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  1. There is a symbiotic relationship between brands that partner with each other, expecially in this digital age in the context of the pandemic. The sponsoring brand hopes to connect emotionally to its markets via the sponsored brand’s brand messaging. What is MUP’s brand spirit that the sponsoring brands like to add to their bramd values? From the list of sponsors, it is obvious that the brand essence they want their brands to have emotional links with revolve around the word “phenomenal” and all its nuances. it is just sad that GSM, who captured that very essence in its current ad “Bagong Tapang”, is not anymore in this year’s roster. The ad depicts the inner strength and beauty of the Filipina in facing the challenges of this pandemic– truly phenomenal! In periods of lockdowns where things can be up close and personal only via the digital media.


      … the congruence between brand values is what will sustain businesses, especially to a live-event business like pageantry. This underscores the strategic need for advocacy to keep global pageantry industry alive. And of course, the overriding tactical need for innovation and agility to respind to market trends.

  2. All events marketing businesses, especially in this unusual period in human history, need sponsors to keep it financially afloat. More than ever, a used-to-be spectator event business like pageantry need sponsors to augment the absence of the usual revenue stream from ticket sales and broadcasting rights. But in this new digital economy, sponsors are very hard to come by, unless they believe the mostly-online-event they are partnering with can give their brands exposure and connection to their target markets. This is the dilemma of all pageant organisations, local or international. I applaud the effort of MUP to get sponsors who are not just gunning for the exposure of their brands in MUP’s online events, but also for the congruence of their brand message with MUP’s. I can see that all the brands sponsoring MUP somehow want emotional connection to their markets along the branding imagery of “phenomenal”– smart, strong, invincible, confident, compassionate.

    • I noticed the absence this year of GSM in MUP’s roster of sponsors. GSM’s branding message of “Bagong tapang” is a very creative and effective way of presenting the phenomenal Filipina in this pandemic period. I remember when commenters in this blog mercilessly jeered GSM and MUP for the sponsorship, ascribibg to the low-brow imagery of street-corner “lasingan”. I saw the ad of Cristelle Abello extolling the Filipina’s inner strength and beauty to weather the economic onslaught of this pandemic. The emotioal connection is solid– very inspiring1

  3. After what’s been happening in the pageant scene, all the negativity being thrown around, it would be advisable for MUP to select the least controversial candidate. One whom everyone could rally behind. 💐👑😍

  4. My only questions is – WHY ONLY NOW? Norman, can you tell us if these sponsors only signed up last minute to help a struggling organization or were they already on-board since the beginning? Me thinks that these are last minute deals that they were able to pull off, which explains why Front Row was never even put on the early banners of this year’s edition. Is the hunky Mario Garcia not doing his job anymore???

    This is probably why some of the pageant “experts” who are not fans of Lola Jonas started throwing shade at MUP and him since communication has been sparse from them especially that they have Lola Voltaire who should be taking care of making sure that MUP does not get tainted by these so called “frenemies” of pageantry.

    Lastly, why is Mr Tayag only posting photos of the girls on his own account and not the MUP account with his IG watermark posted on photos? Shouldn’t these photos be properties of MUP, not his? I get it that he doesn’t want others to “Steal” the photos with the watermark but i find it disturbing that they are not posting these on the actual MUP account.

    • I believe the Sponsors were collectively presented now in order to present them as one big group. Frontrow, MG Philippines, Cream Silk, PLDT Home and Lazada were already allies last year. Mario Garcia is doing his job for sure, which explains the entry of Bioflu, Belo Sun Expert, Savepoint, BYS, Shein and even Bragais. There are still more to come, I understand.

      • Thank you Norm. I still find it very odd. From communications point of view, they should really learn that silence means could be taken as something’s not going right.

        I hope they can figure out a way to communicate bits and pieces instead of keeping silent about everything. I find that the best defense is offense.

        Pageant fans aren’t DUMB. We know we’re still in pandemic period and the struggles they have to endure to stage this. So, to me, it is OK to not be perfect but as long they keep us up to date, then I dont have problems with that.

