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  1. I won’t be surprised that if and when Rabiya Mateo does enter showbiz, she does a show for both ABS-CBN/Kapamilya Channel and GMA Network.

  2. I am trying to understand why there is so much “dislike” (to use a mild word) towards Rabiya by pageant fans bordering on bashing and still pounding on her many months after the MU.

    Truth be told, it is not fair to the girl. The kind attitude would have been to let her move on.


    > Rabiya is not the first to have placed low (even others not placing at all) in MU. We can name Bianca Manalo or to some extent MJ and Gazini

    > Rabiya is not the first to have some enhancements. We can name Catriona’s veneers.

    > Rabiya is not the first to wear underwhelming and even disastrous national costumes and evening gowns. Ex. Venus Raj, MJ, and Ara Arida.

    > Rabiya is not the first MUP to enter showbiz (and “forget” her original advocacy) after her reign. Maxine, Ara, MJ’s advocacies are not heard of nowadays.

    > Rabiya is not the first to break off with her BF after winning MUP. Janine did it. Catriona did it.

    And if one will be nit-picking, Maxine choosing to speak in Filipino (and in effect admitting, can not express herself in English), and STILL giving a bad answer to the Q&A is something she should not be able to live down. And yet, we remember Maxine with fondness now.

    And I realized, it is the combination of some off putting personal traits (30%) and the way she was packaged by the current franchise holder (70%).

    There was a certain arrogance and for lack of a better word, the pa-bibo vibe she exuded and continues to exude. The pasabogs by her handlers that fell flat (Look Book, suspense national costume that was blah, going to the US one month ahead to climatize herself and forgetting to measure and fit a crucial headdress, the hit and miss [mostly missed] photo shoots ).

    In short, they are all bark and no bite at all.

    On her personal traits.

    Pia was a big turn off when she announced weeks before the competition and after Pacquiao’s big loss : Babawi tayo!! Ang yabang but, but, but BUT she won. So, supalpal ang bashers.

    Rabiya’s way of speaking can be best described as “recitational”. Eager to speak immediately, widening the eyes, making a fist to make a point, and speak rapidly. At its worst, it can be described as rehearsed, forced, contrived, and shallow.

    And yes, that botched boob job.

    And yes, breaking off with her BF (who turned out to have some showbiz ambition himself).


    Why am I writing about it?

    I really hope the girls and most of all the handlers can learn something from this.

    Meanwhile, let us help Rabiya move on. I honestly believe she really did her best to represent us.

    Let us not make Jonas , Shamcey et al move on. They should better improve this time.

    World Peace.

    • @Thomas, i think the hate is becausr of the collective feeling that she let us down.

      After all the gimmicks and the infamous lalaban tayo, she turned out to be a dud and crumbled & imploded under the intense pressure and scrutiny .

      Such was the expectations from us. Hoping MUP learns from this debacle.

    • Rabiya talks as if she is always at a declamation contest. That is not the conversational way of talking, and certainly not how you talk in a job interview.

  3. Saan na ang ambassador of education? Hindi na ba sya pwede bumalik bilang reviewer? Invested sya sa profession na yun when she started joining beaucon. Yun lagi ang bukang bibig nya. How she is motivated that at a young age she is happy to help students. How education help her realize her dreams.

  4. I still think she could have been in top 10 , and even top 5 … she hasn’t had a chance yet to show off the full National Costume she wore in MU 2020 which looked very striking …

  5. The old Penelope Cruz-ish Rabiya could have been perfect for showbiz.
    Good luck anyway and thanks for doing your best at MU2020

  6. Hi Norman. Speaking of Rabiya, I would like you to feature another pageant, Miss Diva. They are crowning new girls na in a few days. Lots of gorgeous and well educated woman.

    • @ Namrata Shirodkar Yeah, I think that’s a great change of pace from MUT, MUS*, and MSA, which have been featured here before.

      * – Miss Universe Singapore.

      • I don’t think Norman is interested in Indian pageants where lots of candidates are med school students. Haha 🤣🤣. In MUT and MUP most of them are second rate models, influencers, and flight attendants. Charot 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  7. Good Luck Rabiya.


    Still a cautionary tale to everyone contemplating on “enhancements”.

    I find it really disturbing that her two front teeth and her cleavage are both racing to meet halfway at her collarbone. Can they still be undone?

    World Peace.

    • Boobs – Yes via removal or replacement with smaller, or better shaped implants. Beneath the muscle is best. I think her implants are placed over the muscle, which makes them look fake – sharp edges, shiny surface, and unnatural location. Her posture and frame were also not considered during surgery.

      Teeth – No. Unfortunately, when veneers are placed on the teeth, layers of the natural teeth are shaved down which can not be undone. However, veneers can be redone to improve the smile. Veneers have to be replaced after 10 to 15 years anyway, she just has to work with a good aesthetic dentist who specializes in replacing aged or botched veneers.

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