13 comments on “Steffi Aberasturi: Armored and Dangerous

  1. Ashties are suffering the hate of the pageant community after their demolition job towards this girl. Obviously they are threatened! To say that Steffi is OA and puro pasabog is nonsense. If their bets cant keep up, not Steffi’s fault. Cancelled na kayo mga ashties!

  2. It’s as if she tries all the time to look like a latina… that’s one thing I do not like about her … but she deserves top 5 #Dimaranan all the way

    • Well with Spanish and Australian blood running through her veins, she biologically can be a latina since latinas are a mixture of indigenous and European too. Diba? Same with Cat and Pia.

  3. I don’t know if it is a compliment to say she looks like Cher and Kardashian and Gazini. The average age of the three is 42. (I am guessing, lol).

    So while the attire is unique, i am ambivalent about the styling and make-up.

    World Peace.

  4. Cher- Kardashian bimbo
    Not a fan of this
    However , she is still one of my favorites to win MUP

  5. Cher! 😝

    I’m 50/50 on this. I like the versatility but had not for the title I would not have known it was Steffi. There is a girl who is like this in MWP, Emmanuelle Vera?

    But I applaud the seemingly endless materials from her team. It is as if they are competing for the MU already.

    I saw some clips of Steffi inside the bubble. She looks really fresh and gorgeous. That is why photos like this in my opinion are nice but not necessary.

    You are only exposing the candidate to unneeded scrutiny when in the end these stills will not deliver the crown to her.

    It is really now or never for Steffi! And she’s fighting like a “defending queen”.

  6. Every day is peak day for Steffi. Laban lang, Steffi!
    Don’t mind the haters! Shake them off! Feed on the energy from those that support you.
    Go Queen! 🙌🏼

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