13 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines to release World’s First Beauty Pageant NFTs

  1. Josketch! May isang mahaderang nakuhaan ng video at ang statement eh “kulang ang nutrition ang utak” daw ng isa sa mga candidate! Biatch!

    Eh isa sa mga MUP crown contender/bet ko yung pinapatuchadahan!

    Girl, I should have known it kung walang laman ang utak niya! As I have said here, may substance ang laman ng statement niya during the QnA challenge, hindi lang niya maitawid ng maayos dahil nauunahan ng nervios!

    Bakit kainin mo ang statement mo pag na-coronahan yan! Ang tatay niyan 2nd RU sa Manhunt International and ang Nanay niyan eh 2nd RU din sa Mutya ng Pilipinas! Kung papalarin na manalo yan, hopefully, makuha ng Filipinas ang kauna-unahang 2nd RU placement sa MU! Joseketch! Konting class lalo pa’t may “Doctor of Medicine” ang title slash politician pa naman!

  2. I’m still so excited for the National Costumes… I can’t wait kung sinong BOBO na designer ang ma eend of career dahil magpopost ng katangahan this year.. Hahaha I can already foresee the BASHFEST… specialy those who would add a touch of Politics in their ensembles… HAHAHAAAAAA 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

    Girls…. basa basa din ng all side of history pag may time… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    I’m so excited who will have the chance of getting suicidal for ending her pageant career sooo soon! 🤣🤣🤣

  3. I am more excited to know who will be the next woman to shout… ” PHILIPPINES!!! “

    • @ Sjeffie Cheon Faith Garcia is competing in Turkey atm. Plenty of aura. Go see/check, po.

      • @ Closer2Fame Shallow mind? I’m puzzled. How could she be?

        1. She was accepted as a Binibini. That’s a big deal!
        2. She expressed herself well in a past PN’s episode.
        3. She is a pageant veteran.
        4. She’s a triathlete ~ run, swim, & bike. These kinds of folks don’t strike you as silly/superficial.

        Or, baka naman yung mga taong nakaligid sa kanya ang may issue. You know something? Share!

      • @Grand

        Alright I take back the word “shallow”…
        She’s just not relatable… You need to be charming to get ahead in pageantry… Thats just my opinion..

  4. Extend pa ang coronation night sa November because there are still a LOT of MONEY MAKING SCHEMES to be done. PURO KAPERAHAN. Malaking negosyo talaga ang beauty pageants.

  5. But-but-but where are the sponsors?

    Why isn’t Mario doing his job?

    No-one in the MUP organization knows what they’re doing.

    At least not as much as me, sitting in front of my mobile device, tapping away on my keyboard, changing the world one toxic opinion at a time.

    • @ SQ THIS is what Mr. Garcia is precisely adept at – marketing on the Internet.

      Virtual ‘Space/Cosmos’ is the final frontier. We often hear that the average human only uses ~10% of the brain’s potential. Stuff such as this is akin to a deep meditation, where you no longer feel physically bound… It is the new freedom.

  6. Nakakaloka naman this sponsorship. This is a crypto-trend which only tech-game savvies can relate. Gosh ha, I know there are a lot of IT wizzes in the country, but Vietnam is making wave in this trend. They have got Axie Infinity, and now the RedFoxLabs. What’s next?

    Anyway, congrats MUPh for introducing this innovation in the world of pageantry.

    That’s all.

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