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  1. My favorites:
    1st Cebu City
    2nd Taguig
    3rd Albay
    Other favorites: Cagayan De Oro, Bohol, Angeles

  2. My TOP 5 for this round:

    1. Jasmine Umali
    2. Maureen Wroblewitz
    3. Steffi Aberasturi
    4. Kesha Ramachandran
    5. Christele Abelo.

    Special Mention… Janela Cuaton’s costume is one of the most beautiful and innovative Tboli inspired gowns I have ever seen after Elizabeth Clenci’s multi-awarded version… her looked authentic and yet avant garde… but girl you are representing Albay why u dressed up like someone from Mindanao?🙄 You are suppose to be my Top 4 but NO. May I have some cultural apropriation w/ a side of brains please? 🙄

  3. Bohol just raised their Quarantine Classification from GCQ to GCQ with Heightened Restrictions just now


    MWP ano na? Diba finals nyo na din for the 4th time this Sept 26?


  4. Christelle is probably the prettiest among the 28 candidates without make up on
    But she can’t seem to find the perfect make up for her

  5. I don’t understand the rationale behind this 6-minute video. The candidates and the designers spent so much money and time… and for what ?
    The MUPO is super unfair to the candidates and to the fans!!!

  6. Okay, this is off-topic…

    Miss Universe Philippines Organization (MUPO) and the Miss World Philippines Organization are thriving to mount a coronation night for their respective pageantries in Metro Manila or nearby provinces because of the heightened restrictions imposed by our government on the gatherings of a group of individuals in a place. This is disgusting because we can see political parties gathering for the proclamation of their party mates’ candidacies in the forthcoming elections.

    You see how inconsistent our government policy is being implemented. On national TV, I’d rather see bevy of ladies parading in swimsuit and evening gown and not ugly and trapos promising their best for the betterment of this country.

    Anyway, good luck MUPO on your final’s night.

    That’s all.

    • This covid-19 pandemic at this point is nothing more than a political scare tactic meant to subjugate the populace. For their utter hypocrisy and disdain for following their own draconian socialization restrictions, these ruling political elites are simply thumbing down the ordinary and hapless citizen. Mind you, these so called “restrictions for you but not for me” attitude is not limited to one specific country. Yet the mainstream media will never speak of the successes of Taiwan nor of Sweden where lockdowns were never considered as an effective approach in dealing with this pandemic.

      As such, it is very commendable for the MUPO for being adroit in staging a live and highly interactive beauty pageant even if it meant doing away with live and raucous audience.

      • Couldn’t agree more, XYZ.

        Jonas Gaffud is not a visionary creative director for nothing. He is unstoppable. I am sure, off-pandemic, he aims to stage a flamboyant coronation night the pageant world will never forget.

        That’s all.

      • Agree with you Ana… kung hindi lang itong lecheng pandemic na to… I am sure ang ganda sigurado ng presentation ng MUPh. The organization needs to set the bar high para mahigitan ang ibang local pageants which I believe is attainable by Jonas’ group.

    • Grabe nga ang politics ngayon, pati mga political ads padami na ng padami, antagal pa ng election, gumagastos na talaga sila. Nakakainis lang, hindi pa tapos ang problema sa pandemya, inuuna talaga ang political ambition ng mga ganid sa posisyon.

      • That’s the saddest part about politics in the Philippines. The pandemic has never shaken crooked politicians. In fact, it has been used as a subterfuge by these demons to amass wealth. Poor people are dying because of our leaders’ ineptitude in handling the pandemic. And I think, at the rate politics is going here, our country will face the worst in the coming years. So, our fate lies on our power to choose the lesser evil candidate to rule our country, and we shall be wisest on that aspect.

        That’s all.

      • Hi, C2F dear,

        Since none has formally filed their certificate of candidacy and a few only has signaled their intention, such as Lacson, Manny Pacquiao, and Isko Moreno, it is premature to mention my choice.

        I mentioned my statement as an early campaign to our fellow voters to choose wisely a candidate who will rule our nation.

        That’s all.

