14 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2021: The Big Events start tonight-onwards

  1. I miss the times when the industry thrived on people who were kinder, more forgiving, less toxic.

    Well, it must be the signs of the times. If you can’t stand the heat, stay off the kitchen.

    • @Fabian, that’s Chella Falconer!

      Miss Bikini Philippines 2020 listed her height as 5’6.5″. She won 1st runner-up. Nice curvaceous body.

      I find her beauty a stand out in group photos. Her interviews with various pageant bloggers have been a pleasant revelation. She’s not afraid of the microphone and speaks her mind with ease.

  2. nilait lait ng iba si amanda obdam ng thailand level interview skill amanda kek yun pinagmamalaki na front runner

      • It’s not the Ashties. I saw the entire episode and what they said was toungue in cheek and within context. I’m appalled at how some naughty ones spliced the videos to make it appear that they were ganging up on her.

      • @ Norman A lot us seem unable to ‘read the (MUPO) room’, as one said… Apparently, all seen now have been set to play well ahead the play date you suggest – ‘soon’. Indeed, the lessons of BCC 2020 are learned; even now, ‘measures’ are being implemented to thwart moles. Very clever!

        … In the meantime, we crave some Mundo, por favor. Go watch again Peter Andre at MW 2019.

    • Di lang naman si Steffi, one member of Ashties keep on repeating and insisting the “not so facially beautful” feature of Katrina Dimaranan.

  3. Pumipili ng ganda sa mata ang tatanghalin na winner dahil may frontrunner na pumalpak ( bonsai atm)

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