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  2. The costumes and the ladies are so stunning! I like the discipline and unity in the concepts.

    The designers could’ve given more credit by extending the time given to each presentation to at least 10 sec and showing far and closeup shots of the costume as the girl project.

    Maureen’s projection is pro! Definitely an ASNTM level.

    Beatrice has captivating aura.

    And another stand out is Ayn.

    Overall the styling of all the girls are so nice and clean.

    The idea of calling a less than 10 min video a show and having everybody anticipate for it with so much press releases is short of genius. It is actually stupid.

    I’m sure even the girls were surprised by how short the whole thing was.

  3. Maureen- Love the gown… it was memorable… I assume those are “salt” crystals?

    Steffi- I love it! Beautiful.. I love the reveal.. I wish the editing didn’t lessen the impact of wardrobe change..

    Katrina- that’s it? A fishtail gown and a payoneta on your head? I was hoping her costume would showcase the most history and culture to counter the fact that she spent most of her life abroad…

    Jasmine- I love it… I hope those paintings of women has correct background information… anyway she looked beautiful… Manila Carnival Queen indeed!

    Janela- I love the costume… great innovation for thw classic Filipiniana… just not sure why she’s wearing a Mindanaoan tribal patterns when she’s from Bicol… but anyway, she looks gorgeous.

    In fairness… everyone looks good…. walang tapon… everybody played safe though…. I was hoping for a polarizing show stopper…but the closest I got was Steffi’s Reveal…. the rest were beautiful but not so memorable…

    • @Closer2Fame… i was expecting a longer detailed commentary on the costumes from you… complete with all the bashings as stated by you in previous posts

      • Yeah, I’m disapointed as well… I was expecting puppetry, animals, mythical creatures, etc. but 90% of the girls played safe by doing a Filipiniana…

        The video was also too quick and short… wasnt able to zoom-in on the flaws… get back to u on that… anyway, I’m more critical w/ fake history… i’ll just w8 for the designer descriptions if theres any…

  4. ang bilis naman nun!
    Are the costumes related from the places they represent?
    I just hope that at least the materials used or the costume itself represents the places. Yun bang pag nakita mo ma-identify mo agad kung anong lugar ang nirerepresent nya. Pero infer, madaming magagandang costumes.

  5. Ah kaya pala maiksi… para hindi makapag judge comment bash… si @Closer2Fame. Peace be with you

  6. Yun na yown? Sa video parang maganda yung natcos ng Romblon, o baka namalikmata lang ako, masyado kasing maiksi yung exposure per candidate.
    Wait na lang natin mga HD photos ng makilatis.

    • Maganda yung costume pero maling designer yung nakalagay, kaloka MUP di man lang dinouble check

  7. Sa hinaba haba ng runway… siya namang igsi ng National costume MTV. Sayang nman pagod oras pera ng mga designers at pati candidata

  8. When I saw it was a 5 minute music video, I was like WTF but I think it was well executed and directed. My only qualms is that the credits literally took 2 minutes out of that 7 minute montage which to me is a total injustice!!!!

    I hope that there is a separate 1 minute videos they recorded for each candidate to showcase their beautiful costumes. Most looked really well made but that was based on a 2-3 second exposure.

    Maureen totally captured me. WOW this reminded me of her final shoot at ANTM with that while ensemble. Princess Krista is stunning. Steffi remains a threat. I was a bit underwhelmed with Leren- maybe because she is consistent and some ladies surprised me a bit.

  9. The transition from black and white to colored
    perfectly matched the song.

    After watching it, I have the same reaction with weryone. I was like:

    “That was it?”

    Hahaha. These beautiful designs deserve
    longer exposure.

  10. Wait, is this a joke? That’s it? The six minute MTV? What sorcery is this? Lol.

    But having said that, daming magandang national costumes. And most of the girls look pretty. Even those we have been bashing in their past photo shoots look beautiful. Congratulations!

    World Peace.

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