      • @Ana

        You forgot to mention BBM who was nominated by his partylist a few days ago.

  7. So they all have a Manila Carnival queen themed costumes?

    … I’m bored… nothing innovative…. I’m underwhelmed….

    Everyone looked safe… nothing to praise nor criticize….. I guess all I could do is nitpick…

    Aklan- frumpy but beautiful costume.. If she sprouted bat wings at the back of those Filipinianas and educated us about the dwindling numbers of the extremely endangered megabats due to urbanization and ignorance, she could have been the winner for me. Such a missed opportunity…

    Albay- beautiful costume… i love that the head veil was used as a fan… but Why is she wearing a Tboli inspired costume when she’s from Albay? You got nothing to showcase from Albay?

    CDO- Im starting to like her…

    CAVITE- Is that a wedding dress?

    Cebu City- Love the exagerated ruffles on those pants…

    Cebu Province- the video obviously ruined the surprise but its still beautiful.. not that spectacular reveal but I love the details of the gown. I love that you mentioned the history of the rattan weavers… I would have praised you more but am not a fan of the Santo Niño.. it’s the root of how we got colonized… when the Spaniards tricked our natives by burning the house of Humabon stealing all of it’s valuable contents while leaving the santo Niño and calling it a Miracle?!! WTF?!… But anyway again beautiful costume.

    Laguna- why always the same silhoute? She wore a different version of this costume before…

    Manila- Gorgeous.. Why are you holding a chandelier or somethin? I love that it’s different shades of Blue… Is it pure coincidental? Because Nilad or indigo plant is one of the major product of Manila even during pre-colonial times.. Btw, I find it ironic that one of the figures painted is Dayang Kalangitan whom you describe as a precolonial deity… but in truth, she’s actually a real historical figure… She may have been reduced to a legend in Tagalog oral history… but her ancestries are mentioned in the records of our neighboring countries… due to the fact that she is related to the Rajasa Dynasty of Majapahit and cousin in multiple degrees w/ Empress Sujita… All of the places in the Philippines that has the name “Santa Ana” was actually under Dayang Kalangitan’s rule. She is actually the great-great-grandmother of your family’s progenitor- Crystoval Umali making you her direct descendant.

    Missamis oriental-are those butterfly patterns? And yet the whole ensemble is brown… Why?🙄

    Pangasinan- beautiful.. i love how the crystal embelishments represent salt…. i was hoping for some precolonial history.. but not bad… the bangus, the fishermen, the 7 rivers, the salt beds… the execution was flawless… You are in my Top 3 w/ Manila and Cebu Province.

    Taguig- pretty.. but how is this a national costume?! A serpentina gown and a payoneta?! You didn’t even showcase the rich long history of Taguig? not even those fake Spanish history? It was once the seat of power of the Kingdom of Tondo & Namayan… and all you could show us is this? I’m soooo disapointed. 😒

      • Nope… not sleeves… have u seen an Authentic T’boli costume? They wear this oversized fabric on top of something simillar to a salakot to protect themselves from the sun.

    • im from CDO, i think the costume of misamis orriental represented the KUYAMIS FESTIVAL known in said province. kuyamis tam-is ug makaon ang putot, bunot, ug bagol ana… hahaha (lisod i english)

      • Yup, am aware of the Kuyamis festival… I just wonder why she chose the least attractive color palette…

    • I forgot to mention Khesha Ramachandranof Ilo-ilo…

      Not a fan of the “Church” inspiration and the color palette… but kudos to her and the designer for making this work… It’s on the edge of looking like an evil queen from afar but upclose, I am glad that she was able to showcase the historical figures of Ilo-ilo…

      At least she did not do ” Blackface” nor mention the Santo Niño like Rabiya did. Can’t believe theres still a lot of mindless lemings worshiping the Santo Niño- the epitome of how stupid and gullible their ancestors were and yet they celebrate it yearly… 🤮

  8. MUPh did well, I’ve watched the video a couple of times and I’m still in awe. BBP’s NatCos shoot was so bad the last edition, so I wasn’t expecting much from MUPh. But heck, MUPh more than delivered. Production is world-class.

