16 comments on “Was the MUPH National Costume Show a music video?

  1. They could have slowed the presentation down a bit. Try watching the YT video at .95 playback speed, it’s just right 🙋🏼

  2. I liked the video/presentation.
    It’s fast paced and there were no cheesy voiceovers explaining that this or that costume represents some bird or volcano or mountain. 😅
    I didn’t like that the name of the contestants & their designers were flashed on screen too quickly. I had to pause the vid to read the name of the designers 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. dami pa palusot eh
    nagtitipid nga kasi sila

    nabasa nyo ba ang name ng designer sa micromillisecond na exposure
    hindi man ginamit ng bongga ang airport na yan
    pinalakad man lang bawat isa

    pero maka ask ng boto para sa pera ng mga fans

    world peace

  4. Apparrently, this is an attempt on being innovative that has gone awry.
    What a disrespect to the designers who spent so much of their sweat, blood and money just to come up with these costumes.
    Jonas Gaffud’s press release about the runway for the national costume show really got me excited only to see a music video in the end. So disappointed!
    Can someone slap these group of disillusioned gays to wake them up and cease all of these nightmares. They don’t deserve the MU franchise.

  5. “Old traditions presented in a new way make for a more interesting experience”. In the context of the extreme compliance requirements of COVID 19 protocols, the short presentation adequately showcased Philippine history and culture in a traditional costume. The backdrop of a contemporary music by a P-Pop group gave the experience a fresher perspective and stronger impact.

  6. That’s it? Less than 5 minutes to showcase the National costumes? Nabitin ako!

    Ang ganda pa naman ng theme this year! What a disservice to the ladies and their designers. MUPh org, this is not the National costume show the pageant fans were waiting for. Each delegate could have been given at least a minute to showcase her Carnival era frock in motion.

  7. Pangit ang video. Kulang na kulang as maraming aspeto. Hay na lang uy! Asa naka Flor? Na-miss ta naka kaayo manang. He, he, he..

  8. I wish magrelease man lang sila ng Nat cos portraits of these ladies just like BBP usually does. Para naman we can feast on the details of those extravagant costumes. Nabibitin talaga ko sa press releases ng MUPO. Wala bang photoshoots or glamshots man lang na ilalabas?

    • The national costume show is not just for the sake of seeing it visually. It’s also a learning platform where the audience/viewers can truly appreciate the rich culture and history of the country. It’s totally a no for me that they presented it that way.
      Also. I pitied to all designers who worked hard to design and make the Natcos.
      Now, i’m starting to think that what’s really the purpose of natcos show, is it just for entertainment only??? I’m so disappointed. My heart went out to the designers and to all the people who exerted too much effort to it.

  9. Lame Voltaire.

    Music videos are so 80’s. Not so fresh and young vibe.

    What a disservice to the girls, their fashion designers and the eager pageant fans waiting one of the highlights of any pageant.

    It was not an “interesting experience” at all. It was an irritating experience. I don’t know if it is just a ploy so that you can later on release a statement with matching full body shot photo, one foot in front and heavily made-up. Cheap.

    World Peace.

    • Sinong MTV artists ang favorites mo noong 80s Thomas? Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cindy Lauper, etc.

      High School ka na no noong early 80s? At nagtapos ng college in the late 80s. He, he, he…

      • Di naman. Kwento lang sa akin ni Flor. Hehe. Nag o-opisina na si Flor nung 80s.

        Ariana Grande and Bruno Mars na inabutan ko. =)

        World Peace.

  10. Is there a National Costume Award? I hope there is which to me is a good bonus for the designers who put in the time to design and create these wonderful costumes.

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