11 comments on “Be teased: The Miss Universe Philippines National Costume Show

    • From 13 to 18 years old, her height stayed at 5’4…
      I believe shes currently finishing her college course… w/ a net worth of more than 1M USD..its a huge leap from begging on the streets… she can now afford the best trainors, gowns, etc… Im looking forward to her improvement in the Q&A.

  1. (This goose chase has been mighty invigorating!)

    No one is exempt. All pageants now are playing hide-and-seek in a move to generate traffic. The old ways are truly dead and gone. And all it took to make that final push into ‘modernity’ was a pneumonia-ish virus whose own origins remain cloaked in mystery. Go figure.

  2. I guess Jonas feels the weight on his shoulders now more than ever. Holding the MU✨ franchise does require significant output. It’s a prestige brand in the pageant industry. Jonas did after all take us along a second wave of pageant recognition. Let’s give him (and Shamcey) a chance to uphold the MUP brand. Hoping MUP attains a highly recognized status as the previous owner of the franchise.

  3. Wow…may pa reveal ang peg nung iba…
    I am sooo loving it! So excited!… Lots of tastefull costumes… I can’t wait to see and bash the Tacky ones!!! 😁😘😍 Grabe..

      • Hahaha… that’s the whole point of joinning pageants…. Puting yourself on the frontlines to be judged… if you cant handle the bashing…. Dont join pageants… its that simple. Tsk tsk 🤣🤣🤣

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