20 comments on “Steffi Aberasturi: Her Birthday

  1. The questionable stylist should have let her wore a pair of horns, a tail and held a flute in the first photo para Pan na Pan ang dating 🥴

  2. mga veks, there is so much drama is this year’s MUP na this year’s winner is going to have to deal with so much toxicity from all over the spectrum.

    Hay…. hinay hinay mga vekla…

    • no problem she’s 5’7”

      zuleka rivera -5’7”
      olivia culpo-5’7”
      demi peters-5’7”
      steffi aberasturi-5’7” (MU 2021) 😅😁

  3. She is so pretty. She would be one of the finalists. She could win the crown if the stars align for her during the coronation night.

  4. Beautiful, gorgeous! …

    Except for those tacky pants on the 1st pic…

    Anyway, the crown is hers to lose…

  5. Beautiful photos. Steffie remains to be among my Top Three. Anyone of the them is a worthy winner.

    MUP can actually reduce the number of worthy girls into ten, or if one will be strict about it, into six.

    BTW, Steffie’s second photo reminds me so much of modern version of Birth of Venus painting.

    World Peace.

  6. some comment here is against steffi having that looks of catriona and made conclusion that the former copied the later… remember that what made margie moran the favorite in MU 1973 is her resemblance to jackie onasis… so having that looks of famous is an advantage❤️

    steffi is my favorite to win without that impression that she copied catriona but because she is beautiful…

    goodluck steffi and bea luigi !

    • WillYam,

      It will be funny if none of the favorites of commenters here emerged as the winner.


    • I agree…

      Steffi does look like a combination of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly…
      She should do a photoshoot looking like them

    • I simply cuncor!! Yung mga nagpupumilit ng kesyo Catriona – vibe si Steffi are obviously ROOTING FOR OTHER GIRLS KAYA HINAHANAPAN NILA NG SHALLOW na dahilan para ma- discredit si Steffi.

  7. Happy birthday, Steffi!

    I am still for Bea. But if the stars align for you in the finals, I will still celebrate with the Universe.

    Best wishes!

    • Bea? As in Bea Patricia Magtanong? He, he, he… Very good.

      Three FACTORS that might hinder Steffi from winning the MUP crown:

      1. her political color;
      2. her being a former car show girl; and
      3. her communication skills and KNOWLEDGE bank (Can she handle/answer difficult questions?).

      • Thanks for the info Paul,

        I knew nothing about these.

        But I think only the third reason will factor in. Although again, MUO is no longer looking for straight-arrow communicators like Demi, Cat, and Zozi.

        I am looking for something different. And I think Beatrice can give us that.

    • me too is convinced that bea will pull a surprise based on her performance winning miss cebu 2019 ❤️

  8. Am obsessing with that reef shoot! Correct me if I’m wrong, but the first group with Nix Soriano (good to hear from her again!) was responsible for this… Superb!

    You know the feeling when, walking a deserted stretch of gloomy coast, you come upon a sprig of coral in the surf? Or an intact clam, with both halves? Or a bunch of seaweed with a seahorse (still) attached, holding on for dear life?

    Maybe her birthday cake will be a fondant replica of the Cordova~Cebu Link… With a mini-Steffi.

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