        It’s OK if we see stories of them moving around “AKA field trip”. That is the reality. No need to keep mum about it. Just put it out there. lol

    • I think the sponsors were only presented now because we are now in the official competition, with the official candidates. Yung mga toxic pagic fans naghahanap dati hindi nila naisip na screening pa kasi yun at wala pang official candidates. Alangan naman magpada ang mga sponsors ng gifts sa 100 girls?

  5. I took note of a very interesting question from Ramon Lua: Is Flor Tula also Grand Port?

    I reckon they are but the same. The remarkable antithesis of Flor Tula and Grand Port’s writing style can simply direct to their one persona. Lol.

    But we must love Flor Tula for what s/he is. Sometimes, Tito Norm’s posts would not be flavorful without Flor Tula’s comments, whether such comments are too deep, incoherent, labu-labo, etc. I think Flor is a Linguistic or Literature graduate? Because if s/he were a masscom or Journ graduate, s/he would write to express and not to impress.

    That’s all.

    • @AWL: So you also believe @Flor Tula and @Grand Port are one and the same. Well, I miss Flor’s daily horsing around in this blog, no matter how sometimes-deep-shallow-dizzyingly fleeting hodgepodge of random thoughts. I wish she did not have to change her brand name. All the brand elements are still there, except the name. So what if she is ridiculed as Flor Tulo or Flor Tuli. It will hot change her image as Flor Tula– the quintessential Court Jester of this blog. It’s like changing the name of Coke into something else: even if you know it is still the same Coke, the name change erases all imageries of happiness, youthful zest, and celebration that the brand Coke has instilled into the consumers’ psyche through the years. And I’m sure sooner or later there will be smart alecks out there who will mock her name as Grand Puerta.

  6. No to SHEIN talaga. Magnanakaw yan ng designs eh. Nakakaloka 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄. Ang ramimg issue nyan about copying designs and making it cheap. Parang online taytay. Nakakaloka

  7. Based on the Sponsors…

    Either Ingrid Santamaria and/or Jasmine Umali has a great chance of reaching the TOP 5… or at least win an award from the big corporations…

    Maureen Wroblewitz may also win some awards for representing the Vote-Rich Pangasinan…

  8. It is good to know that there are companies who still believe in the relevance of pageantry during the pandemic. These brands are worthy of our patronage.

  9. I think the MUPO has intentionally released the list of its benefactors in order to suppress the naysayers (otherwise stated, mga rumurondang Mosang at Marites) in coming up with a theory that the organization is on the brink of sinking. There are a few pageant websites and bloggers who have thrown shades at the organization, saying at least two of its major sponsors have backed out already and blah blah.

    In all fairness to the MUPO, they are doing their powers to come up with a decent beauty pageant notwithstanding the fact that they are a newbie and the pandemic situation. Mounting a national pageant is a no-easy feat, and yet its inaugural staging was glossy and fabulous. If audience were only allowed in the venue, I believe the MUPO could pull off the recent Thailand-MU pageant staging. That is because the people behind the MUPO are a die-hard fan of beauty pageant, especially Miss Universe, and they only want nothing but the best beauty pageant.

    More than anything else, the MUPO needs our support. After all, they do it for the love of beauty pageants.

    That’s all.

    • Ang kalat na kasi ni Ate nyo Leila sa IG. Lol. Latest eh yung edited clips ng Ashtie pinagdiskitahan. Yung ugali nya full of irony.

      • Yeah, Jessie. Been following Titas of Pageantry, and Tita L aka Laila here in Norman’s Blog has something against the org. We know where she is coming from because of her previous issue with Jonas Gaffud.

        Beauty pageants supposedly should evolve making this wonderful world more beautiful. They shall never transcend hate. But it’s not only TOP that throws shade against pageant personas. There are more. That’s why I feel so saddened about it.

        That’s all.

  10. With the publication of the official sponsors above, would it be safe to say these are the following brands to praise (or blame) for the beautiful (or botched, or tacky or cheap) items sported by the candidates?

    A) Veneer, chicklet teeth – CENTER FOR ADVANCED DENTISTRY


    C) Shoes (stylish or chunky) – JOJO BRAGAIS

    D) Clothes – SHEIN

    E) Enhancements – BELO

    Now at least we know who to praise (and to throw eggs on). Lol.

    World Peace.

    • Hmmm now I know too hahahahaha.
      Shein the cheapest online seller
      Thomas, is Creamsilk to be blamed also for Janela Cuaton’s horrendous hair lol.’

      • Lol. JPB.

        No. Creamsilk was sitting quietly at the Manuela Supermarket, Shaw Branch when the stylist of Joy picked it up, asked Joy if they can experiment with her hair to do something like Ethel Booba hair, and Joy gladly said Yes.

        Creamsilk was innocent. Lol.

        World Peace.

  11. why is there a Miss Cebu City and a Miss Cebu Province ? … something’s wrong with these titles , if there is already a Miss Cebu Province, there should not be a Miss Cebu City , why do they name the sashes this way ? …

    • @ jaretwrightlover Apparently, it’s a scheme for one AP to be able to field more than one bet. I will not reveal anymore who the AP is, as it seems all her/his wards have been eliminated in the 100~75~50~30 trim… She/he had four (4), I believe, all from one province in Luzon.

      Ang franchise rate, yata, is by sash. The more you want, the more you pay. And while you’re at it, kung loaded naman ako, why wouldn’t I want to be given the option to choose. Halimbawa, kung ako lang, I’d get ‘La Union’, ‘Bohol’, ‘Rizal’, ‘Tagbilaran City’, ‘Antipolo City’, and ‘Tanay’.

      (Incidentally, we did have a ‘Tanay’ – Sheila Manasis. But the 75-Cut was as far as she got, yata.)

      Leren is ‘Laguna’. Allain Dolera of ‘Calamba City’ is out.

      Uncle didn’t provide the ‘Tally of AP vs. Sash/es’. Last year, this was revealed early on; that’s why we knew an Ashtie got more than one!

      Interestingly, ‘Cebu City’ is A&Q while ‘Cebu Province’ is KF. In this case at least, it’s possible we are dealing with separate entities.

      Chiara Alix Lim, ‘Mandaue City’, was probably KF, too. Also another early ‘eliminati’.

      I THINK ONLY FOR THE LAST 30 WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY THE FRANCHISE. BUT, I do not know what happens when the ward pulls out… One due to dengue fever, and two due to Covid19.

      • thanks for the details … they could have just named Steffi more locally , for example , Miss Talisay Cebu if she is from Talisay like Gazini ( I do not know if Steffi is from Talisay or not ) ; by naming her Miss Cebu Province , they are kind of minimizing the Miss Cebu City …

  12. So, the Finale will be at RWM…

    Uncle, the ‘official face mask/wellness provider/feminine care partner’ is Mdme. Olivia Quido-Co?

    ‘Ms. MG’ (successor to MG, the 2nd RU, in that regard?) must know how to drive. That’s probably one of the following – Umali, Santamaria, Abalos, Gomez, Okol, Ramachandran, or Singh.


    (But at least she gets a year’s worth of BioFlu.)

    Hhmpp. No liquor sponsor. No one to succeed Abello. Cr_p.

    Huwag nating kaliligtaan na ang pag-support natin sa pageantry ensures livelihood for all the crew and teams bts… And keep buying these brands, para kalaunan hindi na mahirapang maghanap ng sponsors (ulit).

      • @ Norman (Sino? Why are you guys calling me that name? She must be hot; I need heat.)

        Hindi nga. Kasi, scrutiny suggests semblance – SSS – to the copper masks used in LA by the MU candidates earlier this year, when they were hosted by Mdme. Co.

        Uy! Magpasalamat kayo ng lubus-lubusan kay Mdme. Co. Todo suporta niya sa MUO at MUPO. She took care of all candidates who came under her brief care. Didn’t she bring Rabiya to LAX when the latter planed home?

        Mdme. Co must be accorded the courtesy due a major brand sponsor. Huwag kayo magkakamali.

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