.

  8. I was so mesmerized by the video, I didn’t even realize that my bet wasn’t there even after watching it three times.


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