16 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2021: A Runway like no other

  1. Nice. Very innovative and unique.

    Suggestion. Two run-ways please.

    First runway leading to International flights. Reserved to Top Five candidates who have a real chance of flying out of the Philippines to represent the country.

    Second runway leading to Domestic flights: For the rest of the girls who will go back to their respective provinces after the competition.


    World Peace.

  2. I guess Jonas feels the weight on his shoulders now more than ever. Holding the MU✨ franchise does require significant output. It’s a prestige brand in the pageant industry. Jonas did after all take us along a second wave of pageant recognition. Let’s give him (and Shamcey) a chance to uphold the MUP brand. Hoping MUP attains a highly recognized status as the previous owner of the franchise did.🙋🏼‍♀️

  3. Please, no Victoria Secret Angel inspired costume.
    No blue, red, yellow and white at all. I beg you.

    • Additional requests, err…demands:

      1) Enough of feathers, wings and plumage please. We are not Peru, Guatemala or Brazil!

      2) No more metal headdresses mimicking sun rays or the halo of saints. Too tacky and heavy looking.

      3) Elevate our gowns into haute couture ala MET gala.

      The most recent impressive national costume gowns by our reps were worn by :

      Dindi Pajares in Ms. Supra.
      Kyle Versoza in Ms. International,
      Gazini Ganados in Ms. Universe,
      Ann Colis in Ms. Globe.
      Catriona Gray – if only the giant lantern lit up.
      Honey Cartasano’s Higantes costume.

      4) No more “arts and crafts” look na mukhang dinikit ng glue gun at ginamitan ng palara.

      Remember : The gown should be worn by the girls. It should not wear down the girls.

      World Peace.

  4. ganyan na ganyan sa mga Miss Barangay

    masang masa talaga ang MUPh

    tapos na nila taping ang prelims

    good luck girls

    finals sa November

  5. That is indeed a very “creative” innovation!

    Jonas is slowly but surely redeeming himself as a franchise holder of MUP!

    So, it will just boil down whether he will be able to select the best representative who will wear the Philippine sash!

    I hope the backdrop for that runway is an airplane! Huwag naman katulad ng Miss Grand but rather like Naomi Campbell (ano nga bang fashion show yon?) descending from an actual plane and strut her way in a runway!

    • Daming hanash at nitpick pag BBP. Pag MUP, sobra sa NAIA ang haba ng pasensya. Wag naman masyadong ipa-obvious mga dzai. HAHAHAHAHA.

      • My Dear! FYI! In-unfollow ko na si Jonas sa IG after he crowned Rabiya over Michelle Gumabao! After Rabiya’s coronation, nagkalat talaga ko ng todo ng criticism sa mga pageant pages, some of those naka-tag si Jonas so for sure nabasa niya yung mga comment ko and I’m sure he block me also! Mga nam-block din saken diyan is sila Adam Genato and Voltaire Tayag! Hindi kasi nila kaya lunukin ka-pranka-han ko!

        I unfollow Binibing Pilipinas also after they crowned Gazini over Patch Magtanong! Nagkalat naman ako ng criticism sa FB where Gines Enriquez is part of the group so for sure nabasa niya din mga maaanghang kong comment! Nadagdagan pa after the SamLo incident!

        Nag-unfolow na rin ako since 2 years ng titasofpageantry dahil after the Gazini coronation followed by Rabiya coronation, sabi ko hindi na uubra saken ang “positive scripting” or “sugar-coating” which is forte nung Kambal sa Uma! Eh alam ko namang sucker sa mga “beautiful faces-mediocre logic” candidates yung dalawang yon which is no longer aligned to my standard!

        I always give people a clean slate if they will prove or redeem themselves and in the same token I bash people, I also praise people for their job well done! And hindi na kailangan i-sugar coat or i-positive scripting yung mga ganung bagay!

  6. COVID-19 pandemic teaches us to be ingenious that even the newly built and unutilized airport is set to be showcased as runway not for airplanes but for MUP wannabes. I love the idea, go girls, soar high! Like the Phil. Airlines aka PAL, I’m excited to see who’s gonna be the lucky flag carrier in the finals night!

  7. That Airport runway will be set on fire by the province powerhouse Masbate! 💋💋💋 Close competition is San Juan. With her long legs…. Oh my, that runway will take her decades to reach the end.

    • Nakakaloka ka Lemontree!!! 😅😅😅😅😆😆😆😆😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    • @ Lemontree You should graft, in that case.

      If the root stock suddenly ‘suckles’, you may end up having two different types of fruit… Consult with your local agronomist. There’s also no shortage (pun intended) of video resources online; maybe, even that REDBOX (?) e-commerce sponsor of MUPO can create a series to sell to ‘plantito/as’.

      • Hahaha! Lucy babaan mo ng onti level ng brain utilization mo. Nahihilo ako sayo girl kasi gang 10% lang kaya ng brain ko. Kaloka ka napunta na sa agronomy ang chika. 😅😅😅

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