    None of the girls looked bad. I have to admit I’m no history nerd so I can’t make technical judgments of the costumes. I just was truly impressed by the presentation of these girls:

    Ingrid – loved the uniqueness of the dress and how she played with it. She looked like she was dripping diamonds.

    Steffi – showmanship is good, as expected. She’s a pro.

    Victoria – should stick with light and bright-colored wardrobe. She glows in white. Bright light minimizes the aging shadows on her face, makes her look young and fresh in motion.

    Vincy – has Andrea Meza’s enigmatic vibe

    Kesha – now I understand how she won over Karen and Rabiya during SS & EG of Ms. Iloilo. She’s a performer. Her face also stood out.

    Leren – that quiet elegance is her strength talaga

    Isabelle – I’m partial towards pastels and I imagine she must have looked like a living doll during the shoot. Extravagant but still classy.

    Jasmine – served face. She has officially secured one of my top 5 spots along with Steffi.

    Maureen – AsNTM skills at work

    Krista – very pretty

    Jane – regal

    Some of the girls obviously lack modelling skills (stiff and awkward motions, not maximizing the unique details of their dresses, etc.) NatCos is all about presenting the costumes first and foremost, and only a handful of the girls understood this. The models and pageant veterans won this round.

  9. sa ilong na napakatangos ni Miss Manila para mapunit ang mata maging singkit
    dun talaga ang carnival queen dahil ganyan na ganyan nung panahon ng mga Kano

    pero ang ganda ng Nat Cos nya

  10. The idea is to relieve the nostalgia of the Carnival Queen via showcasing the history and folklore of colonial Philippines in the rich fabrics and creative designs on the native formal wear. How to do this within the constraints of restrictive health and safety protocols of COVID 19? A long grandiose show, complete with detailed narrations and fancy pasarelas, is definitely non-compliant. Presenting the designs’ intricate details, and the wearers’ superior projection skills via a music video made for a compact impactful show. The use of a contemporary music by P-pop artists gave the show a fresh perspective relatable to the younger generation (who comprise the bigger chunk of the audience anyway). As a whole, this is another agile innovation in Philippine pageantry which I think is worth commending.

    • I get your point. And I agree that there were many aspects of the “show” that are commendable.
      Editing, HD quality, original song and music. They are all praiseworthy.

      The voice over or narration doesn’t have to be done on site. It can be recorded post-prod.

      But who knows what’s going in the airport? Maybe they are only given limited time to shoot. Or maybe limited production staff are allowed in there at a time.

      So you might be right that the production team was just merely following the safety protocol.

      But I am still hoping for an extended version of this video because I want to see the ladies with their costumes in motion for longer than 7 min.

      PS. I apologize for using the word “stupid” in my previous comment.

    • Well said, Scorg. I always look forward to your insight.

      MUPO is doing their best to come up with the best show. I believe the national costume show in a music video is refreshing. Although I agree in the observations of many that they could stretch a little time for that.

      That’s all.

  11. One of the trademark of the Carnival Queen is the Puff Sleeves, the Panuelo, and the Tiara!

    Having said that, only two qualifies,

    Mirjan Hipolito & Nadine Bonilla

    But if it is National Costume per se,

    Janela Cuaton has the Best One!

  12. All the gowns are beautiful and finely crafted. No one is garish and cheap looking. Congratulations to the designers and the girls who carried them well.

    However, if I have to choose just one favorite, I would base it on the one gown that merited my most attention. The one I had to zoom-in the most to see the details, it would be the bangus – asin inspired national costume of Maureen. Beautiful.

    Isabelle Delos Santos, as runner up.

    World Peace.

    • Of course, bangus!

      I did not realize that.

      Here is where some narrations during the presentation might’ve helped.

      Oh well.

  13. I should add…

    The girls who shall also join the group with erroneous concept of the Manila Carnival-themed Costume are: Janela Cuaton, Mirjan Hipolito, Noelyn Campos, and Vincy Vacalares.

    Much as I would like to include Christelle Abello’s costume in the best list, I deferred to do so because the gown has no train.

    That’s all.

  14. I would just understand that given the short period of time to come up with a fabulous Manila Carnival-themed gown, the girls’ national costumes fell short of one’s expectations. There is no clear standout among the national costumes showcased thereat. Good thing, there is also no ugliest creation presented, just a mind-boggling concept that veers from the Manila Carnival theme.

    For one, there should be no serpentina-cut gown therein. Manila Carnival was an American-introduced festival during the American era here in the Philippines. As such, the Traje de Mestiza, which was the modern Maria Clara that period, was the fashion trend and it was known for bigger sleeves and pañuelo and a narrower floor-length skirt with a long train called saya de cola. Though the style of the skirt remained the same, the trend became a fashion forward in the 1920’s as the Traje de Mestiza’s sleeves had been flattened to butterfly sleeves and the big pañuelo was reduced in size.

    So, if we narrow down the candidates competing for the Best in National Costume portion of MUP by eliminating those with erroneous design, i.e. having serpentina cut and no fabulous sleeves, pañuelo, and long train, the following shall not make in the Best in Manila Carnival-themed Costume: Steffi Aberasturi, Krizzaleen Mae Valencia, Kisses Delavin, Simone Bornilla, Ingrid Sta. Maria, Chella Falconer, Maureen Wroblewitz, Princess Singh, Michele Okol and Katrina Dimaranan.

    Therefore, for me, the three standout qualifiers whose costumes are so chic are: Leren Mae Bautista, Keshapornam Ramachandran, and Grace Vendiola. If none from these three wins and the winner will come from the list with erroneously designed gown, then… MALOLOKA AKO.

    That’s all.

  15. AKLAN – The vibrant colors are attention-grabbing. Christelle’s hair is on point!
    ALBAY – Different from the Carnival gowns but Janela did a great job in showcasing this piece.
    ANTIQUE – I like Noelyn’s dress. It is regal. The shade of orange used in the collar complimented her skin. I just wish the gown’s colors were more on the vibrant jewel shades.
    PANGASINAN – Maureen looks like a Queen.
    ROMBLON – This surprised me because I find the color drab. The gown is striking to look at because of the details. Jane carried it very well.
    TAGUIG – That beautiful purple color on Katrina’s skin is elegance personified.
    MANILA – Reminds me of a painting. Visually-appealing. It’s art in motion. Jasmine carried this gown with class.
    PARANAQUE – Rajo Laurel’s signature fringe. If you strip off the Elizabethan stand up collar and oversized shoulders, this is pretty much a flapper dress IMO.
    CEBU PROVINCE – Steffi’s reveal is nice. I find the fabric manipulation technique similar to Gazini’s MU evening gown and Mariel de Leon’s National costume in Miss International. This is very Cary Santiago.
    CEBU CITY – Bea looks like a delicate flower in full bloom. I just wished her gown was able to hide those chunky blue shoes.
    DAVAO OCCIDENTAL – Krizzaleen looks like a Muslim princess. This is definitely a Mindanao-insipired piece of art.

    Beautiful gowns all in all. These are better than the Victoria’s Secret-inspired costumes. Filipino designers are talented. They deserve the spotlight in the international arena.

  16. Malayo sa theme na Manila Carnival Queen ang costume nina Albay at Davao Occ.

    Ang ganda ng gown ni Taguig pwedeng pang evening gown.

    Top 5 ko sa best in national costume ay Pangasinan, Cebu City, Makati, Taguig and Cebu.

  17. Lovely costumes but Maureen’s costume is my favorite. It is inline with the Manila Carnival’s Theme for this year.

  18. Luigi’s piece is uniquely beautiful.
    She also projected well given the
    limited screen time.

    Also loving Romblon and Taguig here.

  19. Gomez of Cebu City is the best (for me) bagong Silhouette, vibrant colors and looks Expensive as F***

    I like these photos, what you see is what you get!

    Unlike the photos of BBP na over photoshopped at super produced na di na makatotohanan may usok usok pa